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<<uboy>> hello
<even> hey there
<even> sorry about earlier
<even> and now i am tired as hell
<uboy> no problem
<even> parent trap
<uboy> right
<even> so the blurb was good... i changed it a bit since
<even> can we try this for real during the day? maybe
-> [<uboy>] PING
<uboy> yes.. what time would eb good?
<even> like 10 am your time maybe
<even> but we can chat for a while anyway
<even> second wind coming on
<uboy> yes, that's good
<uboy> ok
<even> i saw crash... the autoerotic film
<even> i am james spader
<uboy> how was it?
<even> we limp the same
<uboy> lol
<even> crap film... no story lots of het sex
<uboy> hhhmmmm
<even> i went with my canadian crush who has broken my little heart
<even> but maybe not
<uboy> how so?
<even> ahh just want to be friends thing
<uboy> oh...
<even> hmmm
<uboy> well, isn't he rebounding etc anyway?
<even> never mind... computer love on the rebound YES
<even> so what did u think of my e-mail plan shit?
<uboy> yes, good ideas and i have some in response
<uboy> perhaps i should e-mail them?
<even> yea good 
<even> but briefly anyway....?
<uboy> well, we agree on basement stage ...
<uboy> i think as center of rigging performance
<uboy> with video feed
<even> yikes
<uboy> i'm concerned about spreading ourselves out too thin
<even> real feed or fake feed
<even> yes 
<uboy> not sure yet about feed
<even> just sure about video bits of surveillance performance thing?
<uboy> in an effort not to be too random, assign areas to stories... 
but don't illustrate
<even> i was hoping u would not agree to that but i guess we need 
<even> as they would then be illustratory no matter what
<even> but who cares
<uboy> no.... wait there's more
<uboy> all the action, etc. is removed to the basement..  
upstairs is more like a removed presentation... does not illustrate
<uboy> i'm interested in foam now... foam pad specifically
<uboy> and using them to create loungy furniture contemplation areas
<even> not uphostery filler
<even> i prefer 2nd hand sponge
<uboy> the pads cover up the accretionary/ mechanism/ provisional 
<even> cover up?
<uboy> well, or drape ove or lean against
<uboy> over
<even> dont get really... contemplation areas are old social space 
<uboy> to create a piece of furniture like thing... 
<uboy> yes, it does dangerously approach that..
<even> i thought we needed something a little more interpassive via 
<even> angela bullock is a turner girl remember
<uboy> but props will/mechanisms would still be there
<even> yea what props?
<uboy> or , like these pads are part of mechanism.. the interface
<even> oic
<even> sorry tired and literal
<uboy> well, the third degree props... not the thing itself.. i.e. 
sugar telescope or wax bottle
<uboy> and ambigous video of activity or basement thing... perhaps 
still image
<uboy> and also still incorporate painting walls etc.
<even> hmmm
<even> the painting thing is tough
<uboy> yes
<even> what of a big hanging thing?
<uboy> that's fine.. but cna't think of what
<even> this is all to vague do maybe do it via e-mail
<even> have u cheked the site today?
<uboy> like images under bridges..
<even> new logo ?
<uboy> yes, very cool
<uboy> look good and conveys message
<even> of speed and color?
<uboy> anyway, my concern is having a bunch of random looking little 
thingys all over the place
<even> well thats mine too
<even> we need style
<uboy> yes
<even> get a pin and and art history book!
<uboy> lol
<even> well it is bound to look scrappy if we keep up this rigging 
<even> we need to define things and then try make them
<uboy> yes, that's ok.. the rigging i mean... just was trying to 
develope unifier
<even> i know
<even> it is good
<uboy> well ...not sure about that, but 
<uboy> keep the ball rolling
<even> like possibly starting with one story and working on it for 
few days to make it 3d
<uboy> what steps would we take to avoid illustrating?
<even> leaping sideways
<even> starting with the obvious and working away from it
<even> mind mapping en route
<uboy> and avoid being too random?
<even> and arriving at something else
<even> it will connect dopnt worry
<even> we are in the narrative busines here
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> other ideas were for the cafe..  cushions for chairs...  
table clothes are good too though
<even> or maybe a sandwich
<uboy> cushions of old clothing...  yeah a sandwhich...hhmmm
<even> not a menu
<even> just a sandwich
<uboy> no, right
<uboy> not too you know who?
<uboy> well not really
<even> uh?
<even> not at all
<even> minor piece hehehe
<uboy> yes
<even> any hoo
<even> the hanging monster mechanism?
<even> alll self love and p mc C
<uboy> what can be done with those steel doors into the basemnt?
<even> they are welded shut
<even> the trap doors?
<uboy> oh.. too bad
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> hanging moster mech?
<even> well it should move 
<even> and be big
<uboy> a device?
<uboy> or a sculpture thing
<even> both
<even> or a little boy hanging naked from rope jerking off
<even> (too illustrative meybe)
<uboy> a fountain then is it?
<uboy> haha
<even> escellent
<even> ex
<even> so
<uboy> yes
<uboy> still thinknig
<even> how about assigning a story section to a place temp to get going?
<uboy> well, let me mull stuff over some more... for tomorrow morning
<even> i am almost asleep here
<uboy> well, that's probably a good idea.. 
<uboy> but still feel compelled, as you do , to figure a larger scheme
<even> well yea
<uboy> but maybe getting going will help with that
<even> but it is so hard when we are apart and there is no real 3d 
compulaion as the site, for me, has taken over
<uboy> yes
<uboy> how about assigning a use to each area? does that help anything?
<uboy> a differnt approach ... possibly less illustrative than a 
story per area
<even> use is good and close to what i was mumbling
<even> but makes it very site specific
<even> i am so negative
<uboy> what were you imaging?
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<even> back
<uboy> ok
<even> uh imagined as per use too
<even> not just stories
<even> but mix
<uboy> not really site specific... still a provisional aesthetic
<even> ok whatever
<uboy> right... well what sort of use areas?
<even> it would need to jar the current use which is traffic
<uboy> areas to ease self rescue..
<uboy> areas to conduct self something
<even> suppose
<uboy> to use srms is the starting point... where from there?
<even> well dream on it!!
<even> i will
<uboy> yeah.. guess so
<uboy> ok see you tomorrow?
<even> what time then suits u?
<uboy> 10 my time is ok with me
<even> i will try connect in artiouse
<uboy> good... for inspiration
<even> and to do more site stuff
<even> and hassle niall
<even> he will me too
<uboy> ok... talk to you then
<even> ok
<uboy> bye
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