week 7

We decided on three scenarios to shoot based on last weeks ideas. They are listed below with locations and activities or action.


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Dirt Lies Protest
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Scenario Ideas Scenario Ideas Scenario Ideas
battle against dirt
dust to dust
neurotic cleaning
short film about housework
domestic - social - personal -
people hiding real self
labelling people
group therapy session
label on shirt reveal truth overcompensating by lying
undefined protest
demo over the demo
same words used repeatedly
inaudible words from chant sound melodic, rhythmic grunts
Location Location Location
domestic private spaces
close-up shots of activities
library seminar room
therapy room
domestic spaces

open neutral space - park, school yard, car park
interior - two sofas in a room with opposing factions

Sound Sound Sound
just the sound of the activity
no voiceover
each person tells a lie to camera
saying the opposite of what they are doing or what a badge say on their shirt
sound of the chanting and protest
possible narrators:
striker talking en route
voiceover reporter on scene individual interviews
Activities Activities Activities
wearing a smog mask on a bike perfectionist but is really messy and disorganised leafleting
spraying front door mat with perfume alcoholic claims to be a teetotaler bathroom fight
cleaning cooked food on plate bitch says she likes people walking with placards
trimming foot corns, cleaning belly button dealer is a concerned parent against drugs chanting
repeatedly polishing a floor bimbo having a blonde moment group huddle
washing football boots with toothpick mean but claims to be generous food/flasks
whitening a pair of shoes unfaithful but claims fidelity warming by a fire
washing dishes that then go into a dishwasher thief but never steals blankets/deck chairs
scrubbing pebbles in a driveway individually smoker but moans about second hand smoke dispute over tactics
cleaning wall dashing with toothbrush vain but claims she is a mess laughing and enjoying
dusting racist but loves foreigners joker
wiping words in the dust illiterate but carries a magazine passers-by
cleaning a toilet    
knocking over a cremation urn    
foot prints in the dust    

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