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<uboy> hello
<even> hi hi
<even> dodgy connections tonight for me btw
<uboy> what's new?  .. baby in town?
<even> yup and finally sleeping maybe
<even> very hyper and good for the most part, we all just sat 
and stared today in between dribbling hugs
<uboy> they're cute, but so much hassle
<uboy> better to be an uncle
<even> maybe
<even> yes yes of course
<uboy> ao, i haven't yet checked the server
<even> the parents have not had a full nights sleep for 8 months
<uboy> today
<even> server still down
<uboy> when does daniel return?
<uboy> i guess he's the only hope of repair?
<even> jan something , 2 weeks i think
<even> well maybe, they were supposed to be getting in someone 
but xmas here lasts 2 weeks and nobody really works
<uboy> hhhmm
<even> well fuck it, i can still update the site via ftp anyway 
and wait till then
<even> luckily nobody knows about us yet
<uboy> yeah, that worked out well
<even> yes, so i made up the strange ronan gift today
<uboy> oh, how did it turn out?
<even> a solar powered pendulum thing, basic magnet thing
<even> have a notion to turn toward a loudspeaker love thing (srm)
<even> or chat w/u bout it anyway
<uboy> sounds good
<uboy> right
<even> cool but we need more light, a bulb for example to get the 
motor running
<even> well it is a disk with magnets under a ball with magnest, 
disk spin, ball wobbles
<uboy> that brings up interesting possibilites
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<even> very jerky but could be disguised as a loudspeaker and a 
mike maybe
<even> unless you can think of better solutions
<uboy> have to think about it... but that ties in interstingly 
qwith what i'm working on now
<uboy> dar's srm
<even> i was feeling very jim as i put it together
<uboy> ofcourse bottles and cassestes and foam stunt pad...
<even> want to run out and buy more componants!
<uboy> but now two new things
<uboy> a cast wax "breakaway" chair
<uboy> fullsize
<even> wow did you really make one!!!!!
<even> fucking hell man
<uboy> and 1800 + feet of safety cable/communication wire made 
from foam
<uboy> the exact height of the CN tower
<even> what you got that much or want that much?
<uboy> the chair is in the works.. it will be dome, i can do it
<uboy> i am making that much by ahnd
<even> but how will you get it here?
<uboy> hand
<uboy> i now have 750 ft
<even> golly
<uboy> in a very lightweight and compact pile
<even> 750 ft of foam cable?
<uboy> i am cutting it from foam sheets into thin strips, then 
glueing them end to end
<even> shit
<even> you maniac
<uboy> the size of audio casseste tape
<uboy> well, so those items along with harness will b dar's srm, 
but they seem to tie in with things you are thinking about
<uboy> like speaker love
<even> yea i really wana make a little contraption thing, i also 
have these letherette sample squares which i may use to cover 
<uboy> i will get together pics of everything, then perhaps we can 
integrate all our bits
<even> leatherette
<even> i dont have as many bits as you
<uboy> what will you be covering?
<even> ummm, maybe another device of sorts, cant be very clear 
about it
<even> but all these little things will be cool in the front 
<uboy> i like the material... all different colors is it?
<even> nah, all black but all different patterns
<uboy> cool
<even> like: congo, kidskin, lava, pin morocco etc
<even> there counld be a story there too? connected to the sailor 
leather jackets
<uboy> nice
<uboy> yeah, tiny little jackets
<uboy> mechanical leatherette stimulator
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<even> hey what did i miss?
<uboy> nothing
<uboy> tiny little jackets
<even> tiny leather jackets would be too difficult
<even> 1x1 inch sample
<even> s
<even> 37 of them
<uboy> oh
<uboy> yes, to tiny
<even> but a device to animate them in a creepy way is good
<even> who is this pic i am dcc-ing you?
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<even> gag
<even> so many evens now!
<even> hey you?
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<uboy> who is who?
<uboy> hello
<even> told you it would be a bad night
<uboy> got the jpg
<uboy> yeah
<even> didnt i just dcc you?
<uboy> who is who?
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<even> he is from some sad sci-fi show from the 70's
<even> cant remember the name
<uboy> lol
<even> oh so you remember then?
<uboy> no, not a clue... but it's just a funny image
<even> well i have a few more, the scan was quick and nasty
<even> i have worse
<even> well i have three, thought they would be cool with some 
black-light flourscant finger prints over them
*** even has quit IRC (Write error to even[], 
closing link)
<even> all the evens are dying
<uboy> yes
<uboy> how strange
<even> well its better than finger prints on penis photos
<uboy> finger prints as in: evidence of them being handled
<uboy> no, the strange was re: all the evens dying
<even> that was the inspiration, yes handling and loving of sorts
<even> oic
<even> big storm a brewing here you see
<uboy> i like it... have you actually dusted them for prints?
<even> nah
<even> but the gig needs a little kick to be a srm
<even> but it is 2d
<uboy> yes... for the library wall?
<even> yea maybe or even the cafe, the lighting is key tho and uv 
can be a little toxic in a little room
<uboy> right, but could get wased out where the re is too much light
<uboy> washed
<even> true
<uboy> well, perhaps in some darker corner in the cafe area
<even> but anyway i will ponder it all, i have there of hiim i like 
and one of Dr Who and one of Sean Bean from 
<even> blade runner
<even> not sean bean, the major love interest, cyborg for H Ford
<even> they are color publicity photos btw
<uboy> darryl hanna
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<even> nah the other one he runs off with
<uboy> ithink
<uboy> oh yeah
<uboy> forget her name
<even> anyway, i will happen some way
<even> it
<even> so what happens with the cast audio tape btw?
<even> s
<uboy> well, a theme of sorts does seem to be materializing btwn 
the both of us
<uboy> all the things are part of dar's srm...
<even> yes i suppose
<uboy> will be there with bottle harness etc
<uboy> the foam 'safety ccable' also looks like it could be the 
tape extracted from all the cassettes
<even> gawd
<uboy> sound track/selfhelp tape
<even> right cool
<even> question re A/E
<uboy> yes
<even> how is the transmission recieved - i know via clothing - 
is that the reciver/transmittor?
<uboy> well, more like traditional radio technology... units they 
<uboy> cb
<uboy> headsets
<even> oic, with head sets and all i suppose
<uboy> right
<even> the clothing connection is the knock on titillation thing 
<even> just was not sure
<even> i will not illustrate for the solor ppowered thing
<even> will drift a little
<uboy> yes, and also a twist on sci-fi utopian depictions of 
<even> yes will i really think with should come up with some 
colthing to make and sell
<even> i love the tafita pile they climb thro in chap 2
<uboy> thanks
<even> i think that should be in the main expo area
<even> except replace tafita with blue plastic
<uboy> well, we could make a tunnel of sorts
<even> yes, a bad maze :)
<even> opps
<uboy> a corridor perhaps
<even> but i still like the wrecked state too
<even> of the re-de-construction
<uboy> yes, that should be maintained
<even> so real messy like but structured
<uboy> no matter what else
<even> heroic or what
<uboy> proto heroic?
<even> back to the monument 
<even> to the folks who srm'ed badly
<uboy> somewhere between collapse and reconstruction
<even> plus we need to melt you wax bottles somewhere too
<even> but later
<uboy> yes, or to the transitional moment and those who die in 
it's pursuiot
<even> gates
<even> doorways
<uboy> potentials
<even> yes
<even> hmmm
<uboy> the ambiguity... is this real construction or not; where 
is the site of the monument
<even> well here we go again being indecisive, well it could 
certainly be underconstruction
<uboy> or even re-construction
<even> have a cavity - cinder block oblesik thing inside that 
goes to the ceiling
<even> or maybe a plywood casting structure
<even> ready to be poured with concrete
<uboy> or perhaps a monument made by taking away instead of 
building up
<uboy> take down walls
<uboy> if they'll allow that
<even> we are doing that already with the bad temporary walls 
at least
<even> nah offices adjacent
<uboy> hhmm... the negative space is interesting... the empty form
<uboy> ready for casting
<even> yup
<even> or already used
<uboy> which then is provisionally a booth of sorts
<even> ah-ha
<uboy> while waiting to be filled
<uboy> that i like
<even> must visit construction sites soon
<even> see how they are made and if i can have it bits left over 
<uboy> yes, that's very nice
<uboy> very nice
<even> but it would be easy to assemble anyway
<uboy> i know they often use large cardboard tube for columns
<even> spray the inside with concrete 
<even> yea
<uboy> so they whole thing is just waiting to be filled... very 
<even> but for an oblesik thang we need steps, and phallus!
<even> you just love that potential stuff
<even> dont you :)
<uboy> yes, of course
<uboy> the double reading of it
<uboy> well, it could either be the base or the top coming up 
through th floor
<uboy> like a partially sunken obelisk
<even> coming thru the floor might be tricky to make look 
convincing but I like the idea
<even> but a platform around it would give the impression
<uboy> a walk way of sorts?
<uboy> or scaffolding?
<even> yah
<even> will all be good
<uboy> yes
<even> and well the base could be in tha basement, only made of 
<uboy> yeah, the drippy root
<even> well it could be stuck in the ceiling
<even> maybe
<uboy> basement ceiling?
<even> stilll not sure bout the basement tho
<uboy> yes, one breakthrough at a time
<even> ok true
<even> hehehehe
<uboy> :)
<even> well that is a few more things for the list
<even> but we still need to think big maybe (for kicks) as Niall 
suggested, just in case some funding comes thru
<uboy> materials list?   
<even> list of things to be made
<uboy> right
<even> but maybe not, just proceed as planned and see what emerges
<uboy> yeah, i think so
<even> the tafita might be the bonus for example
<even> but we do need to thinnk of some descrete objects too
<uboy> the day he hands over a big check, we'll hand over big ideas
<even> true indeed
<even> like to sell to the celtic tiger if he shows up :)
<uboy> well, how discrete?
<uboy> celtic tiger?
<even> well like some 2d things maybe (but lets not compromise)
<even> too much
<uboy> yes, well bridge images have that possibility
<even> i still have that stabbing sunset i did ages ago and need to 
<even> should send u a pic
<uboy> yes, do
<even> well i have to do it analogue so i will wait for other 
things to get somewhere over the next week as i plan to bust as soon as 
they next 2 days family parties subside
<even> which also means i should zzz too
<uboy> ok
<uboy> yes, sounds good
<even> so u gonna go cut some foam? (sounds so geh!)
<uboy> sure will
<even> julie always ssaid thats all she ever did in exhibitions
<uboy> when next?
<even> maybe we should wait till jan2? 
<even> if thats ok
<uboy> yes that and labels
<uboy> jan 2 is ok
<even> ahh the glory days
<even> what u up to tomorrow night then?
<even> times square? 
<even> :)
<uboy> back to gallery day for me... so around midnight your time?
<even> huh?
<even> oh ok
<even> cool
<uboy> not sure for tomorrow
<uboy> probably not times square, but maybe
<uboy> and you?
<even> family thing
<even> no escape
<even> anyway, good to chat finally
<uboy> well, at least you can drink a lot
<even> well since i cant drive i may aas well
<uboy> yes, and nice to speak with you yesterday
<even> the voice
<even> but i am getting used to you being words on screen (v wierd)
<uboy> yes
<uboy> yeah, i was just about to say the same thing
<even> lol
<even> its an oddly different relationship
<uboy> :)
<even> can we handle the real-us when it comes to the crunch?
<even> did you check out that other irc - mit project btw?
<uboy> yes, technology has worked it's magic and the project has 
sneaked up behind us!
<even> gawd i hope so
<uboy> yeah, checked out some of the projects
<uboy> all lame, the ones i saw
<even> yup
<even> pointless
<uboy> cu see me yuckiness
<uboy> the technology advances too quickly
<even> yes i came across a cuseeme performance thing... so silly
<uboy> yes
<even> anyway bye for now
<even> we rule
<uboy> yes, happy new year
<even> auld lad
<even> etc
<even> best to alison for the new year too
<uboy> thanks... and to your family as well
<even> rbay
<even> uhh
<even> right back at yah
<uboy> guess i get to meet them soon enough
<even> and more
<uboy> see you on the 2nd
<even> o
<even> k
<even> night
<uboy> later
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