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<even>   hey
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<uboy>   hello
<even>   hi
<even>   how goes it?
<even>   my visitors are almost gone...
<uboy>   ok, back to the gallery today
<even>   and was it lvely mr registrar?
<uboy>   were you sleeping on the floor?
<even>   add an o
<uboy>   yeah, very busy... and saw jeff weiss on the street today
<even>   ahhhhhhh
<even>   was he talking about the amazing jello cube?
<even>   did you hear about that one yet, the latest prodigy
<uboy>   no, didn't converse much
<uboy>   heard a little
<uboy>   he was with some girlly, but didn't introduce me
<uboy>   maybe that was her
<even>   annn told me all about it, faculty rifts etc, usual crap, ... 
could be her
<even>   apparenlty the undernet is in trouble tonight? so watch out
<uboy>   jesus, thank god to be away from all that fucking bullshit
<even>   so let me dcc you
<uboy>   ok
<even>   some little pics of what i did between baby today
<even>   letters on leatherette
<uboy>   look cool; are they embossed or painted on?
<even>   embossed, with blue carbon paper ink
<uboy>   monograms of sorts...  lost loves/obssesion?
<even>   i was thinking of putting them on a big map of the world
<even>   like every major port (dangerously close to a story but what 
the hell)
<uboy>   that's good actually
<even>   well it is 2d
<even>   he he
<uboy>   something very naughty about it
<even>   yes all the letters are a little mysterious, the are 37 squares
<even>   mix that with the foot fetish codes and you are away
<uboy>   so, are they actually names??
<even>   well the are abbrevations of the leathertte name - wgn=watergrain
<even>   but the code is just gonna be there waiting to be broken unless 
you feel a legend would make better?
<uboy>   well, it will keep people guessing, anyway
<even>   msg=mustang
<even>   lic=lincoln
<even>   pig=pig
<uboy>   no, should always be unclear... legend not needed
<even>   indeed
<uboy>   message
<uboy>   license
<uboy>   pig
<even>   you got it!
<uboy>   long island city
<uboy>   whiskey, tango, delta
<uboy>   good code crossover; i like it
<even>   do you remember that amazing helium chart i picked u at a death 
sale last year?
<uboy>   vaguely
<even>   the transport properties of helium etc with big blue chart thing?
<uboy>   remind me
<uboy>   sort of recall
<uboy>   are you using it?
<even>   well i just think that would be cool close by (all very obvious 
library material me thinks?)
<uboy>   map, chart, telescope... yes it all works
<uboy>   looking , longing
<even>   enthalpy=pressure diagram H/(RTo)-LOG10[p/po]
-> [even] PING
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy>   entropy and enthalpy, good
<even>   well i was a 2 second, you are a cool 14
<even>   indeed
<uboy>   well, it seems as if some things are coming together...
<even>   just need to plot the chart with another curve, might scan a 
bit and e-mail it to you to remind you of it
<even>   stop getting cocky
<uboy>   but where now? i hope the server is running soon
<even>   i have a feeling it wont be till daniel gets back
<even>   so it gives us a chance to fill in some blanks on the story front
<even>   but i am more interested in getting things made at this point and 
especially with this free week ahead
<uboy>   not cocky in the least, just checking where we are
<uboy>   yes, i also am in the getting things made mode
<even>   i drove yesterday for the first time in four months so i can now 
go shopping at will for materials
<uboy>   excellent
<even>   but i have to get into this lens casting thing, any tips for thin 
circular objects
<even>   where to leave the hole for the casting etc... edge i reckon
<uboy>   surplus lenses??... or take outs from cheap magnifying lenses?
<even>   no i have carved a bunch, all the size of the base of a wine 
<uboy>   oh, ok... hole, yes edge i would think
<even>   its just that i need to get down and dirty with it all
<uboy>   and a 2 part mother mold
<even>   yes, i have the latex stuff for the tricky ones which are like 
domes, hollow inside etc
<even>   how is the foam tape doing?
<even>   have you gone mad yet?
<uboy>   almost 1000 feet
<even>   cool
<uboy>   will get several hundred more tonight
<even>   trooper
<uboy>   and finish it all this weekend
<even>   so else where we need to get the e-mail thing figured, 
can you send me e-addresses you want it sent to
<even>   especially famous and important people etc
<even>   har har
<even>   hey?
-> [uboy] PING
<even>   you seem to be dead
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy>   chair molds are coming along
<uboy>   i was very excited after the last chat re: the negative space 
<uboy>   was checking out construction sites in the city
<uboy>   or one at least, but they were building the forms for huge 
concrete pillars
<uboy>   yeah, right
<uboy>   don't really have many... just a few friends i guess
<even>   wow what a lag all that came at once
<uboy>   hi
<even>   hey
<uboy>   just thinking about location of the bits we are both making
<uboy>   and video things
<uboy>   hello
<uboy>   hello
<uboy>   hi
<uboy>   24 sec lag here
<even>   what of the great monument then... should there be an inside? 
is it a booth or a restraining thing? like a scarcaf-a-cus
<even>   yes and there is the videao things too, guess they get included 
in the monumnet mess thing ?
<uboy>   yes, definitely an inside and perhaps also little 
shaftway/crawlway/tubes as well
<uboy>   are you still thinking of prop buying things?
<even>   we should skectch bits i suppose to try an figure the space out, 
it has a very low ceiling that is solid btw
<uboy>   and also what of mr. radio announcer.. i like that idea very 
very much; and if not him then some other
<even>   well yea the prop thing I was hoping to get done with ann but 
i dont know now that i reckon it it a phone call thing that now needs some 
contrasting visuals instead of shopping? maybe not
<even>   the lonley prop buyer
<uboy>   yes, the lonely prop buyer; the unsuccessful prop buyer
<even>   coz my friend reckoned about half the stuff would be real hard 
to find and it would take a week if we were to hire her to do it proper
<even>   if only we had money
<even>   which we might
<even>   have you checked out the iona homepage... or .com
<uboy>   well, i was pricing airline tickets and think i can get it for 
under $400, meaning that i'll have some cash to spend on other things
<uboy>   will check page now
<even>   thats the logo they want on the invite i guess
<uboy>   that orbix web logo?  good enough for me if they're giving cash
<even>   lets hope they bite
<uboy>   yes
<even>   so anyway
<uboy>   right
<uboy>   we keep going on all the bits and integrate shortly?
<uboy>   trade pics etc?
<even>   yes i will get snapping this week since you are in the dark a 
little i feel about me
<even>   plus i never got those bridge pics i promised
<uboy>   ok, good... but i guess i have some idea of where you're coming 
<uboy>   i hope anyway
<even>   i think we do dont we
<even>   but there are a few unresolved corners (and basement)
<uboy>   yes, we're a long way off from many things still
<even>   think about the club idea for the basement a little, how to make 
a social spce thang maybe even
<uboy>   will it ever be used? or is that the beauty... non-use
<even>   well there will be one club night during our thing
<even>   so either we go with it or ignore it and do something else
<uboy>   some sort of illict lounge rendered neutral?
<even>   well it is a big blank space
<even>   alrady
<uboy>   well, something to think about
<even>   or to avoid if time does not permit
<uboy>   yes, that's plan B
<even>   but the video surveillance thing might still be easy to rig
<even>   oh oh oh
<even>   i have dar robinson on video btw
<uboy>   you do!
<even>   terrible stunt program on yesterday that i taped a  bit from
<uboy>   the discovery channel did something on him recently
<uboy>   which stunt was it?
<even>   it is him as clint eastwood going off a pier on a motorbike
<uboy>   oh, yeah
<even>   missed most of the program tho, 'hollywoods greatest stunts etc'
<uboy>   right
<even>   now i understand m barney even better
<uboy>   hold for dcc
<even>   all that cold fire repellant gel stuff
<uboy>   yes, a lot there to exploit
<even>   or avoid :)
<uboy>   this image is the cn tower stunt
<even>   ok
<even>   think i saw a bit of that in the credits
<even>   real dross tv 
<even>   groovey
<even>   i can fly!!
<uboy>   well, we'll see where it goes
<uboy>   yeah
<even>   so we should make some big ridiculous plans to frighten niall 
into finding money for something in the basemnet i reckon
<uboy>   yes fill it with some mateial
<uboy>   material
<even>   just what i was thinking
<uboy>   like? fabric, foam, insullation?
<even>   it will have to be peole friendly and smoke too
<uboy>   deaden sound
<uboy>   yes, that's the difficult part - safety
<even>   well it already is as it is a concrete bunker really
<uboy>   can't have a maze of fire death
<uboy>   yes, but it must echo?
<even>   yea
<uboy>   or at least bounce sound around
<even>   furniture arrangements might be a good start like in the inter 
pages stuff
<uboy>   yes, fill it with furniture possibly
<even>   yah with a covering too and more
<uboy>   must think about it, so that it works in an equvalent way that 
the garden did to the lilac festival
<uboy>   a covering?
<even>   yes that what i waas reckoning in trying to do
<uboy>   well, what "club issues" can be worked with esp. in relation to 
<uboy>   ?
<even>   it should be performance orientated... games maybe
<uboy>   economic developemant of the area?
<even>   well the oblesik thing is doing that already
<uboy>   right, and has to fit it with the rest of the project... hhhm
<even>   it does
<uboy>   well, where is the "actual" club area
<uboy>   ?
<even>   well it will be in the basement as far as i understand
<uboy>   oh, ok  i thought the basement would be secondary... that changes 
it somewhat 
<even>   there also might be more room in the ground floor area as today i 
went by and the side area by the reception was cleared out
<even>   dont know if they will fill it back up again
<uboy>   i'm trying to think of how something we do in that situation 
avoids falling into just decoration
<uboy>   how it could have an actual, possible effect
<even>   but decoration is ok really
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<even>   but i agree it should be secondary
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<even>   another lost one
<uboy>   yes, decoration is ok, but shouldn't it negotiate some kind of 
middle path instead of falling on the side of pure decoration...easily consumable 
as just and only  that i mean
<even>   yes
<uboy>   or maybe it is all just context
<even>   but in the basement it can allow some freedom as it will be more 
installation oriented instead of the random objcts elswhere that have to compete 
with the building
<uboy>   yes, absolutely my point
<even>   we are so in sync!
<uboy>   maybe we could also find a way to play the live connectivity of 
the web shit... fake cu seeme web broadcast
<uboy>   make people in basement believe that they are connected to 
something/place else?
<even>   yah
<even>   sounds tricky
<even>   too many chandeliers to make in the mean time
<even>   :)
<uboy>   yeah, could just be that we attach rhetoric and suggestion of 
such a situation without really doing anything high tech
<uboy>   all that could suggest the arrangement of the furniture , etc
<uboy>   or something like that... a great non-event; don't know
<even>   yes the awaiting event
<uboy>   yes, but correct taht for now there is more than enough to do
<even>   any moment now ladies and gentlemen!
<uboy>   yes, very millenial... (yuck sorry)
<even>   ya a big clock!
<uboy>   everything nowadays is millenial, did you notice?
<uboy>   yeah, though.. that might be nice somehow
<even>   so sick of it
<even>   very y2k maybe
<uboy>   the different time zone thing?
<uboy>   also like the in/out of sync suggestion
<even>   yah true enought, the world zones of auto-folks awaits you all
<even>   it  could be the sex that is missing elsewhere?
<even>   and here too of coursse
<uboy>   it could also be the wrong time?  like off by a specific ammount 
of time  10 minutes
<uboy>   the missing ten minutes?
<uboy>   or could start out right then slow down?
<even>   no no lg did that at dx!!!
<uboy>   ahhhgghhh, you're kidding
<even>   yup the cover of that catelogue with the clock was it!
<uboy>   shit, yeah
<even>   tee hee
<uboy>   well, ok then place(or space) with sync time only implied by 
virtue of the live aspect of the web?
<even>   we need to rummmage around with this one
<even>   and i need to hit the sack too
<uboy>   yes, it has potential
<even>   there is some
<uboy>   right
<even>   so dream on (well i will)
<uboy>   ok, when next?
<even>   sunday or monday?
<uboy>   either works for me
<uboy>   sunday?
<even>   sunday... late ... 10-9pm if you can
<uboy>   yes, that's fine for me
<even>   ok then
<uboy>   see you then
<even>   happy taping
<uboy>   thanks... and happy embossing to you
<uboy>   night
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