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<uboy>  hello
<uboy>  hi
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<even>  sorry
<even>  hello
<uboy>  hello
<even>  i am freaking out
<uboy>  how
<even>  i got an interview
<uboy>  what's up?
<even>  for the editor job for the only irish art magazine
<even>  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<even>  why me
<even>  i only applied yesterdayy
<uboy>  wow
<even>  and i cant even spell
<uboy>  that's great
<even>  the interview is on friday
<uboy>  when is the interview?
<uboy>  that great news
<even>  i want a quick review of what is is cool in new york
<even>  now
<even>  or e-mail tomorrow
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  only seen crap though
<even>  panic
<even>  no find out who is hot
<even>  please
<even>  please
<even>  yikes
<even>  yikes
<even>  yikes
<uboy>  right
<even>  how was mathew barney?
<even>  how was psi
<even>  who is in 303
<even>  how is dia
<uboy>  baroque
<even>  who is in gavin brown
<even>  why me?
<even>  panic
<uboy>  you're on top of everything already     lol
<uboy>  you'll do fine
<even>  i have to buy every art zine tomorrow and speed
<even>  so anyway
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i will try cool down
<even>  i only found out an hour ago
<even>  i was out all day
<even>  @arthouse
<uboy>  very exciting
<even>  going back tomorrow to get plans, lists, and scripts
<even>  can i fax u at work
<even>  can i have your #
<even>  dont have an artforum handy
<uboy>  yes, just a moment... don't remember off the top of my head
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<even>  sorry got cut
<even>  all my static 
<uboy>  that's ok
<even>  flow out all ove the screen
<even>  where did we stop?
<even>  number?
<uboy>  212 794 2454
<even>  ok
<even>  might fax u the inventory
<even>  if i get it
<even>  whats the name of the gallery again?
<even>  graham and sons?
<uboy>  james graham and sons
<uboy>  just graham gallery is ok too
<even>  ok
<even>  i sent raisch the liam interview... no reply!
<even>  the guru as u said 
<uboy>  this is an interesting fellow
<uboy>  how did you meet?
<even>  on gay ireland!!!
<uboy>  i always like self proclaimed pundits
<even>  is is a queer internet guru but totally not screaming 
<uboy>  testing the waters was he?
<even>  he wanted someone to show him the town while he was here
<uboy>  did he have any reaction to the project?
<uboy>  initial reaction, i guess
<even>  no i was afraid to show him the site
<even>  shit my sister is going thru my application and is finding lots of typos
<even>  now i am really afraid
<uboy>  right
<even>  they just want to roast me for trashing them
<uboy>  speaking of which
<uboy>  yikes
<even>  yes
<even>  what you described was an imagemap
<even>  an i have a program to do that
<even>  i just dont like image#3 very much
<uboy>  which do you prefer, if any?
<uboy>  we can produce more
<even>  i like the yellow one
<even>  we can make more
<even>  i was going to try
<uboy>  which yellow one?
<even>  hmmm #2 i think
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<even>  back
<even>  i like 6 and 2... i checked
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  yes, 2 is also one i like
<uboy>  not so much 6
<even>  6 is very plain
<uboy>  true
<even>  i guess a few would be better
<uboy>  the larger question is do we want an image map at all?
<uboy>  yes, a few more
<even>  dont want everyone thinking we are painters?
<even>  but that would be fun
<uboy>  they'll never believe that....
<even>  they found about 6 typos... sis and her boy
<even>  oh shit
<uboy>  we are not self obsessed enough
<uboy>  well, they want an interview anyway...
<uboy>  pretend they were intentional
<even>  i know
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<even>  maybe we should throw a few things in of the same ilk?
<even>  like not things that happened to be on my HD like the current page1
<uboy>  what do you mean?
<even>  well... one of your drawings for example
<uboy>  do you mean for page one?
<even>  yup
<even>  its just the abstract thing is a little... abstract?
<uboy>  well, that's possible.. but how do you feel about the image map
<uboy>  sorry, you answered question
<even>  i was think the image map is goo d and doable
<even>  and i was going to suggest it too
<uboy>  right, it is abstract... but perhaps then grounded by surrounding ideas
<uboy>  like that it is a proposed something... cd cover
<uboy>  book cover
<even>  yes, the surround though should immediate upset a preconcieved notion of what is there... on the same page
<even>  cd is good
<even>  but the whole text is there in one package... u listen later...  like us u read later
<even>  but the tease should be mixed and intreguing
<even>  opps cant spell
<uboy>  how can we make the upset on the same page?... a frame of some kind?
<uboy>  a pretext
<uboy>  ?
<even>  well a word ...  absrtact and representational pics... a symbol maybe
<even>  like the current page one but different... more groovey and retro like the blobs are
<uboy>  right
<even>  so
<uboy>  several proposed cd's and images of their production process, their history,... hhhmm
<even>  ibulka
<uboy>  abstract and grounded fiction
<even>  but not cds
<even>  we do need an end, like u said earlier today, but that will come eventually
<uboy>  yes, the cd or whatever on the web, need not be the true end thing
<even>  so i am still freaking
<uboy>  well, rightly so
<even>  i will be awake all night
<even>  so tomorrow i will hassle daniel about the board thing
<even>  i saw him today
<uboy>  any words?
<even>  not really ... he now knows i will want something tomorrow
<even>  they really need to be hassled to do things
<even>  very mad in there
<even>  niall is planning on reorganising the whole place
<uboy>  good
<even>  putting the gallery where the cafe is
<even>  but maybe not by the time of our show
<uboy>  interesting
<even>  i said it would be ok to be mid-construction
<even>  !
<even>  but i reckon it would be a quick job
<uboy>  yes, very ok
<even>  and it needs lots of approval and money
<uboy>  there's a proposal for us to make
<even>  and they also need to give us some... money
<even>  they are being reviewed for art council funding next week
<uboy>  that would be nice
<uboy>  let's get back to that proposed structure thing for a minute
<uboy>  have you any inclinations?
<even>  ok
<even>  well
<uboy>  i.e. let's brainline
<uboy>  is that the right term?
<even>  it is
<even>  laterally maybe ... 
<uboy>  ok
<even>  well i like your thoughts from earlier today
<even>  about the grouping of the parts
<uboy>  yes, keeping it somewhat straightforward
<even>  with plans for art dotted or connected to end or middle?
<even>  need to work out pics  now that we have agreed to imagemap
<even>  think a mix of things suits the scrapbook idea
<even>  so think of good pics or phrases maybe?
<even>  lik ethe matches
<uboy>  plans for art are the middle
<even>  a stylized version
<even>  of them
<uboy>  for pics?  yes, i like them as model of unactualizable situations
<even>  good phrase
<uboy>  anti macho chris burdens
<uboy>  sweet nothings
<even>  hehehe
<even>  so like it is just a case of deciding
<uboy>  do you feel that simple categories can work?  i now feel like simply labeling dialogue as dialogue
<even>  yup
<even>  these imple terms were an inspiration
<uboy>  and simultaneous writing as such, etc
<even>  as it needs to be legible and ordered at a glance or else it is hyper-nothing
<uboy>  yes, the implied structure should be accessibility
<uboy>  flow of ideas
<even>  yup
<uboy>  that allows for the possibility of reconfiguration
<even>  so i am feeling actualized already
<uboy>  lol
<even>  but in an un-way as we do not believe the creative hype
<even>  only want to play in it
<even>  toss hats in the can etc
<uboy>  yes, a strategy as usefull or useless as anyother
<even>  the whole awareness thing is so interesting in a manipulative born-again way
<uboy>  yes, non-believers in the house of de bono
<even>  well i was thinking more like how to get the IBMers to make mo money for IBM
<even>  and how sad that is
<even>  it not about the self... it about the company
<uboy>  i see your point
<even>  hense Liams twist of using it to obliqly crit capitalism
<even>  we need a big crit or are we drifting in a sea of funky words
<uboy>  while shamelessly enjoying the fruits of a corrupt art system...
<even>  tell me about it
<even>  irony does exist
<uboy>  well, not sure what possibility exists for crit
<uboy>  it can seem thin...
<even>  ?
<even>  oh yea
<even>  post marxist bluffing
<uboy>  many don't buy liam for that very reason
<uboy>  pun not intended
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  can we honestly critique, i mean in good faith?
<even>  well i suppose not we are not relly there are we?
<uboy>  well, classic psychoanalysis, the pleasure principle..?
<uboy>  i'm not ready to take on those windmills...
<even>  no but it all counts
<even>  and is all there somewhere
<even>  we are aware of it
<even>  at some level
<uboy>  perhaps that's good enough
<even>  its better not to admit it anyway
<even>  learn from the master
<even>  etc
<uboy>  shuffle to the side
<even>  so
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  let's keep going with the cd issue, for now
<even>  packaging
<even>  rem 
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  rem?
<even>  they have interesting pseudo art packaging
<uboy>  yes, distilled abstraction... for easy digestion
<even>  that is not art
<even>  the lame message is in the musak
<uboy>  the mediocre package
<uboy>  background noise
<even>  the nostalgia for retro packaging
<even>  they look so good now
<uboy>  yes, comfort in the consumption of a history that never was
<uboy>  better times
<even>  that u were not a part of
<even>  that seems to be cool now but was and  isnt
<uboy>  connection via accelerated disconnection
<even>  yup
<uboy>  what other things are packaged like this, in addition to a cd or music
<uboy>  ?
<even>  looking over the shoulder to see whats under your foot
<uboy>  style
<uboy>  nice
<uboy>  you stepped right in it
<even>  squeegy
<uboy>  the footnote preceeding the text
<even>  the index being the body text
<uboy>  that is constantly deferred/dispersed
<even>  or activated by the sub-relations that dont exist
<uboy>  yes
<even>  the sentimental 
<uboy>  it does make sense... the self rescue mechanism
<even>  where will that word appear? anyway
<uboy>  body index, retro repackaging, etc.
<uboy>  footnote/missing text
<uboy>  die and keep living
<even>  yup
<even>  we have it sussed
<even>  the death of the self
<even>  thru self-actualizing it
<uboy>  yes, nice
<even>  so think  of pics side-related to the sections or not at all
<even>  for p1
<even>  we need new buttons too
<uboy>  yes, like the pic idea
<uboy>  buttons.   not sure
<even>  well smaller letters maybe
<even>  i hate them now
<uboy>  perhaps we make the navigation so simple that only a back to start botton is essential.
<even>  perhaps
<even>  i was dreding the plugging in of millions of links
<even>  the chat button is too confusing too... implys u can chat NOW
<even>  skip is silly too
<uboy>  ok, so it gets edited down
<uboy>  the info should all be there, layed out in front of you
<uboy>  the trick has occurred prior to the illusion even beginning
<even>  nice
-> [lamar] PING
<uboy>  how's the time?
<even>  ok
<even>  getting late tho and i need to study tomorrow!
<uboy>  yes, true
<uboy>  by the way..
<even>  yes
<uboy>  speaking of critique, kreuger was torn to shreds in the times last week
<even>  good
<even>  bout time
<uboy>  her new show is total shit
<uboy>  and we all hate her now
<even>  like u didnt before
<uboy>  i almost felt bad for her
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  ok, well time for dinner
<uboy>  bed for you
<even>  ok
<even>  think pics
<uboy>  will do
<even>  cya when?
<uboy>  you name it
<even>  try tomorrow... will report on meetings
<uboy>  sounds good
<even>  k
<uboy>  congratulations etc....
<even>  thanks... it will not happen anyway
<even>  with all those typos
<even>  how will i pass them off?
<uboy>  be confident... they need you
<even>  u need me more :)
<uboy>  yes
<even>  hehehe
<even>  more NY news tomorrow please
<uboy>  ok... goodnight
<uboy>  will report... 
<uboy>  but everyone here is confused
<even>  thats good
<even>  so am i
<uboy>  chuckle
<uboy>  ok, bye
<even>  bye
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