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<even> hello
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<even> i am here finally
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<even> hello!!!
-> [uboy] PING
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<even> hey
<even> wake up!!!
<even> i am back
<uboy> hello
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<uboy> hi
<uboy> how was the trip?
<even> cool
<even> u are here
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy> yes
<uboy> what's going on?
<even> well i am back from my trip... loads a baby very little art
<even> lots of shopping too!
<even> got the sound thing... dif to understand 
<even> but kewl
<uboy> yes, words are hard to make out
<even> roger
<uboy> hopefully, it's enough to have the feel of a conversation
<even> so what have u been up to?
<uboy> well, been making some things
<uboy> figured out the chandelier , i think
<even> really?
<uboy> at least the basic structure
<uboy> yeah, i'll dcc a pic
<even> groovey.. i looked at some in shops in london
<even> getting
<uboy> this is what the main arms could look like
<uboy> there is 1/8 inche threaded steel rod inside
<uboy> easy to bend rod, then wrap rope around
<even> very funny pic!
<uboy> the threaded rods can then screw into a central wood block
<uboy> yeah, my arm, radio, etc.
<even> is that up on it own accord?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> so, that's how we get the shape in the main arms
<uboy> and strenght
<even> good
<uboy> in otherwords, the steel frame will be hidden
<uboy> will look like all rope
<even> did u stuff the rod inside or wrap around?
<uboy> partially unraveled the rope, the rewrapped around the rod
<even> oic
<uboy> the rod was bent before being wrapped
<even> right
<uboy> the whole thing should be relatively lightweight and strong
<uboy> and larger than this, probably
<uboy> all the other droopy ropes and knots will ofcourse be attached
<even> yea... but thats a good start... how stronf is it... how much other 
rope do u think it could hold?
<uboy> also made a foam harness
<uboy> pic coming
<even> golly
<even> i bought som clear resin and moulding latex in london
<even> could get slips
<even> will try here tho as they are trendy and therefore a little pricey
<even> couldn't get slip
<uboy> slips for chute?
<even> yea
<uboy> major lag today, eh?
<even> ya not good
<even> comes and goes
<even> 15% image here
<uboy> well, also have pics of castings, but i'll email those to you
<even> wow u have been busy... maybe we should stay off line more often!
<uboy> yeah, same size image as the last
<even> can u re send the harness... it seems jammed or too slow
<uboy> no, just freaking out...
<even> even better
<uboy> ok
<uboy> here it comes again
<even> thanks
<uboy> it's made from used, somewhat grubby, pink foam
<even> lovely
<uboy> i now have a fair ammount of said foam in largeish srcappy shhets
<uboy> they are nice for more harnesses, certainly, but also perhaps as 
stage dressing or some othe use
<even> where did u get the foam from?
<uboy> at work, it was used to pack a bronze sent to us from CA by this 
guy trying to sell it
<uboy> probably was in his garage or something
<even> great
<even> 27%
<uboy> i was thinking possibly something to do with the bridges... 
like padding for a onanistic stunt jump... or maybe lining the bridges undernath 
along with images or who knows
<even> yes images of sorts were on my mind for there too
<even> but we really have never discussed what could go there
<uboy> i will also email pics of the foam
<even> certain site specific things pop into mind...
<uboy> might be best for the stage area
<uboy> yeah, not sure about images for there..
<uboy> like?
<even> well just a transparency - x-ray thing - or under the bridge 
hangs things?
<uboy> what was the building used for prior to art house?
<even> the best bridge is in the cafe which has strip lighting
<uboy> yes, something simple 
<even> dunno... warehouse maybe? carpark?
<uboy> x-ray of your leg?
<even> no not me
<even> of maybe things and people walking over it
<even> or maybe the view from below a bridge elsewhere
<even> with various hanging cropped things
<uboy> that might be nice
<even> would mean a very serious digital image...
<even> cute arches etc
<uboy> my thought was, in conjunction with pics under the bridge, 
to build a small platform or something that implies a jumping off point
<uboy> high up
<uboy> perhaps with hardware, etc
<uboy> nothing glaring
<even> ah crap the pic wont open
<uboy> barely noticable at a quick glance
<uboy> shit
<uboy> i'll email it
<even> ok
<uboy> along with others
<even> can we quit and come back at 10 pm... phone needs to be used... sorry
<even> earlt evening is trafficed
<even> e-mail me in the mean time...
<uboy> yes
<even> thanks
<uboy> see you then
<even> ko
<even> ok
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<uboy> hello
<even> hey
<uboy> get the mail?
<even> got the pics
<even> groovey
<even> what is the brown thing?
<even> the harness looks very barney
<uboy> two bottles melted together
<even> ahhh the others are cute too
<uboy> yeah.. must keep it in basement
<even> tape are excellent... 
<uboy> thanks
<even> i must make
<even> getting left  behind all of a sudden ... www doesnt count :)
<uboy> shall make, and sure it does
<uboy> ok , so where were we?
<uboy> bridge pics
<even> umm dunno
<even> yes
<even> and looking up looking down mix i guess
<even> comstock et al i reckon
<uboy> ?
<even> from your bridge story remember?
<uboy> oh yeah
<uboy> well, as i said, i was thinking about some sort of little 
jump rig or something in addition
<even> well the failed military theme could be developed
<even> yea
<uboy> historic bridges in dublin
<uboy> or one there one here?
<even> lots of military type things here actually... all along the liffey
<uboy> arches, stones etc might look nice along with chandelier
<even> to milk that gothic thing
<even> monster art is big in london btw
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> monster art?
<even> well frankenstein horror movie type monststers
<uboy> how strange
<even> well another progression from shock tactics... v trendy
<uboy> in the photos it looks like the underside of two bridges can be 
seen from cafe area
<even> yes 2nd and 3rd floor... 2nd floor has the strip lights
<uboy> i like then that we can stack vertically , so to speak
<uboy> if we are using two bridges
<even> that is a lot of milage
<even> but hey we will get sponsored for large panoramas right
<even> ?
<uboy> dr who time dive thing; hierarchy?
<uboy> yes, that would be lovely
<uboy> sponsorship
<even> <uboy> dr who time dive thing; hierarchy?.... explain?
<uboy> well, hierarchy of stacking... and some sort of swan dive stunt 
off two different historical bridges at once.
<uboy> oh shit,   barney again in latest cremaster
<even> what is a swan dive ... ah barney  opps
<uboy> opps indeed... hhhm
<even> well we need direction sideways
<uboy> well, i still think bridges can be used in this case
<even> yea
<even> totally
<even> needs a random jump (off a bridge)
<even> more architecture 
<uboy> either that or turn these actual bridges into other structure somehow
<uboy> yeah, lol
<uboy> dizzying , inverted view?
<uboy> looking up, but looking down
<even> thru?
<uboy> of monumental architechture?
<uboy> of the everyday?
<uboy> thru is good
<uboy> we can play with how the space feels when looking up
<uboy> (looks like a shopping mall to me from pics)
<even> well it is all so glass and see-thru anyway... yes tech mall
<even> not an art mall anyway
<uboy> so, a personal space?
<uboy> a passage way?
<even> well they are yea... but invert that maybe
<even> a closed... dead end... tunnel...
<uboy> well, the death scenes ofcourse come to mind as terminal points
<uboy> sewer tunnel as in the case of the sctor
<uboy> actor
<even> uh... but how to move to the side?
<even> big rats in harnesses?
<uboy> frame it to the side
<uboy> more important to frame it tothe side than make it to the side
<even> ok
<uboy> i mean, it should still be a srm somehow
<even> well a picture u can learn from... hmmm history/narrative stuff
<even> a story unfolds
<uboy> could be opera glasses at table for viewing details
<uboy> tables
<uboy> or somehow connected to seating area
<even> very good
<uboy> battle grounds
<even> tumpbled
<even> thumped
<even> i have to go for a sec
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<uboy> hello, sorry got cut
<even> me too
<uboy> then couldn't reconnect
<uboy> ok
<even> well we were somewhere under a bridge
<uboy> right, battle grounds
<uboy> too
<even> with chairs
<even> and other exciting things
<uboy> yes
<uboy> perhaps
<uboy> things at the table to aid self rescue
<even> we should assign a story maybe to work thru?  via the wwwboard?
<even> which i want to fix tommorrow btw
<even> wro was there did u see?
<uboy> for bridges specifically?
<uboy> yes, saw wro...  linked to birthday party
<even> yes v silly
<uboy> which was he?  wearing big ears and green shirt?
<even> maybe? cant remember... big bro was dressed as a fairy with his girl 
- blue
<even> v sad... matching couple
<uboy> right
<uboy> yikes
<even> but i am also thinking about the video of shopping too... 
might try this week as i am panicing too
<uboy> yes, i've been thinking about my video as well
<even> any suggestions?
<even> well we need to talk about so many things ... the structure 
like for the videos?
<even> will thinnk tonight and tomorrow
<uboy> i'd like it to be me doing different little fire rig/stunts like 
the pics i sent.  while simultaneously singing various eagles songs.. one per stunt
<uboy> that would mean sound though
<even> funny
<even> sound is ok
<uboy> the activities in each video...
<uboy> something could link them?
<even> should they collide?
<even> through song?
<uboy> yes, i was just thinking that
<uboy> shopping music?
<even> like the eagles... must think of my equivalent
<even> from my teen years
<even> not elton john anywya
<uboy> yes
<uboy> then these two videos could be in the monument... split screen 
with sound track for each coming out of separate speaker?
<even> well i still would prefer a projection of sorts
<even> so maybe the sturture should be about enabling that too
<uboy> yes, split screen projection?
<even> be bbig enough for one
<even> maybe or sequential
<even> or edited?
<uboy> definitely yes... large enough
<even> and a monument
<even> bottom of a obelisk?
<uboy> yes, now i'm thinking franklin and dar robinson,  though 
we may want an equivalent for you
<even> papal cross? (big thing here... pyramid like thing with 
a big steel cross?
<uboy> also that seems to tie in with battleground ideas
<even> well there is a big mo-fo oblesik to the duke of 
wellington here 200 ft high
<even> sim to you DC phallus
<even> only more grand
<even> and historically embarassing
<even> is also a rent-boy place!
<uboy> right... used by ahhh i forget his name
<uboy> photo project
<uboy> but that sounds interesting to use
<even> not used i thought?
<even> must snap it and send u some pics
<even> will borroew camera tomorrow
<uboy> well, guy who gave a talk at rit...  jerrard maybe
<uboy> can be seen from all over the city
<uboy> and he photographed it from various points
<even> oh yea
<even> missed that 
<even> wow
<even> hmmm
<uboy> but i like the idea of it falling over
<even> flaccid
<uboy> a topple obelisk thing
<even> big papier mache mess
<even> or plastic sheeting with wood!
<uboy> and plastic and whatever else would be cool to project upon
<even> i need a big studio suddenly
<uboy> maybe even a touch of foam
<uboy> yeah, my aptartment is a fucking mess
<uboy> foan and latex and wax everywhere
<even> foam is in a show here too ... to wrap monitors in... warning
<uboy> at arthouse?... fuck
<even> at nearby gallery... boring anyway, white boxes
<even> silly
<even> real square
<even> dirty pink stuff is better anywya
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> i loved kippenbergers portable subway 
<uboy> at gladstone... 
<uboy> totally wrecked and crumbled
<uboy> looked great
<even> really.... sssaaw a clean one in munster!
<uboy> would love our own mess
<uboy> yeah... looked like an airline disaster
<even> brb
<uboy> k
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Connection reset by peer)
<even> hey
<uboy> hi
<even> had to tape tv show about the chapman bros
<uboy> right
<even> so where were we?
<uboy> monument disaster
<even> yes
<even> beside the cart crash!
<even> actually
<even> big accident
<even> hmmmm
<uboy> yes
<even> good
<uboy> well, that might mean moving the taped dialogue 
out to the lobby area
<uboy> which i think is ok
<even> yea
<even> if it even happens
<uboy> listening to that as you walk in 
<even> which i suppose it shhuld
<even> anyway
<uboy> and see the video wall
<uboy> well, if he doesn't do it we should get someonne else.  
won' be the same i guess, but it's still a great idea
<even> the below can be baggage re-claim
<even> no
<even> yes good idea
<even> think i have to zzzz soon
<uboy> i like the sense that its the script of the play that could 
be happening on the stage in the video wall
<even> too much to do tomorrow
<even> yea true
<uboy> ok
<even> a tomb
<even> for terminal sex victims
<uboy> or, one that represents them all... the unknown victim
<even> lovley
<uboy> ok, so bed for u
<even> well soon
<even> keep nattering
<uboy> alright
<uboy> the wreck of the tomb/monument can also act like the 
privacy booths etc for our earliest ideas
<even> yea 
<uboy> just b/c it will naturally screen off certain parts with mess
<even> true... but has to be an impressive object too
<uboy> yes, it should look like a remnant
<uboy> of another past
<even> mut find decent materials too... like that plastic stuff... no modern
<even> sci-fi mix maybe
<uboy> planet of the apes...
<even> leap
<uboy> moss growing on monumental buildings
<uboy> fake moss plants etc?
<uboy> here and there to suggest decay?
<uboy> return to the garden?
<even> well u can get the real thing easy... could be more like a big model... 
we should include a model train set then
<even> hehehe
<even> ivy
<uboy> yeah
<even> ivy is also appropraite
<uboy> fake is better than real
<uboy> or maybe not...
<uboy> back to dirt and planting for us?
<even> yes indeed
<uboy> grow lights?
<even> well i do like flor strips in vertical... 
<uboy> ?
<even> like yer man dan
<even> flavin
<even> all neon and sexy and broken
<uboy> yeah... except grow light?
<even> oh yes they are round
<uboy> purple glow at night
<even> but then we get into nature and away from our sexy stuff
<even> grow sexy stuff tho
<even> with light
<even> moss harness
<uboy> moss fuck holes
<even> basket dildos JIM
<even> hehehe
<uboy> well, it is the monument to self love
<even> and it already has the shape going on
<even> isnt that enough
<uboy> yeah... very good
<even> but maybe u could use yer basket skill again?
<even> or for the first time
<uboy> right.. i'll have to resurect that
<even> well dont let me force u
<uboy> no, your not forcing
<uboy> you're
<even> but i must zzz
<uboy> ok
<even> when next?
<uboy> when ever is good for you
<uboy> weds?
<even> ok
<even> will have real news then
<even> re site launch
<even> and stuff?
<uboy> oh yes  launch
<even> must rush it
<uboy> and you will soon have to advise me on airlines etc
<even> time is marching
<even> sponsors?
<uboy> get those plans made early
<even> UA fly here and Aer Lingus
<even> and lots others via london
<even> which is cheaper
<even> connection cost nufing
<uboy> guess i'll have to look around for a deal
<even> well for a sponsor too
<even> we need to write for them this week for REAL
<uboy> yes
<even> ok 
<even> night
<uboy> ok
<uboy> see you weds
<even> ok
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