May Late Bloom Week Events
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Teed Off Day
Monday 20 You will be if
you turn up today. Tee-off
with the masters and
enjoy a round.
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Second Service Day
Tuesday 21 We declare a
do-over. Let's do it again.
It's not your fault.
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Merge & Acquired Day
Wednesday 22 Firm up your deals and consolidate your affairs. Hostile takeovers encouraged. Free Wall St. Journal to the first suit on site.
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Passive Aggressive Day
Thursday 23 We love you.
We hate you. We want you.
We don't want you. Let's 
be ambivalent together,
but passionately.
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Love Still Means Nothing Day
Friday 24 Now that we've
discussed it once let's change.
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Threesome Day
Saturday 25 Three's the magic number.
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Deuce Day
Sunday 26 It's all up
for grabs, it's any
body's game now.
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