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<even>  hello
#sentimental created on Sun Nov 30 16:00:28
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy>  hi
<uboy>  how are you?
<even>  sick... from a crap lunch with the folks and in pain of leg as usual
<even>  but fine otherwise
<even>  and u?
<uboy>  doing well, i guess... getting over a cold
<even>  anyway... to work eh?
<uboy>  ok
<even>  very little lag for a change
<uboy>  yes, it's good today
<even>  so did u check yesterdays updates to the buffer pages?
<uboy>  so, i like the thumbnails
<uboy>  i checked this morning, yes
<uboy>  the srm link is a good idea
<uboy>  something i was thinking about
<even>  i added the logo so u can get back to the index page... thought it was 
a little frustrating to be locked into the buffer and page one only
<uboy>  so as not to get too lost
<even>  indeed
<uboy>  exactly
<even>  just need to get some decent text for the buffer pages
<even>  i havnt tried yet
<uboy>  yes,  i've made some dialogue edits..
<even>  cool
<uboy>  don't know if they're useful
<even>  dcc?
<uboy>  and also a few more furniture scenariois
<even>  oh i see
<uboy>  hold on for dcc
<even>  k
<uboy>  as long as i'm at it.. here's another dcc   a wav file
<even>  thats a lot of imagining!
<uboy>  yes, lol
<uboy>  just trying it out
<uboy>  don't know of it's useful
<uboy>  yikes.. shoulda zipped it, i guess
<even>  where do i put all the imagin a space stuff? should we choose some 
or use all?
<uboy>  well, i thought perhaps one per buffer page, one good one
<uboy>  but, they may not fit at all
<even>  the irc can go in the irc section as they are not cool enough 
'really' to go on the buffer?
*** SyLord ( has joined #sentimental
<SyLord>  greets
<uboy>  hello
<even>  so u reckon the buffer would not be a selection of what is to come?
<even>  hello sy?
<SyLord>  Hello even
<even>  maybe u should compress the wav and resend uboy?
<even>  where are u sy? and how did u find us?
<uboy>  yes hold on while i do that
* SyLord loves .mp3's
* _even_ doesnt know what they are!
<SyLord>  Im at home, in Cincinnati, Ohio
<even>  i am in dublin ireland, uboy is in new york
<SyLord>  new compression for music/sounds - Full cd music in 3-6 megs for a 
good song, high qualty
<even>  oic
<even>  so are u feeling sentimental?
<SyLord>  Greetings to you then my new friend.
<even>  yah
<SyLord>  Its a rare emotion for most, but yes, memories always hold alot for me.
<even>  we are into discovering what sentimenatal sex is
<even>  for a project we are discussing
<SyLord>  Sounds different
<even>  well its ann art thing and stories
<SyLord>  Sex for emotional values.  Very different, but exciting
<even>  the site is under construction but almost ready for the gen public
<uboy>  i'm back... zipping software is screwed, so i'll have to get that to you later
<even>  ok... how big is it?
<uboy>  800kb or do
<uboy>  or so
<even>  oic
<uboy>  hello sylord
<SyLord>  Hello uboy
<SyLord>  I keep thinking of uboy from revenge of the nerds
<even>  hehehehe
<uboy>  no, not
<even>  both of u do not know who Mark uboy is eh?
<SyLord>  Wouldnt matter, and long as you didnt hit on me *grin*
<SyLord>  no, who is mark uboy?
<even>  a brit music critic/celeb... big retro kid with greasy quiff!
<uboy>  no ? who's that even?
<even>  and a cocknet accent
<even>  cockney
<uboy>  so, any insight in terms of the sentimental?
<SyLord>  "The Few, and the proud"
<uboy>  the marine?
<uboy>  marines?
<SyLord>  Ok, bad idea then, give me a few
<SyLord>  Sentimental are the few, but they make better lovers?
<even>  well it is maybe better to do it alone?
<even>  more safe and self contained?
<uboy>  more pure?
<SyLord>  But sentimental need not be alone, more good memories to me are with others, 
not just being alone.  being alone is like being a hermit
<even>  but u only share a real sentimental moment with yourself
<SyLord>  Not always true
<even>  it is rather solitary
<uboy>  in some cases, i suppose... 
<SyLord>  Is it really sentiment, but not just a memory then?
<uboy>  an emotional response
<even>  just sweet memories in response to a something
<SyLord>  I guess I've spent too much of my live as an individual, and like to 
share with others my thgoughts emotions and dreams
<uboy>  do they understand you when you attempt sharing?
<even>  but my point was that for true sentimentality it tends to be an interior 
and therefore indidvidual experience
<uboy>  do you connect?
<even>  and if that could be sexual too well then how wonderful? but how?
<even>  maybe you need to do something drastic to find out how it works?
<SyLord>  When shared, if done correctly, yes, they can be shared
<SyLord>  It all depends on the individuals involved
<SyLord>  maybe you need to do something drastic to find out how it works? - Like what?
<uboy>  even shared experiences are composed of two individual subjective ones...
<SyLord>  true
<uboy>  which can then be reconstructed by them as they each see fit
<even>  what about auto erotic fatalites like ... that is a really f***ed up 
ntimentality or onanistic think taken to an extreme eh?
<SyLord>  Unless you can be truly objectiver
<even>  objective and subjective are redundant terms
<SyLord>  remember your quote:  nothing to do with anything, exspecially a board
<even>  oh u looked! :)
<SyLord>  Of course
<SyLord>  Im there now, multitasking is fun, about 8 windows open
<even>  u see sentimentality tend to be what is an optimistic emphasis on the 
goodness of human beings
<even>   called?
<SyLord>  dunno, optimism?
<even>  no
<SyLord>  I never thought of rigging up a drag chute for emergency use on those
<SyLord>   wild corners that edged the cliff could be so exciting. I was never
<SyLord>   that career orientated either.
<even>  yes u can paste too eh?
<even>  we are interested in finding out hoe this 'goodness' folds back in on 
tself to make people do rash things in the name of self-interested love stuff
<SyLord>  yes, the implied structure should be accessibility
<even>  u are miming
<SyLord>  Im lacking your thought process
<even>  in what way? not really actually
<SyLord>  You question is posed, but you placed no answer on the page...
<uboy>  yes, you seem to be there with us...
<uboy>  we're not as interested in answers, quite often
<even>  the answers are on-going
<even>  its about the process of answering
<even>  so uboy where to put the furniture?
<uboy>  well, i guees i thought of them as the background, the set, or sometthing
<even>  random? like
<uboy>  on the buffer page maybe... not sure
*** SyLord ( has left #sentimental
<even>  oh well guess s/he was confused?
<uboy>  possibly... yes
<uboy>  i guess i need to practice,
<uboy>  be prepared
<even>  yes get with it... at least i tried!
<uboy>  yes, never sure how to present unified front... not necessary perhaps
<even>  not at all
<even>  i think its good to plug away at bits we have written to see what develops from that
<uboy>  you mean for chats with others?
<even>  yea
<uboy>  perhaps we should have a more focused agenda, in other words?
<uboy>  sentimental is too braod... narrow it down
<uboy>  small topic each time
<even>  yah... well we have written a lot and though a lot about this stuff 
already and it needs to progress thru the sentimental toward the autoerotic somehow
<even>  we need to work toward that connectivity with others... to make the parallel really real
<uboy>  yes, but perhaps they don't have to get the gist of the whole process
<uboy>  or project
<even>  well we are here to mediate or provoke or initiate right?
<uboy>  we just ask about particulars of something which itself is parallel
<uboy>  to project
<uboy>  more props
<even>  how do these imagined spaces work fot u?
<uboy>  i meant that the chats themselves would be similar to the way we are useing props
<uboy>  but...
<even>  ok... provisional but...
<even>  yes yes all in the muddy background... but we are to the side (wherever that is)
<uboy>  right, so we do all of the above, mediate, provoke , initiate; but not feel 
compelled to get a point across or the general nature of the project
<even>  well the general point is so fuzzy
<even>  i am not even sure what it is anymore
<even>  btw
<uboy>  yeah, me either... but we'd better just deal in fuzz 
<uboy>  the point is generalities...?
<even>  well discursive strategies toward a related object or reality that is 
<uboy>  yes, well put
<even>  but there is more too as there is a specific content we have engaged
<even>  and we should be dealing with it more i feel
<even>  -> need stories
<uboy>  yes, that is the sticking point...
<even>  need to get that going once the site is on line which i think will be sometime this week 
<even>  maybe
<uboy>  yes, story generation... is the board working fully
<uboy>  ?
<even>  almost
<uboy>  ok
<even>  the links are not in place and some layouts are alittle funky
<even>  daniel ahs to fix them
<uboy>  once it is... dailies will be going
<even>  where is the form part on your screen? middle or top?
<uboy>  working on the other stories as well
<uboy>  middle
<even>  shit it should be on top
<even>  have to re-figure that... thought it was working... hmmm
<uboy>  sending daliies examples
<uboy>  they deal with content... but really obliquely i guess.
<uboy>  well, the more that i write them
<uboy>  actually, i forgot exactly what i wrote for those two
<uboy>  but that's the point, maybe, get it out
<even>  well i quick scanned and they are good... v good
<even>  poin is taken
<uboy>  the .wav i will send is part of angora and entropy
<uboy>  thaks
<uboy>  thanks
<uboy>  first i edited pseudo cb conversations
<even>  oh your voice?
<uboy>  then i used a speech synthesizer
<even>  wow
<even>  so hi tech
<uboy>  then doctored the whole thing
<uboy>  silly...
<uboy>  but sort of nice
<even>  u are doing all the work... i am the html grunt
<uboy>  conversations and transmissions
<uboy>  no,  you are doing all the work
<even>  i need to write (he said with passion in his broken whatever)
<uboy>  well, once the site is going... i 'm sure you will
<uboy>  for now, you are doing all very crucial work
<even>  thanks
<uboy>  ok, so back to details?
<uboy>  how about enlarged thumbnails for each bufferpage. is that still the plan?
<even>  not really
<even>  i reckon there are enough pics now, eh?
<uboy>  yeah, true... so a little preview, then?
<even>  yes in words? 
<uboy>  just a few... have to keep it light
<even>  thats what i was asking an hour ago :)
<uboy>  like the ralph buffer is nice
<uboy>  yes... time flies when having fun
<even>  well i reckon we could still add some space imagined stuff too? lower down?
<uboy>  i thought that a common thread , like the quasi architechtural setting, might help
<uboy>  to unite
<uboy>  or give the felling of entering a new area
<even>  that is important
<uboy>  or really suggesting that the stories are there for us alongside something else
<uboy>  like there's something more than just the posting of our literary talents
<even>  the something else will need to be making it work for us so we can use 
this to make things right?
<uboy>  yes, god i'm hoping
<even>  it is a transition thing
<uboy>  it will all work...
<even>  we can do it
<uboy>  between content and form?
<even>  no
<even>  they are one, irrelevant, the same, beside eachother etc
<even>  but yes between i suppose
<uboy>  yes
<even>  so anyway...
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  just going over that in my mind
<even>  what else to do for the moment apart from wiring the old pages
<uboy>  not sure i follow
<uboy>  what to do with old pages?
<even>  add more?
<even>  make the buttons work
*** nikkye ( has joined #sentimental
<uboy>  yeah, i guess that not everything is linked yet...
*** nikkye ( has left #sentimental
<uboy>  yikes.. thought we had one
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  well, i guess that everything is inplace with the site, really
<even>  we just need to make it grow
<uboy>  details
<uboy>  yes, now it's time for it to do it's thing
<uboy>  (no)thing
<even>  ?
<uboy>  story areas will grow... no doubt
<even>  yes the arthouse gets traffic and we will plug away
<uboy>  just recalling old rhetoric
<even>  but the plan area needs consideration
<uboy>  stuff will accumulate... but yes the plan how will we go from stuff to art?
<even>  just pics and no words... quick stills of have made stuff?
<uboy>  do we document and link from plan area back to source of idea?
<uboy>  in conversations/ stories etc?
<even>  maybe if there is a direct connection but not really i think as it would make 
it too easy and comprehendable then
<uboy>  true
<uboy>  i like just images, actually...  words are everywhere else
<uboy>  in the site
<even>  my dad has bough a digital video camera to film my nephew!
<even>  will use of course
<even>  if i can figure out how
<uboy>  but, on the other hand ... i don't want to imply that old idea that the object syas 
it all,  encapsulates and relates everything.
<uboy>  does that concern you?
<uboy>  whoa... very neat. we are set.. as far as video
<even>  but they side by side thing has to be let happen
<even>  links would prevent that by explaining too much... unless they are the wrong links?
<uboy>  good point... no links are better
<uboy>  not having links links, i mean
<uboy>  just images
<even>  well maybe the wrong ones would be ok?
<uboy>  maybe, but people might think they are the right ones and stil make connections that way
<uboy>  thye'd be wrong, but still look right
<even>  hmmm true
<even>  maybe not then
<even>  i have to go soon
<uboy>  now after thinking about it, i like the idea of pics of all the little 
srcaps and bits i've been doing here
<uboy>  ]3-d things and rigs, and actions etc.
<uboy>  anti-heroic
<even>  yup
<uboy>  ok, going out tonight?
<even>  just to see a friend who is off back to London - Linsey from IMMA
<uboy>  ok
<even>  so i will try plug and padd with bits and wire the story pages 
<uboy>  btw, had thanksgiving dinner at the director's place in queens ... one of the 
graham artists was there... good guuy.  turns out he was friends with felix and fabricated a lot of felix's stuff
<uboy>  all the light bulb strings
<uboy>  and several go-go platforms
<even>  wow
<even>  does he make decent art himself?
<even>  u networker u :)
<uboy>  yeah, he's good.  but very different from felix
<uboy>  a lot of lace drawings... very detailed , intricate
<uboy>  anyway,
<even>  need to meet with Niall to do dates, he's been busy with the arts council grant 
thing which is now over
<uboy>  yes, let me know about that
<even>  so should firm up everything this week finally ... hopefully
<uboy>  the dates, i mean
<uboy>  ]and grant too
<even>  $$$$$$ would be nice
<uboy>  yes yes
<uboy>  so, we will crank daily when board is up
<even>  we need to also discuss if we are making BIG things or little things to negociate 
the architecture and if big look for coverage stuf
<uboy>  yes,  right now i'm thinking mostly big... with little here and there
<even>  me too as the building is so dominant
<uboy>  yeah, it's a beauty
<even>  so we will need sponsorship to buy coverage materials of some sort whether plastic 
or fabric or whatever
<uboy>  yes, that scrap yard stuff sounded great
<even>  need to go look for more
<uboy>  i also like the idea that it may be used in the actual remodel
<even>  but think other fire-proof materials that fill or structures that will fill airspace
<uboy>  or, could be
<uboy>  rather
<even>  the re-model will no happen at our time i reckon
<even>  but we can make it look like something like that is happening
<uboy>  even better
<even>  the physical provisional
<uboy>  all lightweight and readily available around your area
<even>  indeed
<even>  u wont be shipping it in at any rate
<uboy>  exactly
<uboy>  anything i make here will be super light weight
<even>  so self rescue mechanisms?
<uboy>  wax or foam
<even>  what do they look like?
<uboy>  well, they can be minute details or larger scenarios..
<uboy>  something that isolates or connects perhaps
<even>  i think everthing should be titled self rescue mechanism
<even>  so i must go buddy
<uboy>  yes, and then numbered.. or distinguisehed.?  red srm...  srm #4?
<uboy>  ok
<even>  yup
<uboy>  johnny's srm
<even>  so when next? wednesday? i am off to Limerick on Thurs for that show
<uboy>  well, goodnight...   next chat?
<even>  must pack the work tonight
<uboy>  yes, weds is good for me
<even>  ok then
<uboy>  usual time... or in the morning?
<even>  usual
<uboy>  ok sounds good.. see you then
<even>  k
<even>  e-mail me some thoughts
<even>  on the site
<uboy>  yes, and .wav and other things...
<even>  kk
<uboy>  bye
<even>  bye
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