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<schnauzer>    hey how r u strnager
<even>         hi
<even>         whats up with ya... do you come here often?
<schnauzer>    ok me crahing yer space like this?
<even>         nah, jim isnt here yet
<even>         he is late
<schnauzer>    so i can stay a little?
<even>         yes of course
<schnauzer>    :)
<schnauzer>    me busy
<even>         just dont expect to end up on the web site
<schnauzer>    back in the swing of things
<schnauzer>    school tomorrow
<even>         i am not swinging yet but trying
<even>         oh yea?
<schnauzer>    ha ha
<schnauzer>    try it u'll love it
<even>         yah right
<even>         so they painted the floor in arthouse green and purple
<even>         so horrible
<schnauzer>    how's things goin
<even>         a little on the edge
<schnauzer>    stripes?
<schnauzer>    or blobs
<even>         well one colour per floor actually
<schnauzer>    mmmmm
<schnauzer>    how's yer project goin dare i ask
<even>         lovely new years gift
<even>         well we are a little fired, or i am, need to settle and get to work
<even>         but i am easily distracted you see
<schnauzer>    fired or tired
<even>         opps
<even>         fryed
<schnauzer>    lol
<even>         but we are also enthusiastic
<even>         with limited spelling skills
<schnauzer>    good, in opreder
<schnauzer>    in order
<schnauzer>    listen big day for me sunday
<even>         whats happpening then?
<schnauzer>    doing my grading
<schnauzer>    for my blue tip
<schnauzer>    tkd
<schnauzer>    11am
<even>         hai yah
<schnauzer>    doin brunch after
<schnauzer>    with some pals if i can gather em
<even>         to celebrate your success
<even>         Mr Cuffe was mentioned in the paper yesterday
<schnauzer>    not countin my chickens or anything
<even>         cluck
<schnauzer>    yeah, taxis
<even>          hmmm
<even>         enda says hi btw... he is on another window here
<schnauzer>    yeah
<schnauzer>    anyhow if you're around sunday it'd be nice to see ya...
<even>         well i will be around for sure
<even>         where you gonna be like?
<schnauzer>    mmmm either my place or juice or the globe
<schnauzer>    there's nice jazz and pretty people at the globe sunday afternoon
<even>         oh yea, there are pretty people there all the time
<schnauzer>    me and oisin sax player were there last sunday
<schnauzer>    so mmmmmmmm.........
<even>         so yes i am so wrecked after xmas
<schnauzer>    how's leg
<even>         still fooling around and i should be knuckling down to stuff
<even>         i am without crutch now and driving too!!!
<schnauzer>    ok i'll leave ya too it?
<schnauzer>    wonderful
<schnauzer>    u'll be fit for dancin next
<even>         well my other is not here yet
<even>         well soon i will dance again YES
<schnauzer>    where IS he
<schnauzer>    u'll have to introduce me...
<even>         on his way back from work
<even>         crossing the brooklyn bridge as we speak no doubt
<schnauzer>    nice thought :~)
<even>         yes
<schnauzer>    what's chatzone like?
<even>         crap i just keep it open to keep my connection alive
<schnauzer>    yer connection?
<even>         to crappy indigo
<schnauzer>    o i understand
<schnauzer>    they cut u off otherwise right?
<even>         tends to happen yea
<even>         fuck jazzfm has some bad sounds on
<schnauzer>    what do u talk about with yer other?
<even>         about what to make
<even>         what to write
<schnauzer>    today fm isn't much better
<schnauzer>    i'm listenin to a nice cd
<schnauzer>    'slush' by op8
<even>         turn off that terrible station
<even>         is donal gone gone?
<schnauzer>    yeah 9-12 only
<even>         hey where is there an good accessible architecture library type place?
<schnauzer>    mmmmm looked for a while and found some things
<schnauzer>    they're not too useful though
<schnauzer>    what r u lookin for?
<even>         basic stuff really, builing tips too, casting concrete etc
<even>         basic = vague historical 
<schnauzer>    u need a book not a site
<even>         yah but i thought i would ask
<even>         :)
<even>         well we are doing this scaffolding structure and we need to figure 
a design
<schnauzer>    of course i'm a mine of information....
<even>         well you should be
<schnauzer>    if u have any particular questions
<schnauzer>    sol le wit
<even>         but this thing we need to discuss more, jim and me  before i ask u 
<even>         just so i dont sound real dumb
<even>         yes he is an inspiration to many
<even>         where is that wanker, i have been here almost an hour, revenge 
for me doing the same twice in the last week i guess
<even>         u there?
<schnauzer>    me yeah
<schnauzer>    sorry eireboy's tryin to send me something
<schnauzer>    what a jerk
<even>         yikes
<schnauzer>    u goin to use real scaffolding?
<schnauzer>    or something else?
<schnauzer>    timber?
<schnauzer>    u know in china they make their scaffolds out of bamboo
<even>         now eb is sending it to me?
<schnauzer>    very prearious
<even>         yea real stuff hopefully
<schnauzer>    for some reason i can't receive iot
<schnauzer>    maybe you can tell me what it's about
<schnauzer>    well?
<even>         yuk and scary
<schnauzer>    sweet or gross?
<schnauzer>    ok
<schnauzer>    well matched adjectives no?
<even>         esp coming from eb
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<uboy>         hello
<uboy>         sorry i'm late
<schnauzer>    hi i'm babysitting
<even>         hi hi
<even>         i just sent uboy e-mail saying i was gone to bed
<uboy>         hello
<even>         why so late? i am kackered
<uboy>         friend of even's?
<schnauzer>    yeah
<schnauzer>    pleased to meet ya
<schnauzer>    have a nice time on the bridge?
<uboy>         nice meeting you, too
<schnauzer>    ok i'll leave u too it
<even>         no no give some architectural advice first
<even>         heheheh
<schnauzer>    ciao :)
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<even>    hey
<even>    did you get my earlier e-mail?
<uboy>    sorry held up at work, then had to take care of some errands
<even>    thats ok, i am really tired tho
<even>    ran out fuel a little while back
<uboy>    yes?
<uboy>    just opened it... did yet get to list part
<uboy>    didn't
<even>    can you edit and send back to me
<even>    the floor thing is a bit of a problem
<uboy>    ok
<uboy>    meeting tomorrow?
<even>    yea
<even>    i need to have a good clue
<uboy>    yeah, green -- really?
<even>    and demand things
<even>    terrible colour
<even>    it will make the place all funky i reckon
<uboy>    and even the exhibition sp[ace is purple?
<even>    yes
<even>    makes the colour choice of the scaffolding thing very crutial or 
<uboy>    god, i wonder how we can use that as part of everything?
<uboy>    the color , i mean
<even>    well kind of but i wish we didnt have to
<uboy>    what happened with the cast?  what material were you casting?
<even>    the green in the cafe is more of an issue
<even>    well the moulds were a disaster thats all
<even>    i tried water -> ice and it ran through it
<even>    but i think i am just doing it all wrong
<even>    need to consult someone like i said 
<uboy>    you need a 2 part plaster mother mold with a slit inner mold maybe?
<uboy>    oh, water is difficult
-> [uboy  ] PING
<even>    i also need to zzz right now i am crashing sorry and the line is 
slow too
<uboy>    how about one side convex and the other flat? i.e. the mold lies 
horizontally , face down with an open back?
<uboy>    yes
<even>    thats what i had but i guess the casting substance needs to be more 
<uboy>    what do you have planned for the ice?
<even>    ot less, thicker
<even>    ice was a test thats all
<uboy>    but anyway, you should get to bed soon, i reckon
<even>    well the lens shapes are all different and so it is tricky
<even>    the moulds split at the edge 
<even>    how are coins cast?
<even>    oh yea they are stamped right?
<even>    the in point is a problem... can you e-mail me advice, think of how, 
plus comments on the list
<even>    zzzz
<even>    u there?
<even>    hey JIM
<even>    where are you my connection is still alive
<even>    [uboy   PING reply]: 8mins 18secs
<even>    wow
-> [uboy  ] PING
<uboy>    ok chat tomorrow re meeting atc?
<uboy>    etc
<even>    nah thursday going out tomorrow sorry
<even>    can you e-mail me advice, think of how, plus comments on the list
<even>    zzzzzz
<even>    hey
<even>    thi is silly
<even>    brb
-> [uboy  ] TIME
<even>    hey
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<uboy>    not sure about coins
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<even>    good night
<uboy>    possibly stamped
<even>    crazy lag going to re-connect
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<even>     hey
<even>     is this better?
<even>     guess not
<even>     i have to sleep
<even>     sorry
<uboy>    i'm trying to say goodnight, but the lag is preventing me
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