May Lilac Festival Events
Lawsuit Day
Friday 10 Embrace danger and earn extra cash by pursuing litigation. A lawyer will be on site to take you case.
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Virginia Wade
Strawberries & Cream Day
Saturday 11 A tribute to a 
heroine of Ladies Wimbledon
Lawn Tennis from the 70's,
cream provided. 
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Ball Boy Day
Sunday 12 Bring your boys to 
toss and collect balls all 
day long in that great 
championship tradition.
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Julius Boros Memorial
Chip and Putt Tournament
Monday 13 The classics never
die. Commerate on of golfing's
greats in raw competitive fun.
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Senior Saturday
Tuesday 14 Today's Tuesday and we care.
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No Hole Day
Wednesday 15 Holes closed for maintenance.
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Really Real Network Day
Thursday 16 Get connected. 
Be as real as you can be. Really normal things can create successful opportunities for you today.You'll be surprised and delighted.
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Love Means Nothing Day
Friday 17 Discuss...
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Public Mowing Day
Saturday 18 Bring your mower,
clippers, tractor or weed
wacker and get down to
business with us.
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Lawn Party Extravaganza
Sunday 19 The finale of the Lilac Festival Events. Talk of the town. Everyone who's anyone will be in attendance. Expect food and good cheer, (note: food and cheer not provided). A truly elegant affair, (note: please observe the closed container rule).
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