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<even> ops
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<even> u are thre
<even> there
<uboy> yes, hello
<even> sorry 
<even> i am now way pissed
<uboy> that's ok
<uboy> what's up?
<even> had to do it- was feeling sick
<uboy> why pissed?
<even> triple vodkas
<even> it is xmas after all
<uboy> whoa... out with ann and maria?
<even> neither
<even> another amigo for the local
<even> another hayedn from the old country - much fun etc
<uboy> right
<even> well there was an xmas bonus to be drunk
<even> liked the sketch btw
<uboy> so, your head must be fuzzy right now, eh?
<uboy> thanks
<even> big time
<uboy> i think it can look great when we build it
<even> can hardly type actually!
<uboy> hey, speaking of xmas bonus... the gallery did 
great business lately, so i will be getting one
<uboy> materials and travel money...
<even> good
<even> really!
<uboy> yes, of course
<even> excelllent
<uboy> so, should we try a chat tomorrow, as i can't imagine 
you feel up to it now?
<even> i am so trashed sorry
<uboy> that's ok,  lol
<even> lol indeed
<even> should this really be on the site too?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> this may be the best yet!
<even> i do not even think so
<uboy> btw, i know you haven't yet had time to post it; but 
did you receive chapter 2 of a/e?
<uboy> just checking
<even> yes i got it but i didnt pot it yet
<even> is the server back up?
<uboy> yes, the server was ok as of this afternoon... 
and this time i saw the link
<uboy> strangely exciting
<even> wow coz i could get it in ireland
<even> very strange
<even> could not that is
<uboy> right
<uboy> well, i'll check again later
<even> daniel is in portugal with the password to fix it u see
<even> or so i thought
<uboy> well, at any rate it's even more incentive to put off 
the mailing until it is resolved
<even> i agree
<even> i scanned some art sites and found a irc deal
<even> as art
<even> thru artnetweb and mit list
<even> check it out 
<uboy> i will...  how is it?
<even> silly
<even> vacant
<even> just chat for the sake of it as per ever
<uboy> good
<even> too scary out there on art web... so much crap stuff
<even> scares me
<uboy> yeah,  too many "galleries" of "personal expression"
<even> indeed
<even> but such big projects
<even> such a waste
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> did ann have any thoughts on the project?
<even> *burp*
<uboy> yikes
<even> i warned you
<even> hello?
<uboy> still there?
<even> yah
<uboy> thought you might have passed out
<even> close
<uboy> shall we call it a night?
<even> maybe yea
<even> hope u are not annoyed
<uboy> get together when we are relatively fresh tomorrow
<even> it was just a terrible day 
<even> re
<uboy> of course not...  
<uboy> everyone nedds to relax
<even> esp over irish xmas
<even> too much
<uboy> is tomorrow ok with you?
<even> yea
<even> time 12am?
<uboy> ok, usual time then
<uboy> yeah
<even> ok
<uboy> well, sleep tight
<even> i will try
<uboy> ok, see you later
<even> ok
<even> *burp*
<uboy> lol
<uboy> bye
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