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<uboy> hello
<uboy> sorry i'm late
<uboy> hi
<even> hi
<even> just checking the site
<even> angora is on-line
<uboy> very nice
<even> as are all our irc conversations
<even> yikes
<even> be polite
<uboy> have some updates on that and more etc
<even> everything u say is public
<even> it is great (angora) btw
<uboy> lol
<even> worth the wait
<uboy> thanks
<even> very sci-fi
<uboy> yes
<even> very good progresion on the old sweater fetish
<uboy> silly, but i like it
<even> is the layout ok?
<even> bit random 
<uboy> let me check just a sec
<even> but it took all f***ing day
<even> ok
<uboy> ok, back and i think it looks great
<even> cool
<uboy> it not really random.. i like it   and the thumbnails look just 
i envisioned them
<even> had to break the 2000 word up somehow
<uboy> yes, well done... and there are some more to follow
<even> good
<uboy> i saw the irc scripts yesterday
<even> what da ya think?
<uboy> i like them... it's wonderful... noone will ever read them
<uboy> that's what's so great
<even> they might
<uboy> even better
<uboy> either way having them there is good
<even> yah
<uboy> the first one i clicked on was nov 12
<even> and
<uboy> i was surprised.. confused at first
<uboy> thought you had been doing some creative writing
<uboy> then figured it out
<uboy> surprised in a good way
<uboy> and i like the idea that there's autobio info in the archive 
if people look ddep enough
<uboy> deep
<even> oh the delight thing?
<uboy> yeah
<even> silly really
<uboy> no, it's good
<even> so any good shopping?
<uboy> yes!
<uboy> orno buying
<uboy> no buying, but those stores on canal are great
<uboy> i saw 5 years worth of art
<even> all waiting to be made
<uboy> plastics foams tubes mirrored plexi... everything
<uboy> or even just purchased
<uboy> and moved two blocks into basilico
<even> ?
<even> dont understand
<uboy> basilico is right around the corner... just purchase some cool 
precut plexi or foam etc and place in gallery
<uboy> a show is born
<even> oic
<even> bold
<even> bold
<even> bold
<uboy> oh and priced corrugated plastic sheeets
<uboy> $16 clear, translucent stuff like used at eastman house to 
back mats in frame
<uboy> 4 ft by 8 ft shhet
<even> yea that real cheap here too
<even> £4 for that 8x4
<uboy> substitute for the other product?
<even> the cooler stuff is rigid and 1/2 inch thick
<even> more expensive... more like plexi prices
<uboy> yeah the have that there too.. made from lexan  didn't find out 
the price
<uboy> very cool, though
<uboy> so, object panic... can this chandelier be made
<uboy> ?
<even> yah thats the stuff i send a pic of
<even> well i surfed and found some cool sites
<even> for chandeliers
<even> think it should be all slip knots jammed with hair
<even> very excited about it and perplexed
<even> it is too perfect for the cafe
<uboy> oh, that's creepy... very good
<uboy> wow, that's a good idea
<uboy> the hair i mean
<even> even more gothic
<even> so like the structure? wood or wire?
<uboy> well, wood would be much cheaper and easier to get together
<uboy> steel would be stronger and probably more elegant
<uboy> but more expensive and require someone else to fabricate it
<even> and hard to figure... might look non-provisional
<even> well my da has a welder
<even> or was it stolen recently?
<uboy> arc?
<uboy> can you use it?
<even> dunno if he got a new one.. yea mini
<even> havnt tried
<uboy> that would do the trick
<even> but steel would make it look real
<uboy> yeah, true.. unless it was hidden and just for support
<even> but wood would be more difficult to get curving 
<even> well lost of rods - curved - would need serious engineering 
<uboy> yes
<even> i can see myself tieing knots over xmas dinner!
<even> so any clue on the basement thing?
<uboy> well, the rods could be straight and simple...for basic support, 
the ropes would do the curving
<even> not really... check designs...  lots of u shapes linked by 
draping crystals (knots)
<uboy> i haven't really gotten past a bunch of props on a quasi 
historical set
<uboy> yes, i'll have to check desgins tonight
<even> yea
<even> i have to go soon
<even> morning flight
<uboy> ok... off to see the nephew
<even> will be gone 4 days... can u cope
<even> back monday
<uboy> perhaps
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<even> i want to see results
<TheCelt> hi
<even> plus i need to start writing again
<even> hey
<uboy> i asked for the week of the show off from work
<even> good
<uboy> hello
<even> just a week :)
<TheCelt> oops this is private ...bye
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<even> too right
<even> but not really
<uboy> i got the promotion btw
<even> wow to contemp art?
<uboy> i'm now assistant to the director of contemp
<even> u mover
<uboy> and a 20% raise
<uboy> very happy with that
<even> excellent
<uboy> my ad design is in this months artforum
<even> i chatted to jc... all cool... job is more or less dead
<even> i am so impressed
<uboy> not that i'm bragging.. yikes
<uboy> very silly
<even> very good
<uboy> did he hire someone elese?
<even> january
<even> he is still planing next thing
<even> good chat tho... no hard feelings
<even> not that i give a fuck anymore
<uboy> well, you are a kind soul
<uboy> for forgiving and forgetting
<even> so i should go ... a sucker u mean
<even> a wimp
<even> a wet blanket
<even> stars in my eyes
<uboy> no
<even> but hey
<even> i should head
<uboy> ok, well have a good trip
<even> will do
<even> might see liam
<uboy> excellent job on the site..
<even> he e'd me tonight to send on new book
<even> thanks
<even> it is close
<uboy> it's coming together...  
<even> and i kind of like it
<even> i just need to start writing again
<even> angora inspired me
<uboy> i like it too
<even> it really is good
<even> very different from other stuff
<even> there is such a range of writing
<uboy> thanks
<even> nobody will know what is going on
<even> heheeh
<uboy> yeah
<even> anyway nigh
<even> night 
<uboy> ok, see you later  e-mail me a next chat date?
<even> well monday evening or gight?
<even> i getin mid day u see
<uboy> yes, that's good... seven you time again?
<even> ok
<uboy> ok see you then
<uboy> bye
<even> bye
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