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<uboy>  hello
<even>  hellllllo
<even>  my parents are just back from belgium
<even>  i just heard the car door
<uboy>  ok, you want to talk with them for a while?
<uboy>  i can hang out for some time
<even>  yea bee right back in a few... the lines are crap today
<uboy>  right
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<even>  back
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so
<uboy>  yes
<even>  what do u think of my filters?
<uboy>  how was the interview?
<even>  same as on fax
<even>  did u get it?
<uboy>  got it
<even>  good
<uboy>  yes, helpful to visualize
<even>  got the pic developed and they will help a lot with understanding the plans
<uboy>  odd space, eh
<uboy>  ?
<uboy>  the images you sent already helped
<even>  very odd place
<even>  we need to cover a lot of space or
<even>  be very small and everywhere
<uboy>  please resend the greenblob, though, file is corrupt or something
<uboy>  blueblob is good
<even>  k
<uboy>  small and everywhere... with a few big things
<uboy>  maybe
<even>  am sending u the pic now dcc
<uboy>  thanks
<even>  so can u send me the pics of the starnge men?
<uboy>  ok, got it
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  there are a few more i want to shoot, though
<uboy>  i'll send them to you in a group after our chat
<uboy>  including the old ones
<uboy>  how were you thinking of using them?
<even>  i think they might be more intreging that the blobs?
<even>  or interestingly vague
<even>  couldnt figure out the image map thing
<uboy>  right, well perhaps a page of icons, but layed out to look like something else
<even>  maybe
<uboy>  rather than an image map
<even>  i am so tired today for some reason... excuse the sluggishness
<uboy>  that's ok
<uboy>  we'll blame in on the network
<uboy>  slow
<even>  yup
<uboy>  what relationship between the men and the blobs?
<uboy>  vague implication
<even>  well not really
<even>  dunno if the blobs are not too techie... but i do like them
<even>  do u like my re-workings?
<even>  and curvings
<uboy>  yes, very acidy
<even>  they are noded tho which suits the structure concept
<even>  think we can find a place for them somewhere
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i was thinking of colouring the men pics with the blobs?
<uboy>  layering?
<even>  well just for psycho color
<even>  to break the b&w?
<even>  can u send me a few now?
<uboy>  right, let's try it
<uboy>  yes, i'll send a group after our chat
<uboy>  only 2 or three more after the ones you've seen
<even>  ok
<uboy>  also some equipment shots that are nice
<uboy>  connectors, microphones , antennas
<even>  the jackets are also amazing
<even>  was thinking a group of them would be nice for page1
<uboy>  yes, would be nice
<uboy>  any fear of copyright though?
<even>  please?
<even>  is it a recent catalogue?
<uboy>  ok, lol
<uboy>  1977 or so
<even>  no fears
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so how's things otherwise?
<even>  any new inspiration?
<uboy>  those two guys btw are an fcc enforcement team with confiscated , illegal cb equipment
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  no amazing breakthrough yet
<even>  daniel didnt come thru on the wwwboard thing
<even>  yet
<even>  must hassle him tomorrow
<uboy>  yes, perhaps we should start writing any way, then post date them
<even>  sure
<uboy>  daily stories, i mean
<even>  i need motivation, the plans scared me, the place is a mess
<even>  and it is so difficult to see what could work there
<uboy>  fragmented, the place is
<even>  wait for the photos
<uboy>  must figure how to play that up
<even>  yup
<uboy>  connectivity
<even>  thats why the construction thing was exciting for me
<even>  to screen off areas or architecture
<even>  coz it really dominates
<uboy>  yes, propose new uses
<even>  the phots make it look really cubist/constructivist
<even>  lots of bridges
<uboy>  subjectivity enclosures and connectivity vehicles
<even>  could be worth persuing as a naff metaphor
<even>  or mechanisms even
<uboy>  and so much glasss
<uboy>  and soft rigging
<uboy>  it somehow all fits
<even>  we need to work on your flight THIS WEEK
<uboy>  or atleast, the pieces are all there
<even>  u have to come over
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i might still be half disabled
<uboy>  i'm planning on it
<even>  need to write letters
<uboy>  give me the firm dates
<even>  must
<even>  do
<uboy>  and i will arrange with work
<even>  good
<even>  i will try get a generic sponsor letter from arthouse
<uboy>  big shake up in company btw and i may soon be the assistant to the 
director of the contemporary dept
<even>  wow
<uboy>  help curate shows etc.
<even>  u fucking ambitious fuck
<uboy>  not definite yet
<even>  an i might be an editor of an art magazine
<even>  (in my dreams)
<uboy>  they loved you, i'm sure
<even>  no i was not great
<uboy>  but, yes i will come over one way or another
<even>  froze on ideas... and had lots written down in my bag
<uboy>  ouch
<uboy>  i ahte interviews
<uboy>  hate
<even>  hear ya... there was very good competition too
<even>  phD's
<uboy>  did the typos come up?
<even>  no... funnily enough, i left them my thesis to prove i could write
<even>  we'll see
<even>  so the equip list?
<uboy>  good, you did a great job on that
<uboy>  yes, i did
<even>  well i didnt generate it
<even>  but yeea
<even>  hope u feel more tuned in ... sorry it took so long
<uboy>  that's ok
<uboy>  plenty of production equip
<even>  lots
<uboy>  i liked the musak idea
<uboy>  and overhead projector
<uboy>  stage things -- what are those like?
<even>  black platforms, foot high, big
<even>  wide
<uboy>  our architechtural reworkings... hhmm
<even>  but they get used for events
<even>  we should consider the basement for something
<even>  maybe in the ceiling
<even>  not on the floor
<uboy>  it looks like a big cavern ... is that so?
<even>  it is
<even>  open ceiling, black with electrics
<uboy>  sounds like a challenge... but lets think of something.  what is it mainly used for?
<even>  for screenings, events, not generally open tp the public otherwise
<even>  something that would work in the dark
<even>  little light things maybe
<even>  boxes even with pics?
<even>  u there?
<uboy>  will they allow the publis into this and other usually private spaces?or will 
we have to have camera feeds to other locations, etc.?
<even>  well
<even>  office space is private coz they do r&d things
<even>  the basement has floating equipment which could be locked up
<uboy>  yes, we should take advantage of a darkened space ( as opposed to glass house)
<even>  the camera thing could work if we could plug into the security camera system
<uboy>  light pieces
<uboy>  connect/fragment the place further.... stages sets that are show on monitors elsewher
<uboy>  shown
<even>  yea
<even>  maybe
<even>  like your thesis piece
<uboy>  something like that
<even>  with a set/scene vacant
<even>  or room
<even>  thing
<even>  probably could do that
<uboy>  yes, i think so
<even>  good
<even>  like the room full of odd props... connected to the stories maybe
<uboy>  maybe even make one visible from outside
<even>  more directly than the other bits
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  all potentials and (prop)ositions
<even>  but the intervention in the building as a whole is important
<even>  they hung some bad paintings up the wall in the cafe and well
<even>  they are terrible
<even>  decorative
<even>  and we cant really be that too much
<uboy>  yes, the space as a whole
<uboy>  i like the semi-function (construction/architechture) rhetoric
<uboy>  possibilities
<even>  yup
<even>  thats why the scale thing has hit me
<uboy>  all for rescuing the self..
<even>  maybe construction materials should be looked into
<uboy>  small and all over , you mean?
<even>  well bigg and everywhere
<uboy>  yes, light weight materials like that cool plastic sheeting you found
<even>  i was at a scrap yard with my dad a few days ago
<even>  and i will go back regularly
<even>  they had all this fibre-glass sheeting stuff
<even>  very dirty and  stained
<even>  might go get it... all really cheap
<uboy>  good, i actually like the idea of scrap even better than new
<uboy>  yes... stained is good
<even>  new costs too much
<uboy>  that fits very nicely
<uboy>  true, but are doing it because of the deep meaning associated... haha
<even>  yah
<uboy>  i actually like this line of thinking a great deal
<uboy>  this is promising
<even>  well for the soft rig
<even>  outside the available stuff there which is not a lot really
<uboy>  yes
<even>  so
<even>  so now
<even>  so now what
<uboy>  in our chat?.. back to the web?
<even>  k
<even>  it pains me so
<uboy>  the site... 
<even>  yup
<even>  need to get into it and over it
<even>  past the glitch
<uboy>  yup
<uboy>  yes, over the hump
<uboy>  right now page one
<even>  so like the guys... as buttons
<uboy>  yes, but layed out somehow... not random
<uboy>  suggest a structure
<even>  gropued in centre
<uboy>  or something else
<uboy>  and the periphery cantains?
<even>  the structure is simple as before... all the elements of what we do
<uboy>  good
<even>  per with the chat area in the centre
<even>  and linked thru the chat button
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  and the cd covers (or whatever they are)?
<even>  dunno really
<uboy>  do they show up on page one?
<even>  dunno?
<uboy>  what do these guys suggest? ... the pioneers of retro self rescue? 
<even>  yup
<uboy>  lonely guys and their equipment?
<even>  retro self devotees or strange equipment and mechanisms
<uboy>  our protagonists
<even>  yup
<uboy>  color the pics
<uboy>  will enhance fetish retro
<even>  yea i think that will be nice... still mosaic the eyes?
<uboy>  no, maybe not
<uboy>  not if they are colored
<even>  why?
<even>  too cliche
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  too heavy handed
<uboy>  they have nothing to hide
<even>  true
<even>  all is revealed... slowly
<uboy>  just looking over the pics again
<uboy>  there is a nice constructivist rodchenco of a guy hoisting his antenna
<even>  groovey
<uboy>  hoisting his mast?
<even>  i like this idea more and more
<even>  gees
<uboy>  as per sailor tie-ie
<uboy>  tie-in
<uboy>  will send to you
<even>  k
<uboy>  i like them for page one
<even>  we need new buttons too i feel
<even>  do u?
<uboy>  they were to be a part of angora and entropy... but perhaps else where we can 
footnote or credit that
<uboy>  it all connects
<uboy>  yes, new buttons
<even>  when do i see/read angora?
<uboy>  well
<uboy>  still must write it, it may never be written, perhaps only small sections and 
then insert them into something else about it
<uboy>  footnotes
<even>  that would be ok
<even>  let others finish it
<even>  add to it
<uboy>  in its entirety, it would be part romanc action novel and guide book for utopin 
living with a communication metaphor and bondage twist
<uboy>  also, from the perspective of a 14 yr old boy
<uboy>  t and a, cb, etc
<uboy>  but others can add
<uboy>  let them search and research the absent text
<uboy>  perhaps i will first write several short articles about it to get the fell
<uboy>  will do that this week
<uboy>  was hoping that you'd have a similar project and we could group them in an area
<uboy>  sailor?
<even>  well i might do him or that new one i posted
<uboy>  yes, i like that one
<even>  ok
<uboy>  and the houdini illustration with knife was great for it
<even>  but alas it will now change
<uboy>  let's figure a methodology for the daily wrtiing
<even>  can use it to ill
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<even>  back agin
<even>  again
<uboy>  hello
<uboy>  <even>  well i might do him or that new 
<uboy>     one i posted
<uboy>  <uboy>  yes, i like that one
<uboy>  <uboy>  and the houdini illustration with 
<uboy>    knife was great for it
<uboy>  <even>  ok
<uboy>  <uboy>  let's figure a methodology for 
<uboy>    the daily wrtiing
<uboy>  <even>  but alas it will now change
<uboy>  <even>  can use it to ill
<uboy>  <uboy>  change?  you can still use it in 
<uboy>    the new section... just modify
<uboy>  <uboy>  right?
<uboy>  so, you were saying?
<even>  the dailies
<even>  i was cut off
<uboy>  yes, should we pick each case at random?
<uboy>  force us to think about the less exciting ones?
<even>  well yes, do we add to the strands we have with inter-links?
<even>  or make the stories go on and on?
<even>  we do need more
<uboy>  do you think that would be confusing?
<even>  to make more webby even tho that was dised by us recently
<even>  i reckon it is the only structre that can work
<even>  oh oh
<even>  check
<even>  they are narrative based story/art people
<uboy>  ok, just a sec
<even>  well later mayeb
<even>  plus look at this channel too... #objectivism
<uboy>  interesting
<even>  read this later
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so  anyway
<uboy>  i'm back
<even>  send those pics so i can play tonight
<even>  wanna get off line soon
<even>  u need to too i suppose
<uboy>  ofcourse, we are quite different than fray since we are not trying to write 
things like that, only trying to work on writing
<uboy>  yes, will do right after we are through
<even>  yes it  is all so real and anedotal
<uboy>  need to shoot the new ones
<even>  new stories?
<uboy>  will send the entire package in half an hour or do
<uboy>  or so
<even>  need video ideas too
<even>  sorry we are lagging i suppose
<uboy>  ok, for now pick a daily for tomorrow
<uboy>  ok almost time to go
<even>  how long should it be?
<even>  whatever i suppose
<even>  total new story from the cases okk
<uboy>  as long or short as you want
<uboy>  a few words
<even>  k
<uboy>  a novel
<uboy>  a pic even, i guess
<uboy>  so, how about whatever is on the top of page 176?
<uboy>  let me check...
<uboy>  too high
<even>  yea
<uboy>  76, then
<even>  just whatever u want... or are we to do the same one
<even>  that would be good
<uboy>  i envisioned the same one 
<even>  i already started on case 11 before
<uboy>  parallel processing, side by side
<uboy>  yikes
<uboy>  but possibly good i think
<even>  kipes
<uboy>  yes, i remember... let's try 12
<even>  crossover interesting
<even>  no
<even>  tyy 55
<even>  no
<uboy>  no on case 12/
<even>  ok case 12 will do
<uboy>  that's the idea... generate work even on the ones we don't like
<uboy>  get ideas flowing
<uboy>  new routes... deboner
<even>  ok all ideas are good ideas like
<even>  the bridge is a good start tho
<uboy>  ok then.. time to go?
<even>  for the arthouse and all
<even>  very kiki smith!
<uboy>  yes lol
<even>  she has a big show here at the mo
<even>  so anyway till e-mail and the morrow
<even>  11:30 or so?
<uboy>  yes, chat tomorrow?
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  sounds good
<even>  cool
<even>  u have motivated me
<even>  thats what collab is about
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  and you have done the same for me
<uboy>  ok, pics your way soon
<even>  hehehe
<even>  bye
<uboy>  have a good night
<even>  u day ditto
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