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<uboy> hello
<even> hi 
<uboy> what's new?
<even> like i said i was just off to sleep world
<even> how were the openings
<even> park project is down
<uboy> no openings tonight
<even> assholes removed it all by mistake 2 days early
<even> so i am free to html
<even> did lines nevertheless
<uboy> good
<even> got pics
<even> get my e-mail report?
<uboy> pics of lines?
<even> yes
<uboy> yes, i just skimmed it
<even> i had just fingered you
<even> ok
<uboy> looks promisisng
<even> looks good
<uboy> yes
<even> we need to get some groovey questions together for an 
  art shit talk
<uboy> toe less weeks to work, though
<uboy> two
<uboy> must hustle
<even> dunno if i can do it for reall
<even> two weeks is not much with months to go
<uboy> should the questions be organized under themes(titles)?
<even> yes
<even> we need some kind of direction i suppose
<even> otherwise it gets too confusing maybe
<uboy> so, are we dialoguing or simulating or is there a 
<even> but randomm is lateral sorta?
<even> no difference
<even> who believes anything these days
<uboy> no, need some direction
<uboy> yes
<even> dir good
<even> pattern of flow
<uboy> but we believe in the process 
<uboy> right?
<uboy> at some level, it must be worthwhile
<even> yes only in so much as Liam does... as a means 
  therefore also the end
<even> have you gotten the catelogue yet?
<even> from basicilico?
<even> you must
<uboy> no, not yet
<uboy> will try soon
<even> to avoid duplication of his trangressions
<even> phone tomorrow
<even> courier it uptown
<even> go mad
<even> got some mail from Deb
<uboy> really?
<uboy> what'd she say?
<even> yes i have been mailing everyone... job no dave .. no 
  money ... no art... no word from u... no time... not very sad
<even> teaching in the bronx
<even> i thinnk i am still tired from the other night
<uboy> yes, i've avoided them during breakup
<even> you dont have to anymore
<uboy> bed time for you now?
<even> no yet
<even> not yet
<even> so yes patterns?
<even> any thoughts?
<uboy> yes
<even> ...
<even> me thick
<uboy> i like bicycle, sll,
<uboy> the hair
<uboy> door amt and pencil
<even> sll?
<uboy> mat
<uboy> self loving lads
<uboy> i like the ones that suggest directions, but are still 
<even> i think we need to eventually add more than 4 and have 
  new avenues for new visitors but not now
<even> navigation is creeping through my brain and i reckon it 
  is a MAJOR factor in any web thing
<uboy> yes, i hope that many routes will accumulate
<uboy> yes
<even> but the navigation takes over
<uboy> i thought options should always remain open
<uboy> to the viewer
<even> spped through is almost as important to the 
  viewer/reader as the content
<even> to get to the juice
<uboy> yes, it should flow quickly
<even> options open but just the web surfers brain... maybe we 
  dont care bout them? it is for us mainly
<uboy> like a conversation
<uboy> or scrap book
<even> so those are the ones you like?
<uboy> don't catch your meaning
<uboy> about the surfers
<uboy> those are my favorites of the titles so far
<uboy> they all have a similar feel
<even> its a surface thing, except web wise, searching for 
  something interesting, its just that we have to faciilitate 
  that and i believe we are
<uboy> or tone
<even> ok... not ver keen on pencil
<even> very
<uboy> facilitate surface navigation
<uboy> ?
<uboy> suface relations
<uboy> not keen on "oversexed" in titke
<uboy> title
<uboy> but like the idea of ambiguous emotions assigned to 
<even> no just prefer bike; fire; innovation; lads
<uboy> underachieving... how is that defined??, etc.
<uboy> for anyone, let alone doormat
<even> laterally
<even> so i was scribbling plans and will do more... to plan 
  proper... Niall called today and i will meet web man or talkk 
  v soon
<even> he will be good - niall
<even> yo
<uboy> yes, sounds good... exciting
<uboy> what will be needed for the web meeting
<uboy> ?
<even> ftp stuff, passwords, site max size (maybe 10mbs), 
  specs, publishing address, general advise on speed etc... lots
<even> niall also offered some design help
<uboy> yes.. lots,   how is ftp involved?
<uboy> design help is always good
<even> when the html pages are done on my pc I connect to the 
  arthouse server and ftp the pages into a folder that has a 
  link to their site etc
<even> basically like moving stuff from one harddrive to 
  another... easy updates?
<uboy> i see
<uboy> right, then must work be done on the server?
<even> ?
<uboy> to complete the update?
<even> dunno
<uboy> ok
<even> depends how it is set up (meeting question)
<uboy> yes
<even> how do you feel about netnanny and censorship?
<uboy> this is an interesting point...
<uboy> what will there be that requires censoring..
<uboy> ?
<uboy> we are titilating, not really pornographic
<even> sex pictures? sex talk? sex and death? sex stories?
<even> but children can be so easily corrupted
<even> pornography does not exist in ireland so we are afraid 
  of the body
<uboy> yes, potentially, of course
<even> especially our own
<even> not really
<uboy> well, if it is an issue with them
<uboy> then
<even> just that Moms worry and so does the director, they 
  need to see the site first then decide, but should we take a 
  stand for free speech?
<even> niall is with us
<uboy> i'm not opposed to registering with netnanny et al
<even> we need to check out hese things to see what they do 
<uboy> i don't think we should waste energy fighting
<uboy> with them
<even> what do you know about netnenny
<even> yes i agree
<uboy> not much..  
<uboy> i guess if a site is registerd..
<even> but it should be ok
<uboy> someone with the software installed and running can not 
   access the site
<even> let me send you a horrible picture to consider
<uboy> ok..
<uboy> actually, i guess this all goes back to the core issue 
   of content and how we are employing it; which we discussed 
   last night
<uboy> what is our intention
<uboy> it is not prurient
<even> receiving?
<uboy> of course, that may not matter when the public is faced 
   with a naughty pic
<uboy> yes, receiving
<even> yes but some stuff might get thru... maybe not after 
  seeing what i sent you
<uboy> what sort of file is .htm?
<even> he is def from a story but living
<even> a netscape one, open thru that... from the net
<even> silly
<uboy> i'll try
<even> so when should we plan to talk real clever like?
<even> i am tired and need to go i guess
<even> back yet?
<uboy> i'm back... that's a fine image there
<even> pretty yukky eh?
<uboy> yes
<even> so we can use it right? 
<even> or no way thicko go lateral
<uboy> how is sunday for you?
<even> sunday's good time?
<uboy> afternoon, my time
<even> cheap all day
<uboy> we can use it...
<uboy> noon, my time
<even> so after lunch or breakfast for you?
<uboy> five, you
<even> fine
<even> 10 pm for me
<uboy> good.
<even> you can have time for a romantic walk in central park?
<uboy> noon, my time
<even> oh no time for walkies
<uboy> 5 pm for you
<even> you were speaking GMT
<uboy> no, worky
<even> how considerate
<uboy> so, is five your time ok
<even> get serious thicko
<uboy> ?
<even> 5 is fine
<even> and good
<even> and lovely
<uboy> good
<even> and all
<uboy> how to prepare?
<even> gather questions - statements? pile and then paste into 
  discussion? fill in th gaps? what s the theme/
<uboy> questions for each other?
<even> yea
<uboy> new titles?
<even> not nec
<even> new nicknames
<uboy> for us..
<even> yea
<even> so good nigh and sleep well (later on at least)
<uboy> delicate choice
<uboy> yes, talk to you then
<even> ??
<even> till then
<uboy> delicate choice for nicknames
<even> alan
<even> jim
<even> !
<even> ?
<even> ?
<even> ?
<even> ?
<uboy> brilliant
<even> hmm
<even> night
<even> oh must save first
<uboy> good night