<uboy>  ok
<even>  anyway what time is is there
<uboy>  what's new?
<uboy>  about 7:15 am
<even>  wwwboard still not working
<uboy>  yes, i tried it out
<uboy>  looks good though
<even>  should be dun today
<even>  daniel is great and is trying
<uboy>  exciting
<even>  did uut check the blob
<even>  plans
<uboy>  just a sec
<uboy>  ohh, i like it
<even>  how slow was it to download
<even>  i might make it smaller? or different colours
<uboy>  8 - 10 seconds
<even>  thats ok
<uboy>  size seems good
<uboy>  much smaller would be unreadable
<even>  ok.. how much time do you have
<uboy>  about a half hour
<even>  goodie
<even>  this is cool i am awake for a change
<uboy>  yes, some time
<uboy>  i am almost awake too
<even>  heheheh
<even>  so what of the buffers?
<uboy>  yes, well we agree on a bit of dialogue for each
<uboy>  i think
<even>  i might try a frame thing on one side fr the list of options to get 
to other buf zones
<uboy>  and on interlinking them
<uboy>  will they be listed as buffer zones or something else?
<even>  yes interlinked  as link words or graphic links in the frame bar?
<even>  listed by section name/story name? obtuse word?
<even>  by the alt text
<even>  hello?
<even>  there?
<uboy>  or both... but i do like thumbnails
<even>  yes i suppose so... some images before it gets all words
<even>  is there a lag?
<uboy>  perhaps not section name..  but rather something else that is 
particular to each buffer zone
<even>  should the thumbnail be the same as the page one pic or similar 
like all of the guy with the rope but the same size as his head pic on page one?
<uboy>  another way of describing each section i guess
<uboy>  hi
<uboy>  everything ok?
<even>  yes ok here
<even>  thinking
<even>  blinking
<even>  did u like that?
<uboy>  the buffer zone would be a good place to try frames i suppose
<uboy>  give the impression of clarity
<uboy>  openess
<even>  i will try to avoid frames as it crashes machines sometimes
<even>  and it can be done thru tables 
<uboy>  what do think of using the cd covers here? or shall it be different 
areas of the cb pics?
<uboy>  as thumbnails
<even>  the bufferzone needs to be a little fast too... as the jump station thing like
<even>  like u said
<uboy>  lag?
<even>  it is hard to be creative here though i will try... the daniel thing is 
important to try get done which i am here
<uboy>  i think similar
<even>  as i can hassle him etc.. with some success
<uboy>  like we are revealing more
<uboy>  of something
<uboy>  and revealing their secret equipment?
<uboy>  yes, that's good
<even>  i dont know what u are on about
<uboy>  so how will it work? just thumbnails at the bottom of the page?
<even>  thumbs on the side i hope
<uboy>  side of page
<uboy>  true
<uboy>  ease of navigation
<uboy>  the www board? yes
<uboy>  it's looking very good
<even>  what? the wwb?
<even>  ok
<even>  it is the design i think ...if i can get it to function
<uboy>  just complimenting you on your efforts with the www board
<even>  we had it working yesterday but suddenly it stopped
<uboy>  but thumbs are ok too
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  well, hopefully...
<even>  i looks very crapmed on my machine at home... the resolution here 
at arthouse is mega and confuses my layouts etc
<uboy>  well, it looks effective here to me... utilitarian, easy to use, not cramped
<even>  good
<even>  might just be my screen at home
<even>  we have eliminated dates of message and number in relatio to thread... 
and image/url link thing .. ok?
<uboy>  back to buffers... thumbs- ok ; how about text links?
<uboy>  in each dialogue
<even>  so how are the stories looking? writing.... what about the industrious 
3am night u had recently?
<uboy>  too confusing?
<even>  okok
<even>  back to buffer
<uboy>  yes, ok
<uboy>  wow, lag?
<even>  are we putting dialogue in each buffer page?
<uboy>  i thought we might, just a bit
<even>  that might be a little over kill? 
<even>  do we have enough interesting chat stuff yet?
<uboy>  do, a bit of dialogue and an enlarged version of page one image and 
a declaration that it's a buffer page?
<even>  the buffer bits need to be quickie pages 
<uboy>  so,
<uboy>  so, a bit...
<uboy>  no, perhaps not enought interesting stuff, but a great deal of stuff anyway
<uboy>  how is unifirmity created on each buffer?
<uboy>  uniformity
<even>  ok a bit but a pic or a sentence might suffice too like re the irc buffer 
page... imagine a room etc.. we need to develop that bit too
<uboy>  the thumbs?
<even>  ye uniformity thru the thumbs
<uboy>  yes, even just a choice bit... we'll see if we can get anything interesting enough
<uboy>  all design for a fast skim
<even>  indeed
<uboy>  how about the title for each buffer page?
<uboy>  are we going to call them buffer page or intermediary pages, or...?
<even>  title in the main page or top of the browser?
<uboy>  or nothing
<uboy>  so, buffer pages will not be labeled as such?
<even>  well not so literally... i though black background was enough as that is 
the only place where it is
<uboy>  yes, perhaps that with the expanded image from page one will give the idea
<even>  do you like the inter10.html page from telex pic?
<uboy>  yes
<even>  with the addition of thumbs there it could be more unified
<uboy>  nice, simple
<uboy>  thumbs across bottom or side 
<even>  yup
<even>  bottom there maybe
<even>  side elsewhere
<even>  will load quick once they are cached
<uboy>  yes, suppose that the needn't be inthe same location each time
<even>  the buffers will be the real navigational hubs as there will be words to 
explain or indicate where u are going unlike pageone 
<even>  index leads to to real options
<uboy>  i like it... click on the expanded image to enter the story are, etc.
<even>  yea
<uboy>  area
<uboy>  yes, it's a good way to have the best of designed ambiguity - page one , 
and clarity
<even>  clarity to follow... maybe
<uboy>  connectivity rhetoric
<even>  i need some rhetoric but will play today and try some things
<even>  there is a show opening here tonight and it is really crazy = distracting = chaotic
<uboy>  well, ok pathways to clarity... promise of clarity
<even>  yup
<uboy>  not a confusing maze , anyway
<even>  mazes are for mice
<even>  what are we?
<uboy>  i'll try to write some... more lounge furniture talk...hhhm  maybe and select 
sokme choice dialogue bits
<uboy>  rats
<even>  i will scan our logs too... i have some with me
<even>  what is the lag... ping me
<uboy>  don't know...
<even>  anyway u probably need to go soon?
<uboy>  well, almost time to go 
<uboy>  what's the command?
<even>  left button on mouse, even hightlighted, ping
PING request from uboy: 880646241
<even>  mine is not working
<even>  anywrhing else?
<even>  thing
PING request from uboy: 880646283
<uboy>  yes, almost time to go
<even>  next chat?
<even>  friday night?
<uboy>  1 minute, 57 secs
<even>  ridiculous lag
<uboy>  yikes
<even>  no wonder this is so confusing
<uboy>  next chat
<uboy>  ?
<even>  friday?
<uboy>  yes, sounds good  i have off friday, so i'm more flexible 
<uboy>  could be evening time for you
<even>  after 6pm... my home server is down on saturday
<even>  what time is good for you?
<even>  e-mail me 
<even>  this is too slow
<uboy>  ok, how about 9 your time?
<even>  9 is ok
<even>  9 is ok
<even>  9 is ok
<even>  go to work
<even>  have a nice day
<even>  :)
<uboy>  ok, bye 
<even>  bye
<uboy>  good luck
<even>  thanks
<even>  yikes
uboy has left the channel