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<even> where are u jim?
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<uboy> hello
<even> hello
<even> who is late then
<uboy> ?
<even> i am also alan3
<uboy> ok
<even> sorry got time difference wrong again
<even> ann is sitting beside me here!!
<uboy> wow... hello ann
<even> we had a haute lunch and are sick
<even> hello jim from ann
<even> the server is down over here but somehow this works
<uboy> are you at arthouse?
<uboy> i looked for the link onthe arthouse page yesterday, 
but could not find it
<even> jim, have you seen he mona hatoum show at th nw museo 
<even> yes we are at arthouse
<uboy> no, sorry i haven't
<even> :ann its ok, you don't have to apologise
<even> so i am still flu-ie and and out of touch with the 
project a bit
<uboy> well, i would like to see more things; just too busy 
right now
<even> i came in to do a mass e-mail but now think it is 
pointless as it is too close to xmas
<even> what did u think of the blurb?
<uboy> so where does it all stand right now?
<even> well daniel is in portugal and he is the web guy so who 
knows what will happen
<uboy> thought the blurb was good... sounds like we know what 
were doing
<even> hehehe
<uboy> (not that we don't)
<even> :ann Jim, I'm doin bunny art too
<uboy> is there actually a link from the arthouse page?
<uboy> couldn't find it yesterday
<even> yes
<even> really? its on the top of their main page to the left of 
the arthouse banner
<uboy> go bunnies!
<uboy> let me check again
<even> :ann you should take an aer lingus flight into ireland to 
get conditioned before you arrive
<even> you cant check now as their external server is down
<even> therefore no e-mail out or wwwboard stuff
<uboy> yes, i was thinkiing about actually
<uboy> oh yes
<uboy> ok
<even> what?
<even> anyway should we wait till after xmas for the pr mailing or 
do it tomorrow?
<even> do you think it will matter?
<uboy> did you get the scaffolding pics?   we should just do the 
entire project in digital images... much less hassle
<even> hehehe
<even> yes i got them
<even> they are just like something i saw earlier this summer here, 
a wooden version which was an atennae for alien transmissions, cant remember 
the name of the artist
<uboy> i think people are too distracted by other things this time of 
year to pay much attention
<even> yes
<even> and the panels lookk too familiar but it is a start for as 
structure of sorts to inhabit there
<even> :ann jim alan's sister maria just arrived and now he is 
<uboy> at arthouse? yikes...
<even> family affair
<uboy> well, i like the pointless (re)construction of something anyway
<uboy> just have to figure out how to convey that
<uboy> yes, it looks a little clean, but just b/c sloppy is harder 
to do digitally
<even> yes, but the construction thing is good and if the horrible 
panels are removed it will look really mid way to somewhere
<uboy> but could be very leany and wrinkly
<uboy> oh ok
<uboy> how have you been, ann?
<even> if we used recycled paper
<even> she is talking to maria
<even> where are we othewise
<even> are you there?
<even> ping me
<uboy> well, the part i like best, as i wrote, is filling the space 
with all these metal columns
<uboy> and other stuff
<even> will have to see where they can be borrowed from maybe
<even> as they are sometimes expensivve to rent
<uboy> what about extending it outside.. too much probably?
<even> that could work actually as the street outside the building is 
<even> but i will ask, they never got back with fire regulatios etc
<even> i reckon the structure with a history is stil good, especially 
made of that wrapping plastic stuff or someother semi transparent material
<uboy> well, we should begin writing the dailies , i imagine
<even> the monument etc
<even> we should
<even> hopefully the wwboard will be back
<even> on line before mid january when daniel gets back
<even> what is the lag like btw?
<even> obviously bad
<uboy> and perhaps more fully develop how one or two areas will look 
<uboy> yes, i'm here
<uboy> how screwed is the server?
<even> ye sthe morrow area, the sailor, and the diderot... they need 
real attention
<even> screwed? dunno hopefully someone else can fix it
<even> funny thing is daniel will probably not know as he said to 
e-mail him if there were problems and nobody can 
<uboy> seems to be very strange lag
<even> so it would seem
<even> we should do dailies over xmas as it might be a good down 
time... how much do you get off anyway?
<uboy> k
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<even>   hope u get back soon
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<even> hi again
<even> jim?
<uboy> yes
Signoff: uboy (
<even> shit where are u
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<even> hello, having trouble?
<even> guess you are
<even> maybe we should just try later? or what?
<uboy> yes, let's try later... your text is not all coming through
<even> well i have not said much
<even> midnight?
<uboy> yes, midnight is good
<even> :ann ciao jim
<even> plus i might feel better then as i feel crappy now still
<uboy> goodbye
<even> bye then
<uboy> ok, see you then
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