June Events

Caddie Day
Saturday 1 Need some advice or just a good friend? Club selection, yardage, emotional support? A caddie will be at hand.

Lineperson Day
Sunday 2 If it's not in, then it must be out. The ball was in, or was it? You decide.

Advancement Day
Monday 3 Propel yourself to a higher position. We all want to get ahead.

Hole in One Day
Tuesday 4 From the top of the hill into either hole. You win.

Sports are Healthy Day
Wednesday 5 Yes they are! Come on America and enjoy! Get fit too. Aerobics encouraged.

Swing Out Day
Thursday 6 Enjoy the sounds of yester-year. Big bands are back. Harry Jr. may show.

Power Day
Friday 7 Exert your influence. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Pea Pea Day
Saturday 8 The first crop should be ready, weather permitting.

Pimms Day
Sunday 9 If the boys in New Orleans come through it's liquid cucumber all day long.
Otherwise cucumber sandwiches available.

Insider/Outsider Trading Day
Monday 10 Relish the thrill of that illegal moment. But don't get caught. We'll cover.

Back Swing Day
Tuesday 11 Practice, Practice, Practice. It's fundamental. So do it!

Strategic Planning Day
Wednesday 12 Don't leave anything to chance, at least for today.

Proactive Negativity Day
Thursday 13 Why wait for things to go wrong. Now's the chance to make things gloomy and doomey.

Love Really Means Nothing Day
Friday 14 Haven't we done this already.

Adultery Day
Saturday 15 Happens more than you think. Let's deal with it.

Double Bogey Day
Sunday 16 So what if you're a loser. Maybe you'll make it up on the next hole.

Brokering Day
Monday 17 For a small fee and on your behalf, we'll do your dirty work, (we will not do dishes or curry).

Institutional Day
Tuesday 18 Bureaucrats! Administrators! Paper Pushers! All welcome for a special power luncheon on site, (food not provided).

Big Chair Day
Wednesday 19 If you can find one, you can sit on it.

Olympic Analogy Day
Thursday 20 Go for gold! Share those special Olympiad moments with us.

Don't Come Day
Friday 21 If you do you're a fool because we won't be here.

Interpassive Day
Saturday 22 Beyond interactive. The true state of the art. Not available on-line. Be there.

Social Space Day
Sunday 23 We've provided the space. You provide the social.

Living Life Lightly Day
Monday 24 For Cindy. Because she knows how to live.

Horticultural Lad Day
Tuesday 25 If you're a Horticultural Lad, and you know it, come to the park at the appropriate hour.

We're Over Ryder Day
Wednesday 26 Yes we mean it. We mean it.

Tennis Instructor Day
Thursday 27 Homage to that special squeeze. Tennis instructors are good people. We like you all. So, come along.

Symbolic Analysis Day
Friday 28 Demonize or canonize. You decide.

Believing It All Day
Saturday 29 It's finally time to accept whats been happening.

Downsize Day
Sunday 30 Party's over. Get real. Get rationalized, thank you.