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<uboy> hello
<even> hi
<even> hows the form?
<even> (i am still hungover from last night)
<uboy> the form?
<uboy> ouch
<even> local phrase (translates as: how are you?)
-> [uboy] PING
<even> nice pic
<even> we are way lagged
<even> hello?
<uboy> well, as long as you had a good time
<even> (6am)
<even> tee hee
<uboy> still there?
<uboy> hello?
<uboy> ok
<even> well i am ftp-ing the site so maybe it is slowing things
<even> [uboy PING reply]: 2mins 35secs
<even> -
<uboy> the lag is aweful
<even> ridiculous
<uboy> 30 secs for my ping
<even> when are u off to delaware?
<uboy> i'm not... staying in ny to work etc
<even> wow uu mean u are not doing xmas at all?
<uboy> no, just with alison.. no big deal
<even> to work on the show? and here is me boozing like 
a fool in denial?
<even> scotty said u two are like little luv birds :)
<uboy> well i'm looking forward to several days of uniterupted 
working time
<uboy> not quite
<even> wish i could as i have total family hell starting 
tomorrow ending jan3
<even> but i plan on ignoring them
<even> I retrived all my casting bits tonight from rialto
<uboy> crowded house?
<even> yes i get to sleep on the floor next week too
<uboy> good, send me pics if possible
<uboy> the floor?!
<even> maybe if wro buys me a digital camera for xmas
<uboy> yeah, one can only hope
<uboy> what did you think of the chandelier?
<even> so sorry about last night, i kind of needed to get real drunk
<uboy> it will not be too terribly difficult
<even> it think it looks a little sparse but it is definately 
what i had imagined too
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<even> niall told me to think big today 
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<uboy> hi
<even> hey
<even> <uboy> it will not be too terribly difficult
<even> <even> it think it looks a little sparse but it is 
definately what i had imagined too
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<even> <even> niall told me to think big today 
<uboy> as i was saying,  no problem about last night
<uboy> actually, it reminded me of the good old days at the rose 
and crown
<even> really... was my natter that full of crap? must read the script
<even> can u access the arthouse btw? i cant u see
<uboy> yes, it looks sparse b/c i was drawing it simplified 
to show structure
<even> oic
<uboy> but it can be very dropy, and perhaps with exposed wires 
or electrical cords that supply power to the lights
<even> plus an extra tier might be cool too... groovey sketch
<even> we should remind ourselves about he ballroom concept again
<uboy> yes, extra tier would be good... rope can be drooping 
<uboy> yes... gell some of the discrete areas
<even> oh btw the cafe is changing slightly, new management and 
name change, was cyberia cafe now it will be betacafe as of jan1
<uboy> the ball room will be in close association with the 
cafe/bridge thing  
<even> where does the shadow stunt pic u sent today relate to?
<uboy> does that provide opportunity for us to break ground 
with something?
<even> no breaking unfortunately
<even> only a name change really until the really move floors
<even> but things are moving fast in there so something like 
that still might happen
<uboy> well, i thought of it as a bridge between a/e and dar 
stunt thing... like it's a proposed stunt for the movie version 
that only dar could ever accomplish
<uboy> may only be a pretty pic on the web site...
<even> yikes who is dar? 
<uboy> dar robinson... ultimate stuntman
<even> oh yes sorry
<uboy> that's ok
<uboy> the pink foam and harness and bottles etc. will, i think, 
be his srm
<even> so like how do we proceed with the chandelier? my thoughts...
<even> are that you have done some material reseach and testing 
and now i should proceed further (when the shops open again) as 
it cant be shipped and we should just really concentrate on the 
design anyway
<uboy> well, first... decide a size
<even> size=big 6 ft x 6 ft for example
<uboy> yes, should all be built there
<uboy> that shouldn't be too difficult
<even> on thing to consider it that it will be in arms reach 
of the stairs
<even> which is cool i think
<uboy> i used 1/8" threaded steel rod and..
<uboy> approx. 3/4" three strand hemp rope
<even> ok
<uboy> just to give you some idea of where to start
<uboy> the idea is that all the steel rods then fit into a 
block of wood at the center
<uboy> that center block is then wrapped with other rope to 
look like a big knot
<even> or a big noose
<uboy> neither the wooden block nor the rods show through
<even> right
<uboy> we may need thicker rod and rope if it is to be 6 feet, though
<uboy> this prototype would have about a four foot diameter
<even> well we will see
<even> securing the rods to the wood will be the key, very easy 
i know, but it may have to be able to withstand some poking and 
<even> i think the ballroom needs to connect with the opera story 
(if i ever write it) as this knot thing is a little to vanilla easy
<uboy> what do you think of electrical cord showing?
<uboy> extension cord?
<uboy> could nicely be worked in as a design element
<uboy> yes, we can pre-drill holes at a downward angle, making it 
<even> ye sthat should good as it does need to remain *provisional* 
<uboy> yes, needs dramatic opera flair
<even> or maybe that is again not lateral enough 
(well not at all really)
<even> which just means we need to subliminate everything
<uboy> right
<even> and hair colour preference?
<even> or type?
<uboy> not sure.. maybe that comes from the writing?
<uboy> or is the sentimental part?
<uboy> match the color sample of some specific person's hair?
<even> well that depends on the rest of the stuff nearby
<even> well numerous people would be silly i suppose, better to 
monumentalise or hystericize one head
<uboy> yes
<uboy> of course, there will ba something going one between the 
bridges, the cafe and the chandelier
<uboy> will be
<uboy> the arrangement of the cafe things will tie the two areas
<uboy> this can be where there is room for a lateral step
<uboy> just not sure of what that is
<even> the tables are fairly fixed so we may need to think of some 
table intervention
<uboy> bolted to the floor?
<even> no, but the space is limited and they fairly fill the area
<uboy> right
<even> and they are all modern and metal
<even> maybe they need franz west slip jackets
<uboy> well, i would likje something that actually alters how they 
are used
<uboy> something simple, yet tangibly effective
<uboy> and that relate to the bridges and chand.
<even> well muslen slip covers for the chairs would be effective but 
gees then you would need table cloths too probably
<even> but maybe not
<uboy> how about dirty table clothes... carefully/art(ificially) 
stasined by us?
<uboy> stained
<even> hmmm, bit too close to club decor for halloween but
<even> leave you parenthesis at the door please
<even> your
<even> so something dangling from under the seat of the chairs
<uboy> well, i still an interested in actually shifting the use value 
<even> or dirty foam cushions
<even> roped to the chairs
<uboy> i had thought a while back of clamping them together in 
varied configurations with steel rod
<even> all slightly abject
<uboy> back to back... side by side.. near/far
<uboy> three in a row
<uboy> forcing people to really work on how they would sit in 
relation to others
<even> i doubt they would agree to that as they pile them up etc 
for cleaning the floor ... plus they are curvy and it might be 
tough but Niall would say yes i am sure
<uboy> a little forced maybe..
<even> changing the furniture totally would be moree ideal
<even> to basic fold up stuff
<uboy> one big table
<uboy> which double as a dance floor
<uboy> doubles
<even> do we get a go-go boy too
<uboy> if you feel so inclined...
<even> but a checkered raised platorm / table might be cool
<even> that was a felix warning thats all
<uboy> yes, i know
<uboy> benches
<even> and a curvy bio-mess shape would be good too
<even> maybe we can use the chipboard from the wall panels in the 
exhibition area?
<uboy> a dance floor/battleground model
<even> maybe a little bridge diorama
<uboy> would they want that to be destroyed?
<even> sorry
<even> maybe if the cafe is moving down, Niall hates them anyway, 
something nice about reusing them but maybe new wood is better
<even> but gees u now have to come mid jan to make all this shit!
<uboy> reusing them fits in with everthing else and is very rigged, 
so i like it too
<even> right too
<uboy> well, it can be all set to go when it get there, i guess
<even> their shape implys to leads to long or big rectangle 
<even> will play with shape thoughts
<even> i am fading here slightly
<uboy> but they can probably be easily cut , right?
<even> yea
<uboy> and opera needs sound system of cafe
<even> yea but maybe some other sounds...
<even> modern non-opera, even angora transmissions between tracks?
<even> or the voiced site stuff as opera maybe
<uboy> all fine w/ me
<even> plus the story has yet to be born
<uboy> translate to italian
<uboy> yes, all to come
<even> phew
<even> so  jimmy...
<uboy> well, mull all that over...
<even> zzzz? me
<even> mull the telescope connection pieces too maybe
<uboy> yes, you get ready for relatives
<even> for the media room/library we haven treally discussed 
that yet
<uboy> yes, i liked the opera glasses thing, but that infringes 
too much on the telescope
<even> well and rebecca horn too
<even> :)
<uboy> yeah
<even> when next on line then, saturday? or earlier... ? will u be 
there or chez ali?
<uboy> ok, well next chat?
<uboy> i will be all over, but any time is good
<even> we should daily in between too, is the site accessible for 
you as i cant browse it tonight 
<uboy> friday or sat are both good
<uboy> server was not responding as of the start of our chat
<even> hmmm
<even> shit guess it is still down then
<even> fuck
<uboy> ok, decide on dailies... we can p[ost later if needed
<even> yea
<even> pic a random 
<uboy> [we are so true to the process, eh?]
<uboy> ok...
<even> sort of
<even> the technology is letting us down
<uboy> that's the great part
<uboy> p 109
<uboy> case 9
<even> ok
<even> zzzz
<even> me
<uboy> ok, goodnight... merry christmas
<even> maybe sat is better
<even> hey right back at you matee
<even> happy xmas eve
<even> we are so dedicated
<uboy> ok.. sat is fine, evening time?
<even> yea
<uboy> seven your time again?
<even> will clarify in e-mail though in case family intervenes
<uboy> ok, sounds good
<even> bonne noel
<uboy> see you then
<even> or whatver
<even> ciao
<uboy> night
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