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<even> where are you Jim?
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<uboy> hello
<even> hi
<uboy> what's new?
<even> so how is the pressure down your end? i am freaking
<even> made a macquette of the chandelier though and have questions
<uboy> yes, quite nervous here
<uboy> what are the questions?
<even> like how much hair will be needed to jam the knots, i think lots
<even> maybe horse hair should be used?
<uboy> yes i think that much human hair is expense
<uboy> and difficult to get
<even> well i was gonna go ask some hairdressers etc
<even> sweep the floor for a day!
<uboy> well, that's a good solution; but also potentially disgusting
<even> of course there are those cheap extensions that you can buy in 
convenience stores, like the one near the Fedder building, seen any such thing in NY? 
extension for a buck !
<uboy> makes it even creepier
<uboy> haven't checked, but i'm sure there are plenty of places in my 
<uboy> for fake hair etc,
<even> coz that is harder here in lovely white ireland
<uboy> i'll look tomorrow, sure i can find something synthetic very easily
<even> reckon we would need long strands anyway
<even> cool
<uboy> how did the maquette trun out?
<uboy> turn
<even> well ok
<even> just strung a bit of it
<even> needed to visualise the problem a bit
<even> i am feeling a little challenged in the making department
<even> but i'll get over it
<even> i'll try post a pic
<uboy> i'm certain you will
<even> did you see the new views of arthouse i posted?
<uboy> haven't yet ftped them
<uboy> will do tonight
<even> the www bits works ok, was not too slow for me
<even> i have been moulding too
<even> which is going so so, made some ice tests and they are a little wonky
<even> the lens shapes that is
<uboy> btw, liked how all the bits look on the site
<even> yes bits
<uboy> what are the lens shapes image you posted
<uboy> ?
<uboy> the lenses or the molds?   couldn't tell
<even> they are the lenses for the telescope, the plaster ones i carved and am 
now trying to cast
<uboy> but liked how they looked
<even> i thing our aesthetic should be mega-riggy
<even> not finished, not slick, not cool, just crappy
<uboy> i think it will be
<even> hehehe
<uboy> lol
<uboy> we're right on track then :)
<even> so it is a tad hellish at the mo here, what have you been up to?
<uboy> well, the chair molds are coming along; but time consuming
<even> i bought a book on tieing knots too
<even> what is the chair to be cast with?
<uboy> making 2 fresh bottle molds
<even> to bring with you?
<uboy> more cassette casts
<uboy> well, they could be brought with me, but want to get a good stock of bottle
prior to arrival
<even> what do we do witht he bottles? they are in wax right?
<uboy> i'll look for little heaters tomorrow for melting rig
<even> ahh the melt, we can get heaters here too, yours wont work here
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<even> yo
<even> <uboy> well, they could be brought with me, but want to get a good 
stock of bottle prior to arrival
<even> <even> what do we do witht he bottles? they are in wax right?
<even> <uboy> i'll look for little heaters tomorrow for melting rig
<even> <even> ahh the melt, we can get heaters here too, yours wont work here
<uboy> yeah, but i want to do tests to get the melting rate right
<even> right, slow i guess, very ann hamilton :)
<uboy> don't recall or know any piece she did like that
<even> in seattle and Spoleto, wax heads in vitrine at top of building melting thru 
<even> maybe a hot light is all you need to disfigure them slowly like your bunnies
<uboy> hmm, oh well... can also smash them against wall as well
<uboy> true.. heat light might do the job
<even> dont worry
<even> so i need some advice on the soap box design too
<uboy> and cast a nice glow ; similar to the uv photo thing
<even> did you ever have one
<uboy> no, never had one
<even> well i was thinking rectangular, old style not like the ones i sent you
<even> crate with wheels etc
<uboy> but, simple and not slick, as you said
<even> with a crushed pointy bit i suppose
<uboy> yes, like in black and white films
<uboy> very comedic/tragic
<even> yup
<even> guess i should macquette it too before i plunge into the real thing
<even> i just need engineering advice with everything!
<uboy> in that case, a plank could form the bottom
<uboy> well, i'll do a few drawings and send them your way
<even> but is has a very odd way of attaching to the wall, ceiling but i have a few 
<uboy> since it need not support any real weight, it should be fairly simple to do
<even> attached from tip, but needs to be covered etc
<uboy> right
<even> i trust you
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<even> just feed me the its ok lines, i need them
<uboy> it will be just fine, the difficult part might be finding balsa of the correct 
<uboy> have you yet found any?
<even> i have found some in 4 inch width and 36 inches long
<even> in various thicknesses
<even> it will be fine
<uboy> that sounds good; expensive?
<even> about $4 a wack
<even> but i need to check the prices again, cant find where i wrote it down
<uboy> that's a good price
<even> need to go slip shopping too soon, when the money comes in!
<even> i hope
<uboy> as do i
<uboy> used slips , of course?
<even> i am going to the theatre with Mr Iona and Ann tomorrow so i might know 
something after
<even> yea used
<uboy> actually, do thrift shops carry used slips?
<even> well yes i think, all kinds of underwear here, yukky y-fronts too
<uboy> good, sounds great
<even> daniel is back tomorrow... need to post dailies, please?
<uboy> ok, will do tonight
<uboy> did you post yet?
<even> well just something about judson scott right now!
<even> we just need to start trying to use it a bit more, besides you have loads of 
stuff to post anyway, should be easy
<uboy> yes we should begin posting more
<uboy> i might put the dar memoir there
<even> well it is a transitionary place supposedly
<even> plus we need to do some lateral chatting soon and less of this practical stuff 
although it is important
<uboy> yes, we should probably reserve some time for that... i mean specific chats 
devoted to only that
<even> yea
<uboy> so practical stuff doesn't creep in too much
<even> but my current panic negates such thoughts
<uboy> yes, as i said last time... i want to finish physical work here in a few days
<even> oh right, but i will be getting real physical over the coming weeks instead
<uboy> leaving time for video, things going on over there, and so much more
<even> and if the money comes thru i may get a little helper too to speed things up
<even> well you have a job too
<even> i just need one
<uboy> helper would be very good
<uboy> how's the leg?
<even> its ok, i only had one crutch day last week
<even> otherwise i limp nicely
<even> and drive with a limp
<uboy> :)
<uboy> well, help might also be nice when we are installing, the monument thing 
<even> yes Niall mentioned that already
<uboy> saw the pics of the base of the monument
<even> they are not great but a model nonetheless
<even> do you approve?
<uboy> yes, i like the idea of that negative space
<even> i was trying to explain it to the casting guy and he didnt really get it!
<uboy> a room surrounded by a smaller crawl space
<even> yea, do we need anything inside it?
<uboy> not sure about the inside
<uboy> a reason to hang out in there?
<even> what of the fabric (if we get it) - panels or wrapping or?
<uboy> i thought panels around scaffolding, but not sure
<uboy> might be too literal of a construction site?
<even> well like your sketch but i am sure it will be TOTALLY different
<uboy> yes
<even> well it will be hard to avoid considering the materials unless we do someting 
else with t
<uboy> it might be nice to get light effects through a semi sheer type of fabric
<even> the lights there are pretty crap and fixed more or less
<uboy> just the daylight filtering through  could be nicely atmospheric
<even> it should be
<uboy> part tent like feel
<uboy> the transitional enclosure or space
<even> well yes that may be a way forward but trans is better
<even> i do wonder how it will be interpreted, if it will be seen as such a thing, 
so full of potential etc
<uboy> yeah, well in light of all the other bits in the rest of the building, i'm 
not sure what peolpe will think
<even> yea too true
<even> they will just have to belive
<even> add an e
<uboy> right
<uboy> maybe some 2d work that will lead in that direction?
<uboy> like inside the plywood space?
<even> well dont count on it!
<even> any thoughts re the poly material stuff?
<uboy> the 10by10 sheets?
<even> yea
<uboy> sound very cool
<uboy> i don't have anything in mind for them
<even> think it will work? like the stab drawing... only the drawing not the background
<even> did you see that one?
<uboy> yes, i did see it
<uboy> confused, how do you mena not the background?
<even> well just the line drawing
<even> which is made from photo stuff too
<uboy> oh ok i see
<uboy> line which were cut out, right?
<even> right
<uboy> i like that
<uboy> light boxes with just theses line drawings
<even> yes sort of
<uboy> and the inards of the light box is then quite visible
<even> but with minimum lights too, and lines on the poly stuff, it is heavily ribbed
<uboy> or really just the panels infront of light strips
<even> yea
<uboy> yes, mounted an inch or two from the wall
<even> just checked the pic on the site, its a little dark
<even> well i would say 4-5 inches
<even> resting on chrome bolts!
<uboy> right, forgot the lights for a moment
<even> but maybe wood is more provisional
<uboy> no, this sounds better
<even> what?
<uboy> the lighting can be the more provisional part perhaps
<even> well yes it will look that way
<uboy> will there just be the one?
<even> well one 10x10
<even> and 4 5x5's
<uboy> taht's a lot
<even> map, chart, judson + ?
<even> they will be very last minute too probably
<even> hope we can get the material anyway, it is not definate yet
<uboy> well it would be nice
<even> hope so
<even> so anyway anthing else
<uboy> only partly slick
<even> lol
<uboy> well, nit much more at the moment i guess
<uboy> not
<uboy> i'll post those things tonight
<even> ok then
<even> i'll head to bed, have been wrecked recently
<uboy> ok
<even> so when next?
<even> tue or wed?
<uboy> wed would be good
<even> k
<uboy> very good
<even> watch out for macquette pics
<uboy> well, goodnight... rest well
<even> maybe
<even> bye the
<even> then
<uboy> bye
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