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  week 3-5
    In these weeks participants were asked to bring along a short story of local or family interest to work on during the session. These stories were represented as three still scenes with groups of approx. five participants. Below, in no particular order, are brief accounts of each story with the three stills noted after the title. At the end of week five when all the remaining participants had told and acted out the stories, three main themes were agreed upon by the group and the stories are ordered under these headings listed below
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Dueling/Death >
conflict resolution
Myths > falsity
Corruption > protest

Morgue Pub
drinking; carrying coffin; drinking
with corpses

The owners of Morgans pub in Templeogue were also the undertakers. Customers in the pub often were interrupted by a coffin being carried through the premises as the corpses were stored in a back room of the pub. Customers were often enjoying a drink only a few feet from the dead.

Hell Fire Club

climbing; card game; discovery

The Hell Fire Club was a notorious meeting place on the edge of Dublin Mountains where wealthy folks went to play cards. One evening a stranger arrived and joined the group, someone dropped a card on the ground and when looking under the table for it noticed that the stranger had hoofs instead of feet, apparently the Devil himself.

Trip to Jail

protest; arrest; jail visit

In the 60ís some farmers made a peaceful protest in 60ís poor prices. They were arrested and sent to Kilmainham Jail, Tomís father was one of the farmers. During a visit he remembers the gate of slamming behind him and thought he too was locked up. The visit was supervised by prison guards which seemed unfair treatment for such a minor crime, the farmers were released after 3 weeks.

Mary O
Tar and Feathering
tar/feather; flee; hiding

During the War of Independence a British soldier was randomly attacked in Tallaght and tar and feathered. The men responsible fled the scene and went into hiding up the Dublin Mountains for 15 months.

Ugly Wretch

pointing; belittling girl; wedding

Fionn mac Cumhaill, celebrated hero warrior of Celtic literature had a spell put on him by an ugly woman so that he believed she was a beauty. She was often belittled for her ugliness. Despite this he was fooled by the spell and agreed to marry her.

Egg Fight

scorn, throwing; action stopped; protest

Two local boys and girls schools were involved in an egg fight. The resulting action by the school authorities meant that the annual Sport Day was cancelled. The students decided to go on strike, this attracted a lot of media attention including a national newspaper. The Sports Day was reinstated the year after.

Kilkee House Cat

fight; eating over body; cat under table

Following an argument between two men, one was killed. It is said that he still haunts the site where the murder took place and takes the form of a black cat. This place is currently occupied by a pub and restaurant.

Twins Fagan

stooped pair; loading up; all carrying loads over shoulders

The Fagan twin brothers from Knocklyn were notoriously mean; to stay warm in the winter they apparently bought one sack of coal and instead of burning it they would take turns carrying it around a field to keep warm.

Mary D
Speaker Connolly Pub

review of document; speech;drunken bunch

Speaker William Connelly was originally from Capel Street in Dublin City, he inherited some land in Tallaght and build a pub there.

Rathfarnham Castle Bride

suitors; duel; opening up wall

Two men who were competing over the hand of a woman for marriage decided to have a secret duel to decide the issue. They bricked up the woman behind a wall while the duel took place. Unfortunately they were both killed in the fight and the woman died eventually behind the wall. Years later her mummified body was discovered during renovations at the Castle.

Hell Fire Club

card players; see hoof; devil vanished

One evening a stranger arrived and joined a card playing group, someone dropped a card on the ground and when looking under the table for it noticed that the stranger had hoofs instead of feet, apparently the Devil. With that the Devil disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Kings Cowboy

building fences; whisper/bribe; celebrating

Sir John Black in the 17th century annexed a large piece of land that is now the Phoenix Park. There were protests but when the case went to court he bribed the magistrate thus getting to keep the land while also giving himself an annuity.

St Endaís

slapped on hands; classroom; marching

P.H. Pearse founded the boarding school St Endaís in Rathfarnham in an effort to educate boys in a more supportive and Irish environment. He eliminated corporeal punishment and classes were taught through Irish. During the 1916 Rising volunteers which included some students marched to the city from the school.

Walls of Tallaght

walls protected cows; breaking walls; cows escaped

There used to be walls surrounding Tallaght, forming a fort. Livestock and people were safe behind these walls. Several raids took place and the structure was destroyed. This left Tallaght defenceless and destitute.

Death with an Evil Grin

sick person; passing on a note; dead with grin

The first Earl of Ross in the 18th century had lead a decadent life. On his death bed a priest sent him a letter telling him to reform his ways, instead he redirected the letter to the pious Lord Leinster. Ross died with an evil grin on his face having played one final trick.

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