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<even>  hey
<even>  i was here but had to make a call
<even>  hey you
<uboy>  hello
<even>  hi
<uboy>  what's new?
<even>  i have a terrible cold so cant stay long
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  i'm beat... long day
<even>  the web admin is working finally... got rid of most of 
the messages
<even>  me too
<even>  check it
<even>  send u the password for it
<uboy>  great, got the email
<even>  ok
<even>  showed the site to a few people and it went well
<uboy>  so, guess we're all set for dasilies
<even>  some are confused but this curator person thought 
it was real cool
<uboy>  which people?
<even>  artist too mike not very www wise th
<even>  o
<uboy>  good, what needs imporvoement?
<even>  plus a some irc mates who were into it but confused which 
is good
<even>  i plugged in the love section today
<even>  and added more irc stuff
<uboy>  you know that scotty has seen it too
<even>  and put on your pics of bottles etc
<even>  yea he e-mailed but said nothing
<uboy>  oh, i'll have to check it out
<even>  and some silly chadelier pics too
<even>  i am getting the digital still camera over the weekend 
and will shoots bridges etc for u to see
<uboy>  very good
<even>  plus met with the prop person today and need to talk to 
u about that whole idea for the video
<uboy>  i've finished chapters 1 and 2 of a/e. will e them tonight
<even>  she went thru the list and explained that most of the s
earching would be done over the phone?
<uboy>  ok, what's up with the video?
<even>  coool
<uboy>  well, that may be ok
<even>  so i dunnno if the shopping thing will work, she is a 
little reluctant to be filmed
<uboy>  her alone, doing her thing
<uboy>  oh
<even>  but another location might be a prop warehouse
<uboy>  how about someone else playing her part?
<even>  there is one cool one apparently that is a total mess
<uboy>  warehouse would be great
<even>  but all i think of is a panorama shot
<even>  with her on the phone
<even>  or actor
<uboy>  panorama of warehouse?
<even>  what worries me is the authentic vs fake thing implied 
in it all...
<even>  <uboy>  panorama of warehouse? yea
<uboy>  could be sound of her phone conversations with shots 
of warehouse etc.
<uboy>  posssibly
<even>  yea
<even>  she has a great voice
<even>  but is also v busy with film work at the moment but 
that'd be ok
<uboy>  well, it might be nice to somehow make it more intimate
<even>  still wondering bout the authentic thing
<uboy>  on the other hand...
<even>  although it only needs to be real, that's what was 
supposed to happen initially
<even>  but maybe that needs real money too
<uboy>  you mena the reality of her searching?
<even>  well for something that will not be made
<even>  she is doing her job but not really
<even>  huh
<uboy>  yes, so authentic but fake can sort of be circumvented; 
these things and activities have a real use value
<even>  but do they?
<even>  well maybe when the cartier foundation decide to fund 
the epic implied!
<uboy>  yes, they are art
<even>  oh right i forgot
<uboy>  lol
<even>  the great legitimizer
<uboy>  well, as legitimate as anything else... or else donate 
them to someone after we're through
<even>  so like also wondering how the magic tricks combine... 
and i really have gone off the oblesik thing structure
<even>  but we cannot buy them... we have no money
<even>  thats my dilemma of sorts
<even>  but not anymore 
<uboy>  well, i will have some thanks to raise..
<uboy>  but back to video
<uboy>  and monument
<uboy>  need not be obelisk
<even>  indeed
<even>  a smashed structture of some kind might be enough
<uboy>  well, i like it as landmark
<even>  i have befriended an architect btw who may help
<uboy>  but, here's something i was thinking about
<even>  but the space is so small and the requirements for a 
video projection are so specific spacilally 
<uboy>  that a sideways step would be to either use a real 
monument as something else or try to get this to be accepted 
as a "real" monument some where else
<even>  i dont really understand how that is sideways
<even>  it provokes the binary analogy problem as above doenst it?
<even>  is it or isnt it?
<even>  i just reckon if it is a monument then it needs to be stone
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<uboy>  SORRY
<uboy>  sorry
<even>  what did u miss
<uboy>  anyway...
<uboy>  <uboy>  but, here's something i was thinking about
<uboy>  <uboy>  that a sideways step would be to either use a real 
monument as something else or try to get this to be accepted as a 
"real" monument some where else
<uboy>  <uboy>  like we use pieces of some wrecked monument as 
something else in the gallery space
<even>  <even>  i dont really understand how that is sideways
<even>  <even>  it provokes the binary analogy problem as above 
doenst it?
<even>  <even>  is it or isnt it?
<even>  <even>  i just reckon if it is a monument then it needs 
to be stone
<uboy>  ok
<even>  ok
<uboy>  yeah, just thinking about that
<even>  but we are not that art povera are we
<even>  and approximate would be ok too
<uboy>  by approx. you mean?
<even>  kind of like a surrogate but more 90's :)
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  that's ok, but seems as if it should be playing hide 
and seek with the "really real" somehow
<even>  well sort of but that too is a little of someone elses game
<uboy>  we just need our own rules
<uboy>  our own balls
<uboy>  sorry
<uboy>  :)
<even>  stop that
<uboy>  so, were you thinking of something else?
<uboy>  for that area
<even>  well not really as yet
<even>  variations on a cube projection space
<uboy>  some way of emphasizing and denying that space i think
<uboy>  i really did like the indoor garden part with grow lights
<uboy>  just not sure how to fit it in
<even>  hmmm... i like the spacial descriptions u did
<even>  need to review stuff
<uboy>  emphasizing the middle ground
<even>  ah kind of... just the projection thing is getting to be 
as it requires an enclosure
<uboy>  yes, or another spot if enclosure proves to troublesome
<even>  but a big thing is needed there anyway
<even>  and maybe a bombed out monument to the modern is what 
we need
<uboy>  that which serves to block the light  could do so as a 
secondary function
<even>  just need to figure materials etc
<uboy>  like it's the shadow of something else
<even>  well silouettes are ok too
<uboy>  or the facade of reconstruction is also what it seems 
<even>  some trashy material would also be good like cardboard but
<uboy>  the reconstruction is the monument
<even>  scaffolding with plastic like covering the monument
<uboy>  yeah, like the impression that somethings going on; as 
per earlier reconstruction of arthouse ideas
<even>  that whole provisional thing again
<uboy>  but it ultimately turns out that that is the monument
<even>  hope it packs into your suitcase
<uboy>  like break areas and enclosures for workers etc that 
aren;t there
<even>  well i was wondering how to use your bottles
<even>  apart from stick them close to a heater
<uboy>  which funnction here as privacy booth thing
<uboy>  well re bottles etc
<uboy>  i think the grouping of my things could function as an 
srm in itself
<even>  10 mins to go
<uboy>  k
<uboy>  referencing a/e and dar robinson
<uboy>  potential stunt situation recreating scenes from a/e
<even>  what explosions?
<uboy>  pads, bottles, harness rigs, implied action/ sexy scenes
<even>  snot
<uboy>  well jumps falls rolling around
<uboy>  break away
<uboy>  hoisting
<even>  i need to get into some of that stuff... 
<uboy>  soft, melty, groovey thrill seeking
<even>  yea what i mean is i hope to get into that now that 
the site is on
<uboy>  i'm sure you will
<even>  and i have tons of research to do just as the libraries 
shut for xmas
<even>  will have to make it all up
<uboy>  topics?
<even>  no the research
<even>  watch lots of xmas magic shows
<uboy>  right,  what topics?
<even>  oh the stunt thing 
<even>  and the magic thing
<even>  and the houdini thing
<uboy>  yes
<even>  as to why maybe or how or what? details that 
i do not possess
<even>  to jog my mind
<uboy>  i am writing a section on persoanl memories of dar 
robinson... not really much about him on the web; certainly no 
pages dedicated to him
<even>  who is dar?
<uboy>  the ultimate stuntman
<uboy>  i was into him as a kid
<even>  oh really
<uboy>  he pioneered the use of cables to brake a fall 
instead of air bags
<even>  well 1 am
<uboy>  so you can do an overhead shot of a fall offf a building
<uboy>  k
<uboy>  fell off a motorcycle and died, but it was not 
stunt relatede
<even>  amazing
<uboy>  well, goodnight
<even>  relatede?
<uboy>  next chat?
<even>  oh  realted
<uboy>  related
<even>  sunday?
<uboy>  ok  .   seven your time again?
<even>  9 would be better
<uboy>  that's good
<even>  what should we do in the mean time 
<even>  work on like? make decisoins on?
<uboy>  yeah,  firm up the exhibition space and bridge areas
<uboy>  i think they should be related somehow
<even>  hmmm
<uboy>  even if only vaguely
<even>  well maybe... any more comstock?
<even>  gotta go
<uboy>  no, but i like that one as it is. if it expands, it 
will be sideways.
<even>  am aching now in the neck
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  see you sunday
<even>  ok
<even>  cool
<uboy>  i'll e thoughts
<even>  get to work hehehehe
<uboy>  n stuff
<even>  good
<uboy>  ok, later
<even>  bye
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