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<delight>  hallo sentimental! even...whay a lovely idea to create this channel,,,
<even>  it is... that u
<even>  thank u i mean
<delight>  yes
<even>  it is for discussing seentimental sex
<even>  with one e
<delight>  what gave u the idea to create this chabnel?
<delight>  may ias k ur age?
<even>  an art project i am doing
<even>  why?
<delight>  and?
<delight>  because i thought /think it is a great idea....
<delight>  may i ask ur age?
<even>  29 u?
<delight>  34
<even>  i chat to a mate in New York who i am doing it with
<even>  we are trying to see if we can make autoerotic fatalities sentimental
<delight>  ups so i shall leave u alone calll me later up if u like
....sorry! have fun and let it flow!!!
<delight>  bye
<delight>  u didn't scare me why should you, no, i just thought you 
were on line with another friend...
<delight>  sorry to misunderstand
<even>  he has not arrived yet
<delight>  LOL...typical men, we are all wonderful....and always have 
an excuse t be late...I hate those guys!!!!
<delight>  will u be here in future?
<even>  yes quite  a lot
<even>  mainly discussing our own shit
<even>  but we do like to chat with others too... brainlining etc
<delight>  :)), sounds nice...and are you a couple?...or just friends, 
met before, ever met in r/l, or only via computer?
<even>  old real friends from college in the states... not lovers 
<delight>  and so you studied in America?
<delight>  do u study here too?
<even>  finished with college
<even>  now that i am back
<delight>  u must be delighted... i was so happy when i had it all behind me.....
<delight>  just realise the time
<delight>  hope you will accept my appologies for leaving you but have an early start
<delight>  and will promise to look out for you
<delight>  bye
<delight>  and lovely meeting you
<delight>  bye
<even>  ok
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<uboy>  hello
<even>  hi hi
<even>  did u get nialls e-mail
<even>  i got yours
<uboy>  i didn't get any mail today
<even>  ohh
<uboy>  what did he send?
<even>  well i got an inventory he e-mailed to us both, i didn't get it either
<even>  he must have fucked  up
<uboy>  funny
<even>  i got plans tho... will s-mail
<uboy>  ok, good
<even>  and Daniel might have a sample script ready by friday
<uboy>  great
<even>  talked with the technician too re video and dig cameras
<uboy>  yes
<even>  there is a group using the facility from 17th Jan for 2 weeks
<even>  so we need to have lots done before this
<even>  it will be bedlem in there
<uboy>  yikes
<even>  they are using the basement tho... and the gallery... a theatre thing
<even>  flipped me out too
<even>  Daniel is also going away for 3 weeks from Dec22... back to Portugal for the hols
<even>  but the www site will be settled by then
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  ok, do no need to panic... ha ha
<uboy>  so no
<even>  well kick ass time is now
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i am going to talk serious schedules with Niall late next week
<even>  to figure and book time to edit/record/etc
<uboy>  yes
<even>  he is stressed out big time at the mo
<even>  but a sweetie and very helpful
<uboy>  good, now i guess we just have to come through
<even>  yup
<even>  and we will
<uboy>  no doubt
<even>  ever read about Kai Althoff?
<uboy>  last nights chat seemed productive
<uboy>  no
<even>  go buy current Frieze
<uboy>  i looked at it...
<even>  he is a musician and does narrative story album cover inspired stuff
<uboy>  trying to remember
<even>  shows in Liams gallery
<even>  retro stuff
<even>  v 70's
<uboy>  beaten to the ounch again?
<uboy>  punch
<even>  well not really
<even>  but there is a link
<uboy>  yes
<even>  yes last night was good
<even>  havnt reviewed it yet
<even>  too busy freaking out
<uboy>  nor have i
<even>  i send u a copy of the article with the plans
<even>  the plans are silly and way small with no measurements
<even>  i will send photos too tho  and pace it for u
<even>  i think we should try the construction idea out too
<uboy>  thank you, should help me greatly
<even>  wreck the place in anticipation of a move whether it is happening or not
<uboy>  yes, that appeals to me to
<uboy>  too
<even>  niall is also way  against the video wall...  sorta
<uboy>  w/o being too literal of a deconstruction of the institution, etc.
<even>  indeed
<uboy>  against the video wall?
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<even>  it is a cheap model... each monitor affect the other, so the color is bad...  
think we should do a b&w abstract thing on it... i
<even>  16 screens
<uboy>  suggesting subtle shifts, move a wall 2 inches, and new working/other activity space
<even>  it will be behind the reception desk... but we can put it anywhere really
<uboy>  ok cheap is goos
<even>  the board room would be cool
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  about construction for a second.  i had an idea a couple days ago 
<uboy>  about marking the floor with designations of new space
<even>  yes
<even>  ...
<uboy>  some subtle, like moving a wall 2 inches to the left
<uboy>  others designating new work/activity space
<uboy>  the construction talk reminded me of that idea
<uboy>  a bit like the chalk lines i reckon
<even>  yes but the problem sort of is it is a very traficed place
<even>  and subtle things would be lost
<even>  not a cube space more warrenous
<uboy>  i see
<even>  but do not write it off... if it was marked out with sheets of drywall or plastic 
maybe it would be ok
<even>  or wood
<uboy>  well, then perhaps a more radical construction/proposed construction
<uboy>  ok
<even>  who is the guy pic u sent?
<uboy>  some one in a cb radio filter company, i guess showing off his product
<even>  cool
<uboy>  silly, but i like it
<even>  i do too
<uboy>  you saw the backgroud, right?
<uboy>  perhaps too much?
<even>  yikes
<even>  needs bluring
<uboy>  yes
<even>  cant stay long btw
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so any other inspiration
<uboy>  i have a few more images i'll play with tonight and send your way
<even>  ok
<even>  will do html stuf at the weekend
<uboy>  their all from the angora and entropy source book...a cb radio thing
<uboy>  but think some will do nicely in other parts of the sire
<uboy>  site
<even>  cool... would like to read and plug in that story soon
<even>  not for page one then?
<uboy>  yes, i'll keep working on that
<uboy>  i think for page1 is ok
<uboy>  i like them
<uboy>  they seem some how pornographic and related to the death cases
<uboy>  like evidence/sleaze
<even>  creepy 
<uboy>  so page one is fine if we decide to use them there
<even>  ok
<even>  will see
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i must get some stuff together as well
<even>  gonna try work on the sailor props
<uboy>  yes those should be nice
<uboy>  looking forward to that
<even>  hmmm
<even>  foul matura and all
<even>  think i should go really
<uboy>  how do you feel about collecting these sorts things in an 'absent texts' area. 
footnotes and referces to the larger case projects?
<uboy>  ok, you can answer later
<even>  wait
<even>  kind od like keeping them with the stories for now
<even>  then disconnecting them fo rthe physical show
<even>  the rigging thing will be very crutial when the time comes to install i reckon
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  true
<even>  but absent texts can be there too fot other bits
<uboy>  ok, well i'll let get going
<even>  friday?
<even>  not tomorrow
<uboy>  friday and sat are both bad for me
<uboy>  sun ok?
<even>  sunday will be cool then
<even>  give us some time to think etc
<uboy>  i'll e you updates in between
<even>  ok
<uboy>  aourd six or seven your time?
<even>  ok
<uboy>  good
<even>  night then
<uboy>  bye, best of luck on friday...
<even>  thanks
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