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<even>  yo
<uboy>  hello
<uboy>  sorry i'm late
<even>  its ok i just got here too
<uboy>  dinner out with alison and step father
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  what's new?
<even>  lovely
<even>  well no story yet but i did do a new page one
<even>  it is not hot
<uboy>  wow... is it up?
<even>  but posted after the two other experiments
<even>  the chat board is on test mode too
<even>  check p1 first
<uboy>  ok.. checking now
<uboy>  still getting old page, despite reload   ??
<even>  click the new button, go thru the other two then u get to it
<uboy>  ok, got it now
<uboy>  ok, i'm back
<even>  and
<even>  did it all load?
<uboy>  i think so
<uboy>  seven or eight images?
<even>  yup
<even>  11
<uboy>  i like them..  i like the size variation
<even>  11 possible links
<even>  and the green blob?
<uboy>  layout perhaps
<uboy>  i think it's a good idea to mix images with the blob or other shapes... lenses
<even>  the full pics of the guys looked daft so i only used the faces
<uboy>  what's in front of the lenses?
<even>  a scribble in red... a word written over itself... dunno what it says
<uboy>  i like the idea of line drawings mixed with the images
<uboy>  how about the background?
<uboy>  white?
<uboy>  nothing too distracting
<even>  tried some and it didnt work? white is what it is right?
<uboy>  yes, white
<even>  so we need to test the wwwboard
<even>  it is at
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  ok
<even>  i am gonna meet with daniel tomorrow and try putting it on the site
<uboy>  cool
<even>  he just figured out the programming etc
<uboy>  i'll try submitting the story i wrote?
<even>  do a test
<uboy>  well, i just did a quick test
<uboy>  siad the post went through
<even>  it is a little wanky as the follow-ups all get added to each messgae
<even>  we will fix that i reckon tomorrow
<even>  dont post the story yet
<uboy>  ok, i'll hold off on story,  but still very cool
<even>  yes i think it will work
<even>  he has also given me admin editing powers and passwords
<even>  try that
<uboy>  now we'll only people to submit...
<uboy>  ok
<even>  sorry
<even>  its ...
<uboy>  file not found
<uboy>  ok
<even>  my password didn't work
<even>  username WebAdmin
<even>  pass WebBoard
<even>  well anyway that is the bones of it
<even>  it will work eventually
<even>  the threading is ok right?
<uboy>  yes, didn't work for me either, but still very impressed
<uboy>  yes
<even>  indeed
<even>  so what would u change on pageone?
<uboy>  well, i did like the hands on the guy hold the cable
<uboy>  maybe somewhere else on the site?
<even>  yah
<even>  sure
<even>  p1 is a tease
<even>  i thought the wwwboard would be under the telex
<uboy>  i guess these are just more like thumbnails
<even>  coz it is so big
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  no text?
<even>  yea maybe
<uboy>  yes, it makes sense... so you liked those equipment shots?
<even>  there will be text behind the pics as they load tho
<even>  yes the quip shot were v freaky... what of the colour? too much?
<uboy>  no, i like the color
<uboy>  it's how i envisioned it
<even>  good?
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  i try to see if any changes are needed later tonight
<uboy>  i'll try shuffling the pieces
<uboy>  but generally, i think it's good
<even>  how will u shuffle?
<uboy>  looks so pleasant...
<uboy>  screen shot/ cut n paste
<even>  ok
<uboy>  jpg file
<uboy>  just to see
<even>  i could do with some suggestions but the layout thing is tricky
<uboy>  which pics corespond to with which areas?
<even>  but this works on explorer and netscape
<even>  dunno corresondance yet... suggest some
<uboy>  yes, layout is difficult... i like the job you did
<even>  i learn new tricks all the time
<uboy>  well, ok telex = message board
<even>  k
<even>  agreed and obvious i hope... retro techno
<uboy>  other areas include... dialogues, projects, middle ground?
<uboy>  hhmm what else?
<uboy>  dailies, if they are sepparate from message board
<uboy>  an area to post (lateral) advances/ breakthrough?
<uboy>  have you been cut?
<even>  no
<even>  still here
<uboy>  ok
<even>  dailies should be on the board for the moment
<even>  we can have more if there is lots of traffic
<even>  we hope
<even>  but the arthouse folks are hopeful
<uboy>  ok
<even>  they get lots of visitors
<uboy>  well,how about the man and his antenna for projects space
<uboy>  the ongoing larger texts
<even>  expo plans?
<even>  objects?
<even>  should they be grouped like that? or be dotted randomly?
<uboy>  they = ?
<even>  well they will exist soon  hehehehe
<even>  hopefully
<even>  what about the *larger texts* anyway, what are they?
<uboy>  didn't mean it like that, just didnot understand what you meant by they
<even>  oic
<uboy>  well, the larger texts would be angora and entropy in my case and 
sailor or houdini in yours
<even>  i think they should remain part of the rest
<uboy>  ok, so your thinking more like a random arrangement?
<even>  the connections will be similar to the previous page1 only 
interlinked more so u can bounce between stories as well as follow them thru
<uboy>  behind the pics?
<uboy>  same with dialogue?
<even>  the forward button will bring u as it does now thru the basic 
structure sequentially
<even>  with branches for details, dialogues, more stories and pics and plans
<uboy>  how are the branches reached?
<even>  thu words links... unknown jumps
<even>  i suppose or listed that way?
<even>  depends it we want to make it obviously navigable or not?
<even>  which might not be altogether bad
<uboy>  it think it should be navigabke
<even>  ok
<uboy>  lay the info out, have it accesible... no need to be too tricky
<even>  true
<uboy>  some confusion is nice, ofcourse
<even>  well not too  much
<uboy>  but, i thought you were dreading all the links implied by the original 
structure for the first page one
<even>  there is a lot of re-jigging to do but thats ok
<even>  i have the time
<even>  and want to get it on-line finally
<uboy>  ok
<even>  will try do stuff tomorrow at arthouse
<uboy>  yes, very true
<even>  for speed
<even>  hopefully
<uboy>  how far are you from arthouse?
<even>  5 miles
<even>  30 mins on bus
<uboy>  must be trouble with the leg...
<even>  have to meet an artcouncil external assesor tomorrow apparently to 
say how wonderful the arthouse is
<even>  nah i am now bus-able
<even>  and need the break from home
<uboy>  so they get their money?
<even>  it is slow getting around but i manage
<even>  this is for the annual grant
<uboy>  i hope, and maybe trickle down effect
<even>  so hopefully we will get some... niall mumbled a maybe and hopefully
<uboy>  that would be nice
<even>  since we do spill into next year but i don tknow their financial year 
dates not nec 1/1>31/12
<uboy>  if you can, please confirm dates so i can get the time off from work
<uboy>  want to make sure i get it
<even>  i am gonna try work that all out in a few days with niall
<even>  after these reviews
<uboy>  sounds good
<even>  will do
<even>  so anyway how was the story for u?
<uboy>  worked out ok... nothing great but the point is to keep going i guess
<uboy>  quickly generate ides
<uboy>  only several paragraphs in length
<even>  ok
<even>  more than i did
<uboy>  shall we pick another?
<uboy>  just to keep it going..
<even>  k
<uboy>  well, you've been busy otherwise
<even>  yup
<even>  need to write a statement for this group show i got into
<even>  have any good water stories?
<uboy>  which work?
<even>  the long photogram thing of the cards
<even>  remember?
<even>  goes on the ground
<uboy>  have i seen that?
<even>  it was in a closet for ages... did it for a 1/4 @rit.. landscape related
<even>  maybe u never sar it
<even>  not terribly exciting
<uboy>  i don't think i did... though i remember the other landscape pieces
<even>  curator anyway has this watery theme to link the works (only 3 others)
<even>  its cards from a talk about Picabia printed in neg as a photogram 59x20"
<uboy>  whose talk?
<uboy>  definitely never saw it
<even>  some student, i found the cards in the trash
<even>  very simple piec but quite pretty
<uboy>  and the water?
<uboy>  sounds nice
<even>  gonna face mount in to 1cm plex
<uboy>  very pretty... that plex
<even>  polycarbonate actually
<even>  and there will be a small catalogue with mainly text so i need to 
write something and am stuck
<uboy>  wow
<uboy>  nice
<even>  but never mind... if u had a chunk o something handy that all 
<even>  back to us
<uboy>  nope, sorry
<uboy>  right.. a new daily?
<even>  ok i will catch up
<uboy>  no pressure
<uboy>  skip if needed
<even>  yah
<even>  maybe...
<even>  so
<uboy>  yes
-> [_even_] PING
<even>  u there?
<even>  i am gonna zzzz soon
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  i was gonna say page 123
<uboy>  i'll give it a go...whatever
<even>  ok
<even>  me too
<even>  which ione
<uboy>  actually, it seems like a tough one... but there's the fun
<uboy>  case 2
<even>  ok
<uboy>  right, well, we'll see what we get
<uboy>  ok, time to go?
<even>  ok then
<uboy>  next chat?
<even>  and plans tonight?
<uboy>  work tonight
<even>  good boy
<uboy>  so little time....
<even>  yup and a lot to do etc
<uboy>  right, one day at a time... so inspirational
<even>  sorta... they are slow for me
<uboy>  i'm sure they'll pick up soon
<even>  hmmm
<uboy>  when's good for you next?
<even>  wednesday maybe
<even>  when we sort stuff out
<even>  check the site anyway
<uboy>  yes, maybe... i'll e you... may have to go to sotheby's with director 
<uboy>  check the market etc...
<uboy>  lol
<even>  oh wow (is it?)
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  have i been cut..??
<even>  ok then same time same bat channel
<even>  cut?
<even>  no
<even>  have u?
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