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<even>  got cut 
<even>  read my e-mail?
<even>  hello?
<even>  i am here
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<even>  back again
<even>  fucking server
<even>  hey you?
<even>  where are u?
<even>  having a cup of tea?
<even>  reading e-mail
<even>  surfing
<even>  ?
<even>  over here
<even>  i am here
<even>  before i get cut off again
<even>  yikes
<uboy>  helo
<uboy>  i'm here
<even>  there u are
<even>  finally
<even>  did u get my mail?
<uboy>  yes, yes... just looking at the site
<uboy>  no, mail box is empty
<even>  must be on the way
<even>  let me dcc it to u
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  got it.. should i read now?
<even>  yes
<uboy>  ok
<even>  did u get the *new* site bits when u looked?
<even>  i am all jittery... show/site anxt... that feeling
<uboy>  ok, back
<even>  so
<uboy>  yes, got the new bits and l;iked them
<even>  k
<even>  and the buffer issue?
<uboy>  i was afraid after last night that it woiuld all be too random, 
but  this is a good solution
<uboy>  the buffers are good signposts
<even>  the comments by my firend helped 
<even>  friend
<uboy>  we just need to devise appropriate blurbs for each
<even>  yup or simple teasers
<uboy>  yes, outside help is good
<even>  fresh eyes
<even>  showed niall too... he liked page one i think
<uboy>  yes, was going to say vague... little teasers
<uboy>  but somewhat clarifying
<uboy>  good
<even>  i scanned in some typewriter text to make words from tomorrow for the buttons
<even>  coz i have no imagination
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  that might do it
<even>  smaller letters
<even>  very zine like tho?
<even>  oh well
<uboy>  yeah, but that's ok
<uboy>  so, just simple text then?
<even>  i reckon
<even>  with some words on how it is structured maybe... a standard thing
<uboy>  it makes sense..
<even>  should all the buffers be slightly different or the same
<even>  variety or consistancy?
<uboy>  right now i'm leaning toward consistancy
<even>  hmmm me too for the moment
<uboy>  one frame of reference before diving in....
<even>  until i discover applets or quickie animation to jazz
<uboy>  right
<even>  so i will plug away then and shuffle some more
<uboy>  so, a picture for each?
<even>  i tired using the link pic as a background but it looked too busy
<even>  like the crutch one maybe .. . only smaller
<even>  ?
<uboy>  i don't mind the black... but thumbnails
<uboy>  are ok
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  btw , i love the abe lincoln as john the sailor
<even>  hehehe
<even>  dirty old bugger
<uboy>  lol
<uboy>  so, thumbnails for each transition
<even>  did the ww board get fixed... i am loading
<uboy>  don't suppose on of the cd covers per each?
<even>  ok as a visual link too ... not over kill?
<uboy>  no, i don't think so... not in thumbnail form
<even>  a different pic or the whole one?
<uboy>  for the covers? how about picking one for each section.. use the whole thing
<even>  maybe a different bit od the same pic that is cropped on pageone?
<uboy>  there can also be another tease image
<even>  indeed
<even>  will see what i can do
<even>  what do u think of grouping all the irc dialogues together? aerial pic top left
<uboy>  you mean like the hands and cable... that's interesting too
<even>  yup
<uboy>  yes, that's what i was trying to say about grouping the dialogues
<even>  oic
<even>  i must have heard u!
<uboy>  they can be sub-divided after that point if we care to
<uboy>  yes...   transmission /reception...
<even>  yes into archive=everything and edited good chunks?
<uboy>  yes, that's good
<even>  ok
<even>  i am speeding like before a show and it is months away!
<even>  all that anticipation of going public
<uboy>  do we need to write the intro's tonight?
<uboy>  buffers?
<uboy>  yes, it is very exciting
<even>  well maybe not right now
<uboy>  in this case, very drawn out process..
<uboy>  a slow tease
<even>  i need to go to bed as i want to be there early ... u tease
<uboy>  ok, i need to resolve laundry issues
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  but will keep working of things
<uboy>  on
<even>  i have my mom for that
<even>  how are the new stories? we need more material now that there are more sections
<uboy>  lucky
<uboy>  i have written both
<even>  i havnt written yet as all i do is html at the mo... takes so long
<uboy>  not long, rough, but i like them
<even>  i am guilty
<even>  good
<uboy>  well, that's very understandable
<uboy>  no need to be guilty
<uboy>  you've been very busy
<uboy>  just wish i could help more with the html
<uboy>  i need to fly over , i guess
<even>  it's ok it will be done soon... the updates will not be so bad
<even>  then we can see how we use it etc
<even>  make use of it
<even>  to mix the ideas and stories up
<uboy>  the daily writing thing is a good way to get over how awkward i feel when writing
<uboy>  yes.. in the mix
<even>  good
<uboy>  well, i will write some possible blurbs tonight and send them to you
<even>  ok ... the www board is not fixed yet but i will hassle Daniel tomorrow
<even>  might meet the rob person as i said in dcc note!
<even>  the guru
<even>  the real debono 
<uboy>  ok, it's not linked yet anyway , right
<uboy>  yes, good luck... hope he is as slick as his pr 
<even>  i linked it but it is not working properly as it is in a different folder/part of the server
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so anyway speed speed
<uboy>  try to extract some gems we can use
<even>  really want to get over this bit and start on the art!
<even>  that worries me more
<uboy>  well, this feels like progress anyway...
<even>  yup
<uboy>  art will come along too
<uboy>  besides... it's all art
<even>  anything else... will work on the buffer thing too over the next few days
<even>  try some things
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  when do we chat again?
<even>  what do u think of the button names?
<uboy>  oh, yes
<even>  forward > follow
<even>  back > reverse
<even>  start > pageone/picture index
<even>  skip > skip section (maybe move sideways?)
<even>  chat > brings u to www board > make comment
<even>  comment > eliminate altogether
<even>  + u are here > )))))) = 5 pages deep... or something?
<uboy>  yes, a nav aide is good
<even>  here is a pic of the letters dcc
<uboy>  i never thought forward and back were too confusing... but new options are ok too
<even>  follow is better than forward eh? so that u dont get mixed up with browser buttons?
<uboy>  i guees that's a good point
<even>  and the counter thing? i was think dashes -  --  ---  ----  ----- etc
<uboy>  the start suggestion is good
<uboy>  morse code?? lol
<even>  no
<uboy>  well, yes some sort of graphic representation
<even>  just a vague visual reference
<even>  to indicate where u might be
<uboy>  the typewriteer dashes are nice
<uboy>  is that what suggested it?
<even>  all fuzzy and arty (not)
<even>  so send me some new texts soon .... ok ... plus angora bits
<uboy>  speaking of arty... accidently watched the david salle movie.. search and destroy, this weekend
<uboy>  yes, will do
<even>  i watched fargo (again)
<even>  so friday?
<even>  or sunday?
<uboy>  well, going to delaware for an early thanksgiving weekend..  bringing alison
<even>  cute
<uboy>  friday night through mon morning
<uboy>  can email and check from there
<even>  so monday or tuesday i guess
<uboy>  monday night?
<even>  ok
<uboy>  send any updates , as i will keep checking
<even>  and u keep writing
<uboy>  of course
<even>  say hi to yer mom from me... hope she doesnt fuss too much!
<even>  hehehehe
<uboy>  she will, she has started already
<even>  lol
<even>  poor jim
<even>  how is your sis?
<uboy>  oh well..
<uboy>  she's good... announcing her engagement to my parents this weekend
<uboy>  that should be fun...
<even>  YIKES
<even>  that was quick?
<uboy>  yes, it could get nasty
<even>  tears of joy
<uboy>  no, it's been close to two years
<uboy>  i think
<even>  wish her well from me... 
<uboy>  thanks, i will
<even>  golly... u'll be next :)
<even>  hehehehe
<uboy>  ......
<uboy>  not quite yet
<even>  ok... night night
<even>  wow this still took an hour
<uboy>  yes, goodnight  and job well done... 
<even>  thanks
<even>  i have nothing else to do (sort of)
<uboy>  ok, so it's mon around this time?
<even>  ok
<even>  if you are not back tuesday then
<uboy>  alright, see you then
<even>  ok
<even>  bye
<uboy>  no, must work tuesday
<uboy>  night
<even>  oh
<uboy>  bye
<even>  bye
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