curated by Alan Phelan
Royal Hibernian Academy
11 Febuary - 20 March, 2005

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catalogue ISBN 1-903875-21-8
available though the curator or the gallery
download texts by Alan Phelan, Michel Peillon and Pelin Tan

artists with names that sound like Phelan

Hans-Peter Feldman, Paul Ferman, Yona Friedman, Wolfgang Paalen, Michel Peillon, Pelin Tan, and Marko Pelijan

left: Hans-Peter Feldman, 11 Left Shoes, 2005 (lent by Royal Hibernian Academy employees). Courtesy of the artist.

below: Yona Friedman, Conceptual model of La Ville Spatiale, with daily changing landscape, 2005, string, cardboard, tape. Courtesy of the artist.

above: installation view

right: Yona Firedman, La Ville Spatiale - a perspective over an imaginary landscape, 2005, ink-jet print from paper collage. Courtesy of the artist.

left: Wolfgang Paalen, Untitled, 1933, watercolour on paper. Private collection, Berlin. Courtesy Paalen-Arhiv, Berlin.

below left: Wolfgang Paalen, La Offerte II, 1933, oil on tempera on cardboard. Private collection, Berlin. Courtesy Paalen-Arhiv, Berlin.

below: Denise Bellon, 1938, silver gelatin print. Wolfgang Paalen in the installation for the Internation Exhibition of Surrealism of Surrealism in Paris, 1938, created together with Marcel Duchamp. Courtesy Paalen-Arhiv, Berlin.



below: Paul Ferman, six images from the Suburban Sculpture series, 2004, c-prints.
Courtesy of the artist.

below: Paul Ferman, Robe, 2004, c-print.
Courtesy of the artist.


right: Marko Peljhan, design for the ground controlled unmanned aerial vehicle from S-77CCR M A L E C-ASTRAL SPECTRAL SYSTEM - FLN, 2004, DVD video, vinyal text. A project from the Resolution Series. Courtesy of the artist.

left: installation view