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Concourse Off Site
Blackrock Park, DLR
1 May - 1 June, 2008

curated by
Carolyn Brown and
Claire Power

Aoife Desmond, Mark Garry and Alan Phelan

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Michael Durand

Lizzy Feeder, 2008
paper, toner, EVA glue, wood, rubber, chain, bird seed

Lizzy Feeder is a papier-mâché crushed car bird feeder hanging from a tree – the front of the work is a three-dimensional rendering of the album cover artwork for the Thin Lizzy 1971 self-titled first album.


Bald Finch, 2008
paper, toner, EVA glue, wood, wire cord, empty cans and bottles

Bald Finch is a papier-mâché bird in the Cottage Aviary building. The work is a fusion of a small finch bird, which is the most populous bird in the Park and a bald eagle. This turns the tiny domestic bird into a bird of prey.



Thin Lyrics, 2008
text on bandstand
commissioned grafitti


Thin Lyrics are graphics with graffiti on the bandstand base incorporating lyrics from the 1971 Thin Lizzy album. The sentimental tone of the text co-exists with the un-official graffiti on this structure, recognising like the other works, the kind of social, anti-social and sanctioned behaviour that function throughout the Park.




Alan Phelan’s three artworks make a connection between the social and musical history of Blackrock Park and the bird wildlife. The two papier-mâché sculptures and graphics with graffiti on the bandstand take as their starting point the Thin Lizzy free gig in the park in 1971. In referencing this gig, Alan creates a link to the past by re-introducing shared moments from the past into the present and perhaps re-establishes a musical legacy for the park among a new generation of park users. Research plays a fundamental role in Alan’s practice, supporting his interest in the narrative potential surrounding an artwork. The aesthetic of these three artworks, Lizzy Feeder, Bald Finch and Thin Lyrics reference the styles and phenomena associated with the park in its transitional state. The ideas implicit in the works are humorous, nostalgic and critically engaged.

“With my work I am interested in referencing narratives from history and popular culture as well as site concerns. For this project I have centred the three works around a music event in the park and the birds who inhabit the Park – fusing a human recreation aspect of a public park and the wildlife who also, in a way, use the park.”