<even>  hello
<even>  wake up or are we lagging badly?
<uboy>  hello... im here
<uboy>  stepped away for a moment
<even>  hey there
<even>  oic
<uboy>  hello
<even>  cause it seems like no lag etc
<uboy>  ye
<uboy>  s
<even>  so i plugged away at daniel section this morning and self loving lads... 
have not uploadd to site yet
<even>  how are u this morning btw
<uboy>  good..  angora stuff is coming together
<uboy>  doing ok
<uboy>  thanks
<even>  when will i have it to put on the site?
<even>  cause i could do it today u see
<even>  but dont know how to dcc on this program... well have not tried yet
<uboy>  i'll send index and chapter one tonight
<uboy>  needs editing
<even>  index? how many planned cahpters?
<uboy>  ok
<even>  index of how to interlink?
<uboy>  well, there'll be a lot more indicated than actually get written
<uboy>  unfinished and all that
<uboy>  its all somewhat silly... but good terms
<uboy>  supressed carrieers
<even>  thats quite fine and brilliant... that section (9) needs to be filled bad
<even>  folded sweaters?
<uboy>  heterodyne
<even>  dining?
<even>  whats that
<uboy>  all cb/electronic applied to social order and fetish moments
<even>  was angora the cb thing u did?
<uboy>  what's what?
<even>  oh ... just what was hetrodyne?
<uboy>  constant transmissoins and soft clothing
<even>  insulation fixation?
<uboy>  yes, that's what the images were originally for
<even>  the images of the cb enthusiast on pageone?
<uboy>  well, in reality it's mixing and incoming signal with a fixed signal to produce 
a beat... here it's someone who wants to melt into all communication... to melt inot everyone 
<even>  cool... but melting into himself really i guess
<uboy>  supressed carrier is to opposite end of sopectrum... individualist
<uboy>  communication shutdown
<even>  very good
<even>  very good analogy
<uboy>  no, supressed carrier melts into himself
<uboy>  all silly, i guess.. but no worse than anything else
<even>  not silly sound fairly reasonable and developed actually away from the other 
stuff so far which is good, necessary and welcome
<uboy>  so, continue last night's thoughts?
<even>  just need to develop bits out into things next ...
<even>  there is a vague connection o the ralph story, a flying expert-risk taker etc... 
aviation analogies of hyper inventive mind
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i had lunch with an architect today who might help out... he also said that rope 
making was one of the roots of architecture, he has an encyclopedia of knots
<even>  knots may be very useful in pulling our bits together?
<uboy>  this is also an action novel in certain ways..   risks are there
<even>  there is also a big rope factory in ireland who are good with sponsorship things 
sometimes - Irish Ropes   -!
<uboy>  interesting... a knotted rope chandellier
<even>  with what instead od the crystal?
<even>  wax bottles?
<uboy>  tying together all the lose bits...
<uboy>  lots of rope is appealing
<uboy>  bundles
<even>  yes very good.... yuk yuk a tour group just came thru and read the screen yikes
<uboy>  well, maybe just intricate knots.. or bits of hardware
<uboy>  snaps.. buckles.. s/m stuff
<uboy>  like you could hang many people from it
<even>  what was the name of that woman who did the rubber stuff in delaware musee i 
think? chandalier stuff?
<uboy>  give them a thrill
<even>  not really
<uboy>  jeanne silverthorn
<even>  what was her deal again?
<uboy>  at ica in philly
<uboy>  most rubber cast from the studio...  pipes, electrical fixtures etc
<uboy>  wire
<even>  lets rip her off :)
<uboy>  then magnified skin paintings cast in rubber
<uboy>  ok by me
<uboy>  besides she didn't invent the chandelier
<even>  well u were casting rope a while back too?
<uboy>  yes, still may do extension cord...
<even>  there is quite a cool chandelier history here actually what with waterford crystal 
and all
<uboy>  oh everythings been done... george stoll does cast tupperware
<uboy>  which are almost exactly like the bottles
<uboy>  yes, i like the idea of the chandelier
<even>  might be interesting to find a historically signifant one... connected to a 
political incident to jive with dieterot maybe
<even>  like a city hall chandelier or one in the goverment buildings
<uboy>  and sade... it all connects :)
<uboy>  enlightenment.. social order.. morality
<even>  one made from rope would be cool
<uboy>  yes it could be great
<even>  sorry phone rang
<uboy>  the knots would be very involved... we need sailors to help us
<even>  hehehe
<even>  big burly ones
<uboy>  the rope from the chandelier could then run through out the building .. or is 
that too literal a way of connecting?
<even>  so it could be just a big rope thing and maybe have somethings instead of the 
crystals... breakaway glass
<even>  nah... running htru the building woud be a bit much.... would the chandelier 
have electrical fittings?
<uboy>  yes, something like that
<uboy>  could have electrical
<uboy>  would look great at night throught the window
<even>  well cool cool something to tell Niall... lets continue talking about furniture 
as I think this thread is good considering we are in the artHOUSE and we were going to talk 
about different uses for the various parts of the building... this would be the dining room 
then? or the ballroom?
<uboy>  probably need a metal armature to support the weight
<even>  there are spot lights on the ceiling too .... there is the big girder thing in 
the middle of the ceiling ... it is perfect
<uboy>  ballroom is good
<even>  especially for the opening night rave (man)
<uboy>  so it would hand over the cafe right
<even>  correct
<uboy>  yes
<even>  that what i was going on about last night
<uboy>  very gothic, actually
<even>  the need to have something in that air space
<uboy>  right, looking at pics now
<uboy>  i can't tell.. how high from floor to cieling?
<even>  3 floors high
<even>  very big... couldnt photgraph it
<even>  ran out of film :(
<uboy>  well, i think this could work nicely
<even>  indeed
<even>  next
<uboy>  well, a ball room is rather grand   what is equally grand?
<even>  a music room with a full size organ
<uboy>  is that a pun?
<uboy>  yes, a music room is perfect
<even>  i was in a stately home yesterday ca. 1790's amazing plasterwork... with 
amazing formal gardens in ruin too
<even>  it had outrageous baroque plaster work with full size cherubs
<even>  where would be music room be?
<uboy>  conservatory of sorts
<even>  the library is the library, with a door or fake book ends
<even>  and musty leather
<uboy>  wow.. what were you doing there?
<uboy>  and telescope
<even>  visiting my mothers flower club xmas thing... very sad but cool place
<even>  the library here only has magazines on the shelves and computer games!!!!!
<even>  and 4 computers... the end of print
<uboy>  hhhmmm scoloarly
<uboy>  scholarly
<even>  no in the least, they are more concerned with everyone filling out a questionaire 
about how they found out about the arthouse than buying books!
<uboy>  lol
<uboy>  and the basement... well i guess that's obvious
<even>  plus it is where the artifact artist registry is... a groovey cd kiosk thing 
that Niall designed... little pic of it on the main page of the artouse site
<even>  remember my photos of DrWho and Blade Runner?
<uboy>  no.. from when?
<even>  i thought they could also be useful in the library in some wall thing... found 
these pics in my attic ... film stills and celeb shots
<uboy>  yes, the library wall over the computers seems bare
<even>  it does ... 
<even>  but an images text thing sounds crappy... how about an image object thing
<even>  objects not being at all sex orientated or self sex even.... could even connect 
to a video piece in the room too?
<uboy>  yes, always image object... minimize text i think
<even>  words are bad
<even>  hehehehe
<even>  maybe the dr who future thing should be the morrow board/opera story ill?
<uboy>  yes, but it sould be self oriented with ambiguous acts
<even>  as having all those subtext collide would be quite interesting
<even>  too may referants in the same place
<even>  would be beautifully difficult for an audience to pull something out of it all?
<uboy>  could be read either way, if one is clued in to our game
<uboy>  yeah, this may well do it
<even>  but it would be good to deal with time-travel in a non-Liam way as it is important 
to our working metaphor as per your pr stuff
<uboy>  yes, they would hate us, or worse just not care
<uboy>  but, i still like it anyway
<even>  yipee are we making progress for a change?
<uboy>  yes, and it ties in with near future stuff of angora and history of genre scene as 
<uboy>  fells like progress
<uboy>  feels
<uboy>  the basement stage could recerate, in a warped way, a historical stage set... 
something relevant
<uboy>  recreate
<uboy>  if we are still going ahead with that
<even>  yes well i think that could be the social space part 
<even>  which we need to remember to do
<even>  it has to be a solo area tho... a solitary place ... which it is as it does not 
get much traffic
<even>  the set could be monitored-voyeured-transmitted
<uboy>  so, the reteo 70's feel good self actualizing stuff... is that still there?
<even>  that could be part of it yea
<uboy>  oh, and srm's  -- they will be in each area scenario still
<uboy>  everything still called srm?
<even>  maybe this is where the foam furniture come into play... but have u seen the recent 
frieze with the feature on 70's 'mad' tack design for utopian future living enviroments?
<even>  yea srm everyhting still
<uboy>  nope... shit
<uboy>  well, can still do cast foan furniture fragments perhaps.. see how that shapes up
<even>  thats why i am wary of the retro 70's... too cool
<uboy>  more time travelly that minimal
<even>  how could have chesterfield suites
<uboy>  yes, only a touch of it in context with other referneces
<even>  casting foam would required u being here a month before hand!
<even>  can it be scultued (badly)
<even>  with a hot wire and a gas mask?
<uboy>  not if i ship in small light weight packages to be assembled on site
<even>  yes it does compact down i suppose
<even>  u could make appliques or mouldings with the basic structure being here - via me
<even>  and my second hand foam supplier
<uboy>  well, we'll see how that all shapes up... it has to make sense o use it
<uboy>  second hand foam supplier?
<even>  well to me it is a foamy room ... a padded cell of sorts
<uboy>  yes, something like that  but also not as ominous... more like melting softly 
into everything
<even>  well it should be grubby and yukky really... but it can be dark down there too... 
self contained ... private
<even>  melting.... hmmm
<uboy>  yes, grubby would be good... well used
<uboy>  well loved
<even>  ice-cream furniture... a treat
<uboy>  should the rope for the chandelier be used?
<uboy>  greasy
<even>  everything could get covered in that spray packing foam stuff to give a organic 
melty look
<even>  or rope used for nooses... ruff brown etc
<even>  mix?
<uboy>  yes, i like the idea of melty and organic  with bits here and there that come 
into focus
<uboy>  melting books in library.. etc
<even>  well maybe... how would you do that?
<even>  cast in wax and then heat?
<uboy>  not sure really.. yes could be, just an images i had
<even>  so more of the basement
<uboy>  but , in general i like the idea
<even>  how would you make it a private space where someone would like to engage in an 
autoerotic activity? supply equipment?
<uboy>  yes
<even>  foamy props?
<even>  sponge dildos
<uboy>  well, the entire building will then become something of a set
<even>  sponge belts
<uboy>  but the basement, yes, will b a nerve center of sorts
<uboy>  mirrors
<even>  yes wallpaper would then be good to cover some horrible surfaces maybe
<uboy>  harnesses
<even>  sponge harness!!! how wierd
<uboy>  yes, a mixing of materials and uses is good
<even>  gets kinky too which is good to have that somewhere!
<uboy>  sponge clothing
<even>  so what of the main expo are and the reception area?
<uboy>  panties
<even>  yuk
<even>  suddenly there is a lot of work to make
<uboy>  it is grand, yet melty, up above... but it's rather nasty down there
<uboy>  with a link between the two
<uboy>  the self actualizing rhetoric is upstairs...  work area is below
<even>  no melty below
<uboy>  somehow yes
<even>  yes the actualized self has been found upabove somehow but below is a mess too... 
but more
<uboy>  very melty below.. hinted at above
<uboy>  parlor?
<uboy>  right
<even>  yes prep... food hall
<uboy>  ?
<even>  but there is some spongy installation kicking about in my head that i cannot place... 
too sandy sukkoland maybe?
<even>  parlor-food hall-preparation of food area-kitchen
<uboy>  well, she's not even close to this i think
<uboy>  still confused... exhib area is food prep?
<even>  i know it is just that i had an standard installation cover-all though there
<even>  no basement as parlour
<even>  parlour of props not food
<uboy>  oh, i was thinking parlor is a guest reception room
<even>  the place where yukky stuff always happens anyway, where the serial killers have 
the homemade jail cells for their slaves/gimps etc
<even>  oic
<uboy>  that that was the definition
<uboy>  right
<even>  oh that kind of parlour... funnily enough we call that a sitting room 
<uboy>  yes, but all in a foamy self way
<uboy>  the outcome is self rescue
<even>  ok
<uboy>  whatever that may mena
<uboy>  mean
<even>  so the reception area ould be a sitting room of sorts 
<uboy>  well, maybe  
<uboy>  i like the idea of parlor tricks
<even>  especially for that area
<uboy>  and it seems sideways while still in the service of our ideas
<even>  ralphs toys... daniels things
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  and something to attract through the window
<uboy>  video projection would be nice
<uboy>  i still like it as a video spill over area
<even>  the shopping one? or another one
<uboy>  some sort of magic risk taker?
<even>  well there is also the video wall but that could be the basement surveillance thing ?
<uboy>  manual manipulation
<uboy>  yes, video wall is surveillance i think
<uboy>  since it will be quiet mostly down there
<even>  so ralphs cart made for Linsey... with her testing it and some tragedy 
<even>  made from balsa wood
<even>  i checked some out today... prices are ok... come in 36 inch lengths
<even>  maybe hanging too as there is a girder in the ceiling too... would protect it from 
breaking or beging tested etc
<even>  in the reception area
<even>  u there?
<uboy>  yes, a video or two of tricks from each of us 
<uboy>  would it be wrecked.. result of testing
<uboy>  ?
<even>  that sounds promising and easy to achieve if it is made from balsa
<uboy>  yes, would it be full sized?
<even>  would be a big model... like a plane model ... maybe it should be a flying machine
<uboy>  a cart with wings
<even>  yes
<even>  held together with slip knots
<uboy>  that never flew... just plummeted
<even>  maybe smashed into the ceiling not the ground
<uboy>  yes taht's nice
<even>  how difficult is that?
<even>  make the front like a crushed nose cone of a crashed plane
<even>  cool
<uboy>  probably not too hard.. balsa is easy to work
<even>  but to make a crushed thingy
<even>  niall like are ideas so far... he just assed thru... they are oping the welded 
hatch/trap door today apparently
<even>  likes
<uboy>  opening the door?
<even>  he said there was a bondage death in the west of ireland over the weekend
<uboy>  good timing
<even>  do we provide a drag chute then for the cart or it that too literal re the story?
<uboy>  that would be nice, i thnk... silky or something hanging down in your face
<even>  a slip
<even>  shiffon slip dress
<even>  drag - get it!
<uboy>  several sewn together
<uboy>  yes, lol
<even>  lol indeed
<even>  my sister has an industrial sweing machine at home btw
<even>  sewing
<uboy>  good.. i think we can use that... she has skills as well no?
<even>  this is too literal at the moment... the story will need padding to be sideways 
connected more... sister is very skilled - fashion designer etc
<even>  she could make some clothing too
<even>  if we get patterns 
<uboy>  very good..
<uboy>  well, maybe just the drag chute and a little bit of wtreckage is enough
<even>  maybe cloth a dummy in a window?
<even>  clothe
<uboy>  chute doesn't have to be described in detail in the story
<even>  ok then
<even>  next
<even>  what of the structure to hide the horrible exhibition area?
<uboy>  well, something tto project a video... something for lounging a parlor hhmm
<even>  the chute could be wired so that it is like a hoop - parachute open etc
<uboy>  maybe.. but droopy and melty seems to fit
<even>  well i reckon thats a basement phemomenon
<even>  something rigid here
<even>  opaque too
<even>  like that fiber glass stuff i saw
<even>  or that corrugated plastic stuff used in conservatories that i send a pic of ages ago
<uboy>  i meant droppy for the chute... just to hint at melty
<even>  sent
<even>  ok
<uboy>  yes rigid for the exhib area
<even>  ok lets say it is partly the sailor story area with daniel combined
<uboy>  rear project onto it?
<even>  so that the boring shopping video would fit there.... with another maybe too 
<even>  too much light there
<even>  unless we try blocking the windows with something
<even>  like yukky wallpaper maybe?
<even>  with the pattern on the outside
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  yes
<even>  but a structure would be nice to see thu the window too somehow
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uboy (uboycs@203-51-255.ipt.aol.com) has joined the channel
<even>  that took a while
<uboy>  yes, problems reconnecting to aol
<uboy>  anyway
<even>  plus if we had money we could make our own wallpaper maybe... but wall paper is so 
<even>  that waht i was going to say as u got cut
<uboy>  yes, too much
<even>  wallpaper would be yukky so
<uboy>  the area gets light
<even>  plastic then... 
<even>  well it is all windows
<uboy>  but that's ok
<even>  the place with the moveable walls
<uboy>  yes, plastic
<uboy>  that would be good
<even>  blue poly is cheap? comes in green too
<uboy>  is it opaque?
<even>  sort of
<uboy>  it would be nice if it were translucent
<even>  well the colour makes it semi transparent and semi opaque... stuff builders use to 
cover scaffolding etc
<uboy>  yes, well it should llok good. expensive?
<even>  no it is cheap
<even>  comes in big 5 foot rolls
<uboy>  how rigid is it?  will it stand up easily?
<even>  no lightweight plastic, like as in grocery bags
<even>  would need a support <even>  structure
<even>  a shape is the hard part
<uboy>  adds to the complexity of the whole deal, but sounds like an affordable solution
<uboy>  how about those rigid sheets yuo sent a pic of?
<uboy>  corrugated
<even>  that stuff is pricey
<even>  but could try getting sponsored
<even>  and it would make it look less tacky of it were mixed with the plastic stuff
<uboy>  well, perhaps we should ask, but not count on it
<uboy>  yes
<even>  yup
<uboy>  so, there area will contain sailor and daniel things
<uboy>  toys lying around?
<even>  well yes maybe but maybe daniel can also be a video too
<uboy>  carefully ordered?
<uboy>  i would, perhaps like a video of various little rigs... like the pics i sent
<uboy>  little fire and electrical things
<uboy>  very intimate
<even>  oh yea
<even>  could be cool to have a split screen of the shopping things and the daniel things
<uboy>  yes that might be nice
<even>  which way split? vertical
<uboy>  trick and illusion
<uboy>  yes, i think so
<uboy>  is that difficult to do?
<even>  we have technology here out the wazzuu
<uboy>  i guess so
<uboy>  sound track?
<uboy>  raw audio?
<uboy>  something elese
<even>  no sound... what is raw audio
<even>  well i thought the sound from the voiced web site was there too
<even>  if we are still doing that
<uboy>  yes, will that guy radio guy read?
<even>  i will have to start working toward that very soon
<even>  i have not heard him on lately.. wonder if he is away?
<even>  must ring my showbiz friends
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  well, so somebody, at any rate, reading the dialogues?
<uboy>  in dramatic fasion?
<even>  well i like the journalist truth thing
<even>  having to negoicate possiible pornography
<uboy>  right, but i assume he has flair
<uboy>  or is he dead pan?
<even>  he is working class, dublin, smart arse, always buts in with lame jokes
<even>  thinks he is real funny, salt of the earth and all
<uboy>  very nice   lol
<uboy>  yeah, i like it
<even>  he is a classic and unique to here
<even>  but he doesnt have his own show and only fills in for others on holidays and when 
they are sick
<uboy>  we address community issues... just kidding
<uboy>  sounds good though
<even>  so i dunno how to find him except ask around or phone the radio station
<uboy>  well, that may work
<even>  seems obvious enough i suppose
<even>  but back to the structure for a bit
<uboy>  hopefully, he'll do it
<uboy>  yes
<even>  for free too
<uboy>  of the exhib area
<even>  yup
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  privacy screens?
<even>  the shape or strucure could mimic the building... fo screens i guess yea
<uboy>  not booths really
<even>  a mad constructivist mess?
<uboy>  an attempt to order a mess..
<uboy>  well, maybe mess is better
<even>  like the bridges view
<even>  mess is good
<uboy>  panels at odd angles
<even>  need to render with an archticture program
<even>  if we had one
<uboy>  heroic failure
<uboy>  about to collapse
<uboy>  that still allows for privacy and public connectivty
<even>  lean to with no visible means of support
<even>  yup
<even>  maybe with a privacy cublicle included
<uboy>  yeah... could be thought of as a flexble addaptable thing... could be installed at 
any venue
<even>  hinges
<uboy>  a modular mess
<uboy>  parloe pavillion
<even>  rope again
<even>  pavillion is a bad word
<uboy>  parlor
<uboy>  panels could be knotted together
<even>  hmmm
<even>  dunno
<even>  just make-shift might be enough
<uboy>  yeah
<even>  need a precarious design... where do you find them
<even>  war hotos - earthquake remains - huricane disaster pics?
<even>  photos
<uboy>  not sure
<uboy>  public housing
<uboy>  something that could tie in with history thing
<uboy>  hhhmm  the bronx..
<even>  hehehe
<uboy>  don't think i'll be heading up that way though
<even>  yes it should model a historical something
<even>  and american is more fitting 
<uboy>  great chicago fire?
<even>  like a scale model of MoMA
<even>  or the guggenheim
<even>  hehehe
<even>  or the empire state
<uboy>  bilboa
<even>  yikes... very topical
<uboy>  too warhol
<even>  well the manson house
<even>  or te white house
<even>  what other famous buildings are there in your country
<even>  a model of you parents house
<uboy>  well, i'm trying to think of a famous ramshckle structure
<even>  well it can beome that
<even>  from behind
<even>  famous front maybe
<even>  uhhh
<even>  the brooklyn bridge
<uboy>  yankee stadium
<uboy>  american architechture sucks
<even>  hmmm... round tho as stadiums are
<even>  tricky
<even>  a momon catheral
<even>  mormon
<uboy>  well, how easy will it be to convey the feeling of any given structure?
<uboy>  maybe the mess stays the same, but the name changes
<uboy>  the birthplace of 10 great individualists
<even>  yah
<uboy>  db cooper
<even>  who?
<uboy>  franklin
<even>  who
<uboy>  db cooper was the guy in the 70's who robbed a bank or something then highjacked 
an airliner and jumped out with a parachute and the money over the northwest... never found
<even>  allcool
<uboy>  franklin as in ben
<even>  and lightening
<uboy>  yeah... electricity
<uboy>  experimenting
<uboy>  rigging
<even>  where did he live
<even>  the white house?
<even>  what is the monument to him then?
<uboy>  franklin?.. philadelphia area i guess, at least for a time
<even>  is there one by a lake in DC or something
<uboy>  i don't think so...  but not sure.
<uboy>  jefferson and washington are there
<even>  surely
<uboy>  he's probably got something
<uboy>  but not as well known
<even>  i just check the net in the background
<uboy>  and lincoln of course is there
<even>  what was franklins first name
<uboy>  ben
<even>  what $ bill is he on
<uboy>  100
<even>  cool
<uboy>  yeah, i don't see too much of him
<even>  sorry navigator crashed
<uboy>  well, we can check later
<even>  can do now
<even>  Benjamin Franklin
(a.k.a. Ralph Archbold)
<even>  http://speakers-podium.com/BenFranklin/page3.htm
<even>  hey
<uboy>  slow loading.. aol's network is bogged down
<even>  well there is a ton of nutty stuff there
<uboy>  hello
<even>  ben franklin incubator program?
<uboy>  ? wahts's that?
<even>  business somthing
<uboy>  crazy
<even>  innovation and investment
<even>  http://benfranklin.org/
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<uboy>  checking
<even>  rap really the ref page is gone
<even>  wow check this out http://www.frontiernet.net/~roden/WR6.HTM
<even>  wow lots of naff stories about bike racing
<uboy>  file not found
<even>  http://www.frontiernet.net/~roden/
<even>  hey?
<uboy>  hey
<even>  i was just at the cheese nip page
<uboy>  just readin that bike story... 
<even>  bens kite as a cheese nip packet
<uboy>  oh
<even>  stories are cool eh
<even>  bit like ours... we should like to there from our site
<uboy>  very sappy.. the one i read
<even>  or steal the stuff?
<even>  sappy is ccoooool
<even>  shoul like from the ralph story maybe
<uboy>  yeah, link is enough i think
<uboy>  submit something to him
<even>  u can? i didn't get that far
<uboy>  asks for it on the first page
<uboy>  When I look at all the good in our lives, I keep coming back to the idea that 
our pursuit of sport is one of
<uboy>  the simplest but most satisfying parts of our time here. Coming home from a long 
ride in the rain makes
<uboy>  me long for my cotton sweats and a hot shower and some good coffee. When I finish 
running in the heat,
<uboy>  water is just fine, thank you. I don't need a telephone which works from my car or 
125 channels of music
<uboy>  television, just a glass of water will do. But after the showers and the waters and 
the workdays and the
<uboy>  meetings and the ties which are too tight. After all that gets packed
<even>  puke
<uboy>  lol lol
<even>  me too
<uboy>  ok, so
<even>  The Benjamin Franklin National Memorial is located in the rotunda of The Franklin
 Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
<even>  http://sln.fi.edu/tfi/exhibits/memorial.html
<uboy>  i think i'd better be going soon
<even>  golly why?
<even>  it has only bee  almost 4 hours!
<even>  things to do eh?
<even>  lots to make for sure
<uboy>  want to get into the city to look at plastics and do laundry
<even>  indeed
<even>  and foam stuff
<uboy>  yes, good place on canal street i think
<even>  oh yea 1:35 there now right
<uboy>  ok, so now we have a great deal of things to do
<uboy>  not like we didn't before
<even>  we do
<even>  and i will mull it over... i took notes too
<uboy>  some bones to throw at niall
<even>  well we just needed to apply ourselves a little
<even>  yup
<uboy>  yes
<even>  the ben franlkin page speaks to you
<even>  http://sln.fi.edu/franklin/inventor/inventor.html
<uboy>  i'll have to check it out
<even>  well done is better than well said... he says
<even>  i should go too also
<even>  need to do some more site stuff
<uboy>  yeah, he had a few good chesnuts
<even>  up load another plans page
<even>  plus need food now
<uboy>  yes
<even>  ok then till next time?
<even>  wednesday night?
<uboy>  ok  will send site things tonight
<even>  midnight?
<even>  as i am off to london on thurs
<uboy>  yes, that's good for me
<even>  ok then
<uboy>  or a little earlie hopefully
<even>  ok i'll check at 11
<uboy>  ok
<even>  cool
<even>  well done and all
<uboy>  see you then
<even>  ok
<uboy>  progress i think
<even>  indeed
<uboy>  bye
<even>  bye
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