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<uboy> hello
<even> hi hi
<even> just sent you the disppointing news :(
<uboy> just got it
<even> oh well
<even> that was quick at least
<even> but like he  says he may or will buy something and he has friends too!
<uboy> yeah, not enough time to think how we would spend it all
<even> true enough
<even> well i made a scale model of the cart and am gonna do the real thing tomorrow
<uboy> really
<uboy> i'd love to see it
<even> plus got slips etc to make the parachute via sister skills on sowing machine
<uboy> great
<even> well it is cardboard and very embarassing
<uboy> how big will the chute be?
<even> crate with crushed pointy bit
<even> chute 8 ft circumfrence with fan to make billow
<uboy> very cool
<even> cart = 12 h x 22 l x 12 b
<even> not inc point
<even> very scary buying lingerie today esp with a limp
<even> not my scene
<uboy> i can imagine
<uboy> very funny
<even> well so re-launched myself on the dublin art scene tonight
<uboy> how so?
<even> well first opening in a while really
<uboy> anything good?
<even> met a nice old lady who wanted to know more about this new art and has a 
lovely address!
<even> nah mail art show, usual young irish art suspects
<uboy> ?
<even> well she might buy, got introduced to the Israeli ambassador!
<uboy> excellent
<even> i just love networking, i need to do it more
<uboy> it is the way to go, i fear
<even> so the pr stuff is off very soon
<even> met some folks tonight
<even> who were eadline heavy
<even> deadline
<uboy> yes, what more is needed?
<even> well the sculptor society newsletter want some photos over the next 3 weeks 
<even> and a blurb
<even> the blurbs i can manage, we need to project for visuals over the next week 
or so
<uboy> yes, but how to avoid images of little bits?
<uboy> or not?
<even> little bits are all we can muster i reckon
<even> which is ok
<uboy> well, we can add weight to them, i imagine
<even> or else something random, to screw with the publicity notion totally
<uboy> i like the side by sude rope thing
<uboy> side by side
<even> rope thing?
<uboy> perhaps something along those lines?
<even> i would prefer that
<even> coz images mean nothing
<uboy> well, the two images of the rope prototypes... yours n mine
<even> and it is the words that count
<uboy> that you posted
<even> no, i reckon we should go parallel with publicity too
<uboy> same but different... god even parallel working
<even> esp for irish stuff, really
<even> who will see it, we may as well have some fun
<uboy> yes
<even> so we will fish for a bit
<even> but the listings for mags and papers have to go out tomorrow apparently
<uboy> well, no images in those though, right?
<uboy> just listings?
<even> so i am heading in to hassle the pr lady in the morning first thing, 
images will be required in 2 weeks max
<even> but a pic would be nice to e-mail, do we have one you like from the 
index page? for example
<uboy> well, i'll attempt to make some interesting images
<uboy> of things and me
<even> well i was thinking of finding them too
<uboy> the headset, the mike, the guy and antenna
<uboy> probably not the headshots
<even> i like the A/E blob too
<even> i added a/e chap too yesterday btw
<uboy> it's ok, but too non-dicript and dismissable i think
<uboy> non-discript
<even> and bits elsewhere
<even> ok
<uboy> good, he was elsewhere prior ,eh?
<even> right on
<even> chap 2 too
<uboy> chap 2?
<even> yes i had not posted it over xmas
<uboy> i'll compile old images and new image candidates for this weekend
<even> plus did you check the wwwboard for my response to your Graves www
<uboy> for the pr, i mean
<even> k
<uboy> yes, saw both responses
<uboy> i've been doing some monument work
<even> oh yea?
<uboy> well, built a scale model
<uboy> and was thinking about the space
<uboy> it will be difficult
<even> really, we are in macquette mode eh?
<uboy> exactly, lol
<uboy> that space is so oddly shaped with low ceilings
<even> well it will be fine, i was checking the fabric today too, apparently blue 
tafetta is tough to get? but i have a good contact to check with yet
<uboy> how tall are the ceilings? they look low in pics anyway
<even> yes low it is
<uboy> and that really limits us
<even> well no
<even> the truncated thing would only work there
<uboy> well, i was thinking of it possible truncated and on it's side
<even> it is the scaffolding/fabric dilemma that needs  chat
<even> that would be very coffin like then, no?
<uboy> yes, it should all be conceived together if possible
<uboy> well, the base not the top
<uboy> let me quickly take a pic to demonstrate
<even> yah thats good, the base is the best bit
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<even> back
<even> but the casting ultra-metaphor may not happen then? would be all strange with a
side ways thingy? thats why the surround always seemed like it needed to mimic 
something, to be ref of another structure
<uboy> yes, still would be the mold for a cast
<even> it would just be more difficult to understand i guess, you are right
<even> but anyway... how long?
<uboy> 17 feet total
<even> really, i was gonna calculate that real soon, talked with Lea about 
it today even
<even> where is the pic i really meant
<even> hello?
<uboy> here it comes
<even> cool
<uboy> not too exciting , as far as models go
<even> well dcc away
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<even> yo?
<uboy> hello
<even> umm did you then?
<uboy> getting my dcc request?
<even> dont be ashamed, did you see my chandelier effort?
<uboy> whoops, sent to even
<uboy> you're difficult to keep track of
<even> getting
<even> slowly
<uboy> yikes very slow
<even> how big is 170090 bytes?
<even> chomp chomp (that was not a geek thing i hope)
<uboy> too big i think
<uboy> not at all
<even> just a slowish line i guess
<uboy> too slow... cancel?
<even> well is it compressed as a jpeg?
<uboy> yeah
<even> hmm
<even> strange?
<uboy> anyway, let's keep up the chatter
<even> well we are at 28% lets just chat in the meantime
<uboy> this thing would be bigish, opening in center would be 6 feet square
<even> and sideways
<uboy> the problem i encounterd when thinking about it was one of scale
<even> and somehow surrounded by the blue?
<uboy> i.e. how big must something be for one to go in?
<uboy> and how can that fit in the space
<uboy> upright must have a doorway or opening
<even> well sideways is more of a problem, upright folks can sqweeze into any 
which way
<uboy> opening like that would unnatural in a mold
<uboy> unnatural=would make it not at all look or feel like a mold
<even> well yea, but a broken *failed* one etc 
<even> but a hindged door would be ok
<uboy> maybe, but then it seems to lean more towards the booth side instead of 
atraddling booth/mold line
<uboy> straddling
<uboy> would, however, possible be easier to build upright
<even> well yea
<even> but what of the M Graves thing?
<uboy> did you have a general size in mind
<uboy> ?
<even> and the horrendous things people in the know would think?
<uboy> not sure about graves thing
<even> it is very funny
<uboy> yes, as is the mention of po-mo irony
<even> indeed
<even> but we can rally back from this crisis 
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<uboy> that was the washington monument this is the wellington
<even> fuck dcc got cut
<uboy> shit
<even> i can see half of it
<uboy> that maybe enough
<uboy> you get the idea
<even> yea it is
<even> i get the idea
<uboy> so anyway, i guess we need to do something between washington and wellington
<uboy> middle like i mean
<even> but up seems the way for me, with mystery lighting or that between yes
<even> the boot and the laundry machine
<uboy> well, sideways= both tunnel and booth, place to walk through but not linger
<uboy> but i'm not sure of which way to go
<even> well if there is a tunnel around ... as per A/E ref then booth of delights 
<uboy> it's very truncated if we put it up, though
<even> yea
<uboy> how tall is the ceiling?  look 9 feet or less to me
<even> but that tightness i like as it will be saved by the lovely fabric
<even> yea bout 9'
<uboy> the problem i came across is fitting it all in either up or side, and 
still having it look anything like the base of the monument
<uboy> yes, i agree, everything all crammed in is good
<uboy> ok, perhaps we can approach from the intention side of things instead of 
practicality.  what do we wish to be happening here?
<uboy> potential, yes
<even> hmm
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<uboy> abivalent situation... is it an actual remodel or what?  where is this 
<even> well yes it is an vague experience not to be had
<even> welly is in a big park
<uboy> should there be places to stop /sit
<uboy> sorry to confuse... the questions were supposed to be thoughts going 
through audiences mind  "is this a the real thing or not"
<even> well i even thought a walking sized platform/tunnel thing would be ok, 
slightly raised walkway etc
<uboy> yeah, i was thinking the same thing  which led to it being sideways
<even> oic
<even> yea i dont want anyone to crawl really
<uboy> you walk up steps to the inside which is then tilted at an angle
<even> that means it has to be structurally sound!
<uboy> right, the center opening is 6 feet square
<uboy> yeah, the thing is more like a pipedream... guess i was thinking bigish.  
actually very difficult to build
<uboy> so, perhaps upright is it
<uboy> i was also trying to think of ways of doing it without really doing it... 
fabric tunnels
<uboy> foam platforms
<even> i saw some cool pink foam today
<uboy> but i like the negative space thing still
<even> plastic lined on one side
<even> £20
<even> for toys
<uboy> how big?
<even> 4x8
<even> but could use here too
<uboy> that's very interesting
<uboy> well, i do still like the negative space.. and don't want to go to the 
well too many time re: foam products
<even> ok then
<even> the negative thing is in line strangely with the other cast stuff
<even> so we wander on 
<even> i was having similar visualisation probs as you anyway
<uboy> yes, were sure to stumble upon something
<even> couldn quite figure the whole
<even> t
<uboy> hopefully not our own feet, though
<even> but an interior light source was helping me see it nicely?
<uboy> yes, a trip to the lighting store also got me excited along those lines
<even> so in sync
<even> it sucks
<even> i always liked the statue at liberty at night with lights
<even> of
<even> heee heee
<uboy> you're so sentimental
<even> i wish
<even> thats another slight problem to work into everything
<uboy> i was thinking again about grow lights, daylight bulbs, heat lamps and 
the like
<even> met Jeanette tonight btw, sends her love
<uboy> very good
<even> yah a hot interior may be good
<even> warm and cozy like
<uboy> yes, just have to avoid fires
<even> plus i reckon we need the sliding steps on the base thing
<even> to add making dimensionality
<uboy> sliding steps?
<even> well like on welly, they are my favorite bits
<even> slanted
<uboy> oh, right, confused by "sliding"; those will be quite difficult
<even> nah 
<even> plus i like the nothing inside 
<even> but spray concrete
<uboy> but, now that we're on it, a warm interior is interesting..
<even> so disappointing yet warm
<uboy> should be conforting, but isn't
<uboy> comforting
<even> oh just like photography
<uboy> or art
<even> indeed
<even> could like the base with sugar (smells) to hammer the poin home?
<even> or another melty sweet thing
<even> like=line
<even> poin=point
<uboy> maybe, but then perhaps people think it's an oven and they are the cookie
<even> you are so techie
<even> u know what a cookie is right?
<uboy> oh, yeah
<even> so title should be "S.R.M. # xx, you are a cookie"
<uboy> some sort of trace, right?  indicates where you've been browsing?
<uboy> a monument to the above?
<even> yup
<even> to the total identity which is the cookie actually, right?
<uboy> unfortunately, fabric+heat=extreme danger
<even> but gentle heat will suffice
<uboy> how can we generate such?
<even> a small space heater, hot air etc!
<even> this is getting too close
<uboy> i guess we could duct it somehow
<even> well dont worry now
<even> ponder
<even> and ponder our amazing no budget, i am borrowing money btw based on 
potential sales and apparent job after tonight, museum is near end of strike 
so it would seem
<uboy> whoa... virus alert  dcc attempt
<even> happens all the time
<even> plus web art zine in duboin thing too ... (very signal tho)
<uboy> how much, if any, cash via arthouse?
<even> dunno
<even> here comes my mom from a flower club bash!!
<uboy> hi mom
<uboy> well, as i said, i can afford $300 - 500 or so
<even> she won a box of chocolates
<even> dont you worry
<even> Lea is working on other sponsorship thru her DAD
<even> so maybe
<uboy> it's no worry really
<even> just save that for drinking money
<uboy> freelance and bonuses add up
<even> i am confidant we will sell some things
<uboy> it would be nice
<even> between iona and Noel (man of the moment)
<uboy> i did also want to chat about recording the irc scripts
<even> really? with the duffy?
<uboy> well, is that's still possible   i think it would be great
<uboy> if
<even> ok i will make calls and try
<uboy> or perhaps hiring actors for audio or even video
<even> i have avoided it so far
<even> well hiring is out of budget really?
<uboy> you think... i mean bad actors even
<uboy> hungry actors
<even> they are easy to find but generally crap
<uboy> $50 a piece and they can read the script
<even> but the scripts, you want to animate them?
<even> me and u?
<even> but what of the non-stories?
<uboy> well, perhaps the charm comes from the actors failed attempts to infuse 
<even> yea it could work
<even> but £36 will get us nowhere
<even> more like £50
<even> or more
<uboy> how do i extend the time of the ignore list?
<even> ignore it
<uboy> you don't still have any acting connections?
<even> i had that earlier, wonder where it comes from
<even> well chatzone
<uboy> somehow autoget is off, but the dcc is still coming through time to time
<even> wonders of the web
<even> so zzzz
<even> 2am here
<uboy> right, well think about those two things - monument and script
<uboy> and goodnight
<even> i will call round tomorrow, and see bout j duffy, he could easily do both 
voices and be great
<even> but we are so boring
<uboy> perhaps, but i'm sure he can punch up the material
<even> thats what i hope too
<even> you will have to trust me on him i reckon...
<even> gees
<uboy> i do
<uboy> if he says no, think about actors or some other way of doing it
<even> i know a few who can connect me but they always want money
<uboy> next chat?
<even> fri or sat?
<uboy> both are ok; fri
<even> ok
<even> c u then
<even> watch out for pr posting in the meantime hopefully
<uboy> good, not sure if i'll have tons b/c of graham opening on thurs night; 
but keeping in touch is good
<even> yea
<even> well would sat be better then?
<uboy> maybe so, i'll be able to pull things together on fri night
<uboy> sat then
<even> ok theb
<even> n
<uboy> ok
<even> night
<uboy> goodnight
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