<even> you are there?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> hello
<even> what are you on?
<uboy> on?
<even> how did you find me?
<uboy> used the chat option under dcc
<even> and how was philie?
<uboy> shitty,  all work for me...
<even> it is so late here and my leg has decided to ache but i will not sleep
till we say something interesting... 
<uboy> yes, good
<uboy> so, you gotmy brief comments on the video idea...
<even> yes I did and well it is not really a faking of banality... its a really real thing
<uboy> yes, true
<uboy> yes, good
<uboy> so, you gotmy brief comments on the video idea...
<even> yes I did and well it is not really a faking of banality... its a really real thing
<uboy> yes, true
<uboy> but it is making it rather theatrical
<uboy> which is good, i think
<even> but really its a documentary thing... with a friend or some stranger
<even> not sure if it should be staged or simply filmed
<uboy> right... quite different if staged; a re-presentation
<even> would it though?
<even> don't you think that the reality factor is important in that using a real 
prop buyer to buy these things or act buying then is different from staging
<uboy> i think there's a subtle difference, but it's only as important as we make it to be
<uboy> but, the real/represented isn't the main thrust of the project
<even> correct
<even> but we are dealing with tru stories at some level
<even> and that is what is exciting /titilating about them, the list is of real things, 
to be got for a real activity, and that is there
<even> have you tired the #sentimental?
<uboy> but, props aren't necessarily real things.. they are stand ins
<uboy> yes, did try sent. and didn't get connected
<uboy> ???
<even> ok ok ok i was just pressing the point that the real is maybe one side of 
the middle
<uboy> ok
<uboy> i'll try connect again to sent.
<even> the stand-in is of course important but again that implies the authentic 
rhetoric as well
<uboy> i'm in sentimental now
<uboy> shall we switch over
<uboy> ?
<uboy> is there a difference?
<even> no difference
<uboy> oh
<even> but if we were on multiple channels  we would have people joining 
<even> but if we were on multiple channels  we would have people joining out of curiosity 
as happend to me earlier when i was aked to join #westside for some reason
<uboy> ok, i'l jion again, but we'll chat here
<even> yes... back to authentic question above
<uboy> ok..
<uboy> yes, perhaps this play between prop and the reality of the cases is important
<even> hmmm i have always found it strays into what i do and wish i could get over it
<uboy> what strays?
<even> that play
<uboy> yes
<uboy> like the kali piece?
<even> i guess
<even> laim does it too... mixing real history with his fiction
<even> liam
<uboy> yes...  as does ronald jones with aweful results sometimes
<uboy> can be difficult to take on that content
<even> ye sindeed
<even> yes using the stories... en route to dialogues somehow... 
difficult to structure in my brain... 
<uboy> or, between dialogues
<even> i reckon we need a frames thing but in tables (which are invisible frames-sort of)
<uboy> tell me more about tables
<even> its the way most layout are dun on www
<even> you arrange things in cells
<even> the same way ronan did the links animated pages on MFHG
*** Now talking in #sentimental
*** even has quit IRC (Ping timeout for even[ts16-16.dublin.i
*** uboy (uboycs@173-107-38.ipt.aol.com) has joined 
<even> hi there
<uboy> hello
<uboy> so this is able to be saved?
<uboy> as per your email
<even> i did manage to cut and paste our words
<even> email?
<uboy> of earlier outling irc commands
<even> so the command is  put in the status window //savebuf 
  100 #sentimental first.txt
<even>   save  lines  channel    name of file
<even> that pasted funny
<even> to make this a real channel we have to apply to usenet 
  and get ten others to apply to?
<uboy> what is the difference between real channel and this?
<even> this only exists when we create it
<uboy> i see
<uboy> ok, so where were we?
<even> sorry i have only explored these silly channels
*** uboy (uboycs@173-107-38.ipt.aol.com) has left #sentimental
<even> you see silly silly
*** uboy (uboycs@173-107-38.ipt.aol.com) has joined 
<even> back again... don't know where that trout came from 
  must be in the program
<even> maybe others will join?
<uboy> perhaps
<even> brad wanted to speak to me but left me for you!
<uboy> i heard nothing from brad
<even> have you tried a whois yet?
<uboy> no, what happens?
<even> left so we could chat i meant
<even> details of other person highlighted
<uboy> ok
<even> you can also send pictures... this one will load to 
  you mirc folder
<even> slowly
<uboy> very cool
<uboy> well, this seems to be the perfect tool
<uboy> for us
<even> yes quick share of thoughts and things
<even> it is now poring rain here on my window
<uboy> yes,  shall we set up a schedule... each night @ a 
   certain time
<even> open it though netscape
<uboy> funny... is that you?
<uboy> or an older huck finn and dog?
<even> yes i have aged considerably since my return 
<even> yikes 2am
<uboy> time to go?
<even> not yet.., too exciting
<uboy> i'm a bit of a wreck
<even> you should be
<uboy> ok
<uboy> let's continue
<uboy> what about the meeting tomorrow?
<uboy> what is the pretext?
<even> just what i was typing
<uboy> ideas to new people
<even> it is really an orientation for the new guy
<uboy> right
<uboy> what projects will preceed and follow us?
<uboy> do you know?
<uboy> just curious
<even> a show from poland
<even> called passports, a mixed group thing
<uboy> good
<even> sorry some freak wanted to send me pictures just there
<even> ?
<uboy> truth is stranger than fiction, it seems
<even> you what?
<uboy> ??
<even> anyway they are enthused and i want to get money and 
  commited to getting funding of sorts
<uboy> excellent
<even> especially now that you want to come over here, they 
  should at least get flight sponsors since we are giving the a 
  great show
<uboy> yes, that would be nice
<uboy> i'll look for places to shop it around over here
<even> yes thats good
<uboy> i suppose that even if ican just get a space commital, 
   it will ad cache
<uboy> for other purposes
<even> yes for that other scam
<uboy> right, i'll begin the search and tap my many new found 
<uboy> ha ha
<even> yes indeed... but what else do they need to know about 
  out thing? any additions to the memo i wrote explaining wishes?
<uboy> i hate to sound indecissive, but as you know specifics 
   are just difficult at this point
<uboy> yes to everything you requested
<even> thats no good
<even> anything i left out that you can thinkof
<uboy> i know
<uboy> just a minute
<uboy> is the video wall one unit? 2 walls?
<uboy> i could use a video camera or still digital camera
<even> in two parts either side of a door
<uboy> that's good
<even> i plan to take snaps tomorrow in between meetings
<even> they can also be disassembled as was the case for one 
  crap show
<uboy> i've been thinking about a side by side video
<even> dont know about cameras yet
<uboy> 2 walls is nice
<uboy> are nice
<even> it makes use of the street at night but makes the 
  place look like a store
<uboy> it's literal, but something that refelcts this dialogue 
   between the 2 of us
<uboy> performance of activities by the 2 of us
<uboy> as per deadlines 
<uboy> or rules
<even> i think i can pull favors with cameras and editing 
  with a friend so as not to use up too much arthouse access 
  time... how does the windo reflect activities of us?
<even> performance i suppose
<uboy> well, almost performance
<uboy> more like parallel activities
<uboy> reflecting our distance
<uboy> subjectivity
<even> not following
<even> but thats good
<even> so we need to generate questions and things to discuss 
  on this to be able to use it... coul dbe very heavy going or 
  just chatty like this
<uboy> let's imagine we establish parameters within which we 
<uboy> then
<even> then
<uboy> video the result of our individual attempts to play the 
<uboy> to lay out ideas
<uboy> our responses, etc
<uboy> sorry, this is not clear
<even> yes but making images of this is hard for me to 
  imagine especially ones that move
<even> should i tell them about the list thing that has 
<uboy> yes, let me try to clarify
<uboy> yes
<uboy> i think the list
<uboy> is something that has
<uboy> always lent itself to the project
<uboy> the specifics
<even> it has been around for a while
<uboy> in other words
<even> stuttering?
<uboy> at times
<uboy> so, yes tell them that a list will be compiled
<uboy> that perhaps will be
<even> we basically need to start modifying the material to 
  make something of it that removes the sensational but keeps it 
  there... i think liam and duchamp ahve a lot to answer for and 
  are very close
<uboy> purchased, in part or whole
<even> 2:30 now i am tired... have you eaten yet?
<uboy> on the train
<uboy> bad train food
<even> in bits but stolen aand covered up
<even> games
<uboy> ?
<uboy> yes,
<uboy> and the degree of modification?
<uboy> or is correlation enough?
<even> he (liam) plays lots of games never acknowledging the 
  historical or theoretical roots or sources, he learned well 
  from duchamp without using or reffing him like Weiss for 
<uboy> ie duct tape and underwaer
<even> ii lik ethat one
<even> would be nice not to make it tho? ref it... too easy 
  to make
<uboy> yes,  need we be so tricky?
<uboy> yes
<even> if it is to be art ! :o
<even> pouring rain again :(
<uboy> i mean... do we modify it or re-contextualize the items 
<even> yes indeedie
<even> somehow?
<uboy> make a tape undie thingy or just place them side by side?
<even> move them around conceptually into 
<uboy> something else?
<even> what is this side by side thing... literalise for me
<even> yes
<uboy> well,
<even> somewhere else
<even> not something
<even> dematerialise i suppose
<uboy> suggest a connection vs. a literal reproduction of the 
<uboy> or is that too long a chain?
<uboy> of connections
<even> no not really, the end is all the audience sees, the 
  www will explain
<even> it is just a case of having the final thing strong to 
  stand alone and seem interesting (eveen if banal)
<uboy> right, stand alone
<even> yea
<uboy> and that is tricky
<even> but connect
<even> no one said it would be easy
<even> i just feel so unsatisfied with the so far and want to 
  work it
*** Now talking in #sentimental
<even> sorry got disconnected
<even> but saved the chat
<uboy> good
<uboy> where did you lose it
<uboy> ?
<even> lose what?
<uboy> the chat
<uboy> my last line?
<uboy> to you
<even> <even> i just feel so unsatisfied with the so far 
  and want to 
<even>   work it
<even> <uboy> and that is tricky
<even> <even> but connect
<even> uh got it?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> after that, i said..
<even> and i was saying i need to sleep to meet this lady from 
  the archive in the morning
<uboy> but i'm afraid they (audience, etc) will always want to 
   be taken by the hand, to find a deep meaning instead of a 
   lateral one
*** even has quit IRC (Ping timeout for even[ts06-01.dublin
<even> thicko still here
<uboy> but it won't deter me
<uboy> ok
<uboy> time for you to sleep
<even> yes that is why liam is not favored in the gallery
<even> he looks nice but no one knows why
<uboy> i'll be sharper tomorrow
<uboy> yes re:liam
<even> you have to read him read his text like duchamp to 
<even> you are sharp
<uboy> shall we meet again?
<even> yes... tomorrow i suppose to report on the meeting
<uboy> yes, its a tone weiss wishes
<even> if you can unless you have a hot date
<uboy> to adopt
<uboy> but just quite can't do it
<even> wiess?
<uboy> yes, sorry..
<even> what do you mean?
<even> what is your honeys name?
<uboy> the duchampian rhetoric
<even> ohh
<even> duh
<uboy> honey = alison
<even> ahh
<uboy> yes
<even> so night night
<uboy> well, i'll be home around 7:00
<uboy> my time
<even> yes
<even> i am meeting mates after an opening but sure to be back 
<uboy> talk to you then?
<even> hopefully
<uboy> ok   .. good luck tomorrow
<even> thanks
<even>  i am quitting now
<uboy> later
<even> after savin of course
<uboy> yes
*** uboy (uboy@173-107-38.ipt.aol.com) has left #sentimental