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<even>     hey there you are early
<uboy>     hello
<even>     i havent even read your e-mail as i just loged on
<uboy>     yeah, i actually left work on time today
<even>     good lad... things are buzzing eh?
<uboy>     yes, true
<even>     btw Niall wants to refund your flight money when the arts council money 
           comes in in late feb
<uboy>     any new developments today?
<uboy>     really?  well, that's very good news
<even>     well i send the letter off to iona and had a very good chat over the 
           phone with my 'contact' but dont get too excited, we will apparently 
           know tomorrow!!!
<uboy>     that's incredible!
<even>     indeed but he only found out in the letter about the autoerotic for 
           the first time so they might need some convincing!!
<uboy>     won't count chicken before they're hatched etc.
<even>     let me dcc you the letter while we are chatting
<uboy>     job well done!
<uboy>     ok
<even>     well hopefully
<even>     so i posted some photos of things and oblesiks in the blob section today, 
           have you checked the www site?
<uboy>     not yet, just logged on myself
<even>     btw Mike Fitzpatricks show opens tonight in Silverstein... you should go...
<uboy>     shit, wish i could
<uboy>     can't drag my tired ass back to the city
<even>     well thats ok really, not much warning
<uboy>     besides, must continue working here, eh?
<uboy>     do you know what he's done?
<even>     not really, something to do with lp's ?
<even>     heres the letter
<even>     dont find a typo please...
<even>     back to art after you finish the read
<uboy>     finished a quick skim... the show sounds great; i'm anxious to see it! :)
<even>     i am so excited about the annex space for the video and thing the foam 
           props should be there too, plus I reckon your foam tape can go all over the building, 
           as it is open from the ground floor to the top roof!! might be cool to have it end in the 
           door cabinet?
<uboy>     reads very well, actually
<even>     well thats what i used to do when i had a real job!
<uboy>     i'm also excited about this new space
<even>     tomorrow i will take stills of the building as it is fairly empty at 
           the moment
<even>     the green floor is so horrible
<uboy>     not sure how the tape should best be displayed... i'll have to send a pic
<even>     will it be strong enough to hang around the place
<uboy>     may be terribly unimpressive if not piled up
<even>     but i really like that coz the length is impressive enough
<uboy>     well, it can't take much pulling, but just may not look like much
<uboy>     hold on a sec, and i'll get a pic
<even>     k
<even>     well onto another issue in the mean time then... how do you feel about 
           the voice over being the prop-buyer looking for stuff over the phone? a one way chat, 
           just her voice?
<uboy>     sorry for delay... i'm back
<uboy>     her voice sounds fine
<uboy>     but
<even>     what were you thinking about the magic trick stuff?
<even>     but yea i know lack of sync?
<uboy>     i would like to have sound for the video thing i'm thinking about
<uboy>     me doing the tricks/rigs while singing the eagles songs
<even>     well imagine a vocal query of the items on the list, all awkward and odd
<even>     well what are the rigs etc?
<even>     maybe you can be in the background, on channel two?
<uboy>     the match tricks... love flares etc
<uboy>     little sweet noting constructions
<uboy>     nothing
<uboy>     mostly involving fire
<even>     right, so dont you think that the v/o could add dimensionality to these 
<even>     the conflation of the activities with troublesome phone calls
<uboy>     yeah, but guess i'm saying i'd like both soundtracks.. which may be what 
           you're saying too
<uboy>     i like the idea of her one way conversation
<even>     yea, and i like the idea of doing the two seperately maybe, very bad video 
           editing etiquette though
<uboy>     how so?
<even>     no thats how, really, the wrong way
<uboy>     you mean edit it roughly?
<even>     well i dont know if there will be time, but we could do it possibbly, Tony 
           the technician does that for us you see, ie the editing
<even>     you will just need to pump up on menatolin to avoid the jet lag!
<uboy>     yes
<uboy>     but could i send you the tape prior
<uboy>     ?
<even>     you could and i suppose the audio could be edited around it then, but it 
           might be ok to wait too
<uboy>     quality of these pics if aweful...but i was trying to them and chat at 
           the same time
<even>     where do you plan shooting it? and on what format? hi-eight or digital?
<uboy>     well, i'd shoot it at my apt... unless i can come up with a cooler 
           location in the hood somewhere
<uboy>     and not sure for format... probably hi-8
<even>     coz we are the edit suite is digital... i should check their machines, 
           i can get it converted to PAL real easy btw
<uboy>     whatever i can reant more easily/cheaply
<even>     well i was going to suggest a place here to shoot, a counselling/interview 
           room at this new college a friend is running
<even>     blank room
<uboy>     guess i don't know much about editing... what would be the easiest -- 
           shotting here or there
<uboy>     ?
<uboy>     room sounds cool
<even>     well it it really is just a time factor, as we will be installing pretty 
           heavily then so close to in camera edits would be good if you wnat to do it there
<uboy>     well, i'll try it here and see what i get
<even>     but maybe we could do it here, you could practice over ther etc, who will 
           shoot it anyway?
<uboy>     well, either tripod camera or don't know
<even>     oh a self shoot?
<uboy>     alison? scotty? dave?
<even>     oh ok then.. how is scotty btw/
<even>     ?
<uboy>     ok i think... haven't the time to talk with anyone lately...i've been 
<uboy>     but he works a good deal with the gallery
<uboy>     bartender etc.
<uboy>     the director thinks he's a goo guy
<uboy>     good
<even>     goo is more accurate
<uboy>     she's hired him to bartend at her 40th b-day party on sat.
<even>     lol
<uboy>     yeah.. goo  whoops   lol
<even>     well keepp me posted on your script ideas and we will see how it will come 
<uboy>     as i said pics are bad.. but give you some idea
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<even>     hi
<uboy>     ok back
<even>     nah pics are COOL
<uboy>     thanks
<even>     looks very obsessive 
<uboy>     well, hopefully not overly so
<even>     i really have to catch up with the things front, how many tapes have you 
           cast now?
<even>     you should check the site for my bits...
<uboy>     just tried the sire and server didn't respond
<uboy>     site
<even>     hmmm it works for me
<uboy>     what's with these freudian slips tonight!?
<even>     no me for sure :)
<even>     must be the wine
<uboy>     it's probably aol..  i'll try again for a sec
<uboy>     just a long day i guess
<uboy>     have 12 tapes now... but going to make quite a few more
<uboy>     the mold is degenerating and producing nice effects
<even>     well i also taked to the PR lady today and we have decided on dates for 
           all that stuff, we need to discuss the image and possible layout for the invite, Niall said 
           he would design it which is good, we can do a two colours for the printing
<uboy>     crusty, moldy, melty
<even>     you do like those mold things dont you :)
<uboy>     yeah, fun
<uboy>     line image... or half tone?
<even>     half tone
<uboy>     oh, very nice
<even>     she also want PR photos to send to the press? i havent a clue what to 
<uboy>     i'm stumped for the moment , too
<even>     well maybe if things get made closer to the PR release date, which is Feb 9
<uboy>     well, that gives us some time; but i imagine the invite deadline is soon
<even>     well Niall needs a week to do it inc the printer time so it needs to be 
           ready by Feb 1 ish to send out Feb 6
<uboy>     well, are any of the 2d things you're working on suited?
<even>     i mean the logo is not reallyy that interesting, another odd image would 
           be better, they are interested in having it an odd shape maybe
<even>     well possibly my 2d world might suit... 
<uboy>     or, some piece of equipment/thing
<uboy>     video still?
<even>     that might be good too, we have time to think about it anyway, just keep 
           it in mind
<uboy>     shot of oddly banal space?
<uboy>     yeah
<even>     the bridge image thing is worrying me however...
<uboy>     yes
<uboy>     how far did we ever get with that?
<uboy>     battlefield landscape momument thing was what i best recall
<even>     nah i though it was also the underside of a bridge... maybe Comstock did 
           have something to do with it
<even>     you should post that stuff on the chat area btw
<uboy>     yeah, i'll post it tonight
<uboy>     well, i thought we moved from literally under to laterally through
<uboy>     re bridge that is
<even>     yes sorry i am so forgetful
<uboy>     not sure where that leaves or leads us now, though
<even>     well it does need to gel with the rope thing a little, or doesnt it?
<uboy>     gel it should
<even>     or even the ballroom original idea thing
<even>     considering the floor is green...
<uboy>     i still have a hard time believing that
<even>     apple green
<even>     a grassey knoll migh work though!
<uboy>     with an arm peeking over the crest?
<even>     the bridge is about 25 feet long tho, but i have to measure it proper
<uboy>     pic of velvet curtains?
<even>     where that come from?
<uboy>     i'm only judging from pics, but the space seems busy; so image should be 
           simple/graphically arresting?
<uboy>     curtains? from ballroom, baroque architecture, sensual material, stage 
<uboy>     looking through
<even>     right sorry being dumb here
<uboy>     nothing to do with chimps. :)
<even>     hehehehehe
<uboy>     you weren't being dumb, i just was throwing it into the ring
<even>     well there was that cool stately house i was at before xmas, palladian 
           though, could get a mad panorama etc with alterations of course
<uboy>     yes, could be cool   the roon or site of something
<even>     well there is an amazing organ room, plus an amazinlgly unkempt formal 
<even>     all the hedges are wobbly and curvey instead of square and perfect
<uboy>     hhmm.. the overgrown garden is a nice image
<even>     well it is just badly trimmed
<uboy>     that's nice too
<even>     it is but i saw it in the dark... by moonlight with my sister
<uboy>     well, you could shoot it at night.  use big funds to do big light set-up
<even>     i dont thing so!
<even>     it is all square like, with really cool cliche conical yew trees
<uboy>     too much, eh.. rit flash back. 
<even>     yikes
<uboy>     alter or not?
<even>     well add bits maybe
<even>     dont think a hedge is that mind-blowing really
<even>     maybe it is
<uboy>     depends on the hedge, i guess
<uboy>     add our own touches though
<uboy>     something that relates to cafe area and chandelier perhaps
<even>     yea but he things in my brain right now are way too obvious
<uboy>     mull it for a short while, i suppose
<even>     t
<uboy>     a dual space thing
<even>     maybe the furniture can make an appearance here
<uboy>     in the garden?
<uboy>     the new cafe furniture?
<even>     in the hedge
<uboy>     well, there's something nice about that - using the nice new furniture 
           for something else
<even>     or even nasty foldaway stuff, the aftermath of a mad horray party 
<uboy>     what are they doing with the old stuff , btw?
<uboy>     party aftermath = alex, no?
<even>     well it just flipped back into my brain sorry
<uboy>     that's ok
<uboy>     we could smash the old stuff to bits or something?  well, sort of violent 
           i guess
<even>     ahh kill alex ideas!
<even>     gees what else did we need to chat about anyway
<even>     as time is getting late
<uboy>     well, schedule issues perhaps. but we covered some of that
<uboy>     actually, i'm wrecked tonight
<even>     well the site will be launched next week so we need to write a couple of 
           different pr stuff, one for press and one for amigos
<uboy>     yes
<uboy>     how is it launched any more so than it is now?
<even>     thru the e-mailing thing and press notification
<even>     plus search engine listings
<uboy>     right, i just realized that after i wrote my question
<uboy>     sorry
<even>     but they are really untogether about the e-mailing and dont really have 
           a good list yet
<even>     so it will be a little low-key
<uboy>     that's ok
<even>     yea
<uboy>     i do want to talk more about the new space and how we'll use it, 
           but i'm fading fast here
<even>     so like i guess i will let you go ... check the pics on the site
<even>     you fading, its 1:30 here mate
<uboy>     i stayed up till 1:00 last night working, then got up at 6 to work for 
           a couple more hours before going in to work
<even>     ok ok sorry we are both pushing it really
<even>     except i am avoiding the real world for a bit
<uboy>     no big deal, just taking care of business
<even>     yah
<uboy>     ok, so when next?
<even>     maybe saturday or sunday? i will call you if we get the sponsorship
<uboy>     sunday is better for me.  must attend that b-day party after work.
<uboy>     on sat i mean
<even>     thats ok... later in the evening is best for me, 10 pm like?
<uboy>     sounds good to me
<even>     ok then
<uboy>     ok
<uboy>     panic diminished for now
<even>     it has but i need to make... the casting advice is tomorrow btw, your 
           advice was good
<uboy>     you're doing a good job staying on top of everything
<even>     but i may go horizontal as the way to go
<even>     i feel like a manager not an artist
<uboy>     where would the inlet be?
<uboy>     yeah, lol
<even>     well having mould base norizontal with the indent and the negative space 
           fitting on top and displacing the casting stuff though some channels, with latex involved too
<even>     make sense?
<uboy>     sort of, injection casting then?
<even>     well displaced stuff really, spillover instead of injection or pour to 
           maintain edges
<even>     anyway i will find out more tomorrow
<even>     fading here too
<uboy>     yes, i'm curious. let me know what you find out
<even>     ok
<even>     night then
<uboy>     ok, see you on sunday
<uboy>     bye
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