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<even> hey
<even> at last eh?
<uboy> yes hello
<even> so the cart is so cool... pics tomorrow... model making is so sappy 
<even> got wheels today too
<uboy> great, looking forward to it
<even> sorry about yesterday
<uboy> no problem
<uboy> did you make the nose section yet?
<even> get my *adgenda* ?
<even> ye sthe nose section is drying and waiting to be covered in paper, 
it is done like a model plane, all ribs etc
<uboy> yes i got it
<uboy> very cool
<uboy> re agenda... i won't be shipping for about a week
<uboy> video, yes
<even> just the crash will break my heart, although i reckon it will be a bent crushed thing
<even> thats fine re shipping
<even> video indeed, hmmm
<uboy> but invite is more pressing for now
<even> i am gonna wait for a bit to do the voice over, first week in Feb i reckon
<uboy> i guess
<even> yes is retro an answer
<even> coz we do have a v good designer to do it you see
<uboy> retro is fine with me
<even> what about the random imagery?
<uboy> just need an image
<even> should we use bits from the index page? but it is only 2 colour
<even> or something totally different
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<even> hi again
<even> <even> should we use bits from the index page? but it is only 2 colour
<even> <even> or something totally different
<uboy> hi
<uboy> well, a bit from index page is ok... 
<uboy> as we discussed earlier, my vote would be for headset
<uboy> done in 2 color
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<even> bad night for me here
<uboy> hello
<uboy> looks that way
<uboy> so, i said index is ok; and my vote wold be for headset
<uboy> but can you think of any other sources?
<even> well we could use some materials... foam, rope, balsa etc?
<uboy> on the invite?
<even> yes
<uboy> i just sent bottle pics to you including how my kitchen lloks
<uboy> big ass mess
<even> like a texture thing and let the typography do whatever else
<even> well you are a slob
<uboy> oh, i see texture
<uboy> i was thinking piles
<even> maybe your kitchen would be nice
<uboy> but texture is a good thought
<even> well piles too, but they can be painful!
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<uboy> your piles/my piles
<even> indeed, will mine are smaller but up here is a mess too
<even> oh here comes your pics
<uboy> good
<even> but piles would imply that we are such hardy makers?
<uboy> perhaps then piles with a retro layout.. like a small inset of something else
<uboy> that's the joke?
<even> yes, suppose the text is regular stuff... (yes i am such a spa maker)
<uboy> well, if not piles.. i still like the idea of you/me somehow; like we were discussing 
last time
<uboy> my version/your version of something
<uboy> strange pics of us at home?
<even> well your/mine bits are an ocean apart still (pic wise) so seperate... 
the boys at home ... i dont know
<even> but it would suit the dublin narcissistic trend in the art scene
<even> beautiful bottles btw
<uboy> thanks, i think it might work out ok with the bottles
<even> the parachute is done too... just needs some finishing and a fan
<uboy> well, i do like a provisional image thing that is then retro designed
<uboy> chute sounds great
<even> so will you do a shot of you in situ?
<uboy> something like that strange pic of the rope and my arm that i sent
<uboy> where it's hard to tell what's going on
<even> hmmm... maybe piles are more interesting than our body parts
<uboy> but perhaps co-ordinated vaguely between the two of us
<even> your head covered in foam tape
<uboy> right, well piles with part of us in the pic, perhaps
<even> well that gets back to the scrap book thing i suppose?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> then it could be hyper designed by niall
<uboy> or whoever is doing it
<even> but i reckon the pics should be minimal... any shape preferances, card or postcard 
like... niall suggested long and thin for example
<uboy> something distinctive would be a good change from usual postcard
<even> that is true and envelopes are not a problem but not too jazzy, i would like to keep 
it less prententious
<uboy> yeah, that's a good point
<even> so we will try some silly pile pics over the next few days, i am talking with him 
tomorrow about it
<even> did you get the pr blurb?
<uboy> ok, i'll try some tonight
<uboy> yes, got the pr
<uboy> it was ok
<even> they forgot the carriage returns? how many were listed in your 'to' section?
<uboy> ahhh...
<uboy> 3
<uboy> no, 2
<even> all arthouse folks i hope?
<uboy> yes
<even> well i just sent pr lady a quick response
<uboy> in which you wrote...?
<even> Hey Aisling Breen
<even> are carriage returns unfashionable? Never mind maybe it is just my mail server... tee
<even> hee... talk to you Tuesday
<even> anyway
<uboy> yes
<even> the oblesik?
<uboy> oh, yes
<even> and condensation
<uboy> it's still on
<even> as a mechanism?
<uboy> well, the first trick is how to fit it in the space
<even> no problem really
<uboy> the space is so narrow and short that i'm trying many options, but not really liking any
<even> just what to build really in scaffold is more worrying, that is the problem i was having
<uboy> well, the ceiling is 9 or 10 ft, right?
<even> but it feels bigger coz of the windows
<even> yes about 9 ft 
<uboy> tell me your obelisk design
<even> well i was wandering around the letters A and E
<even> piers for the E
<even> on in the A
<even> ob
<uboy> i'm confused
<even> depends of where the openings are thru fabric, if you can see the ob from outside
<even> well an letters A and E joined and 3d... point plus piers
<even> does that make any sense?
<uboy> still not with you quite yet... the ob will be composed of a giant A and E
<uboy> ?
<even> no no, the walls of scaffold will be in the configuration of A and E, picture overview, 
from above, 
<even> i was trying not to do a maze you see, or warren
<uboy> oh i c
<even> well what were your thoughts... i dont like mine too much... other configs were all 
silly... mabe a square would be ok too?
<uboy> yes, avoid the maze
<uboy> well, honestly i was more concerned about the obelisk, as it required the most 
engineering and scaffolding is relatively easy to move around
<even> ok
<uboy> but i gues it's better to think of them together
<even> well i think the oblesik would be fairly easy to construct
<uboy> the scaffolding may,ofcourse, actually have to support parts of the ob
<uboy> how will it convey ob in a room with such a low ceiling?
<even> yes all the supports have to be on the outside if it is to be a mold so maybe the 
scaffolding will help?
<even> well the base will give it away
<even> if we follow the welly monument for example
<even> as opposed to the DC ob
<uboy> true, but to be big enough to allow for human entry, and to also be to scale, 
the base would have to be too large to fit in the space
<uboy> or, too large to allow for any of the ob itself
<uboy> scale is the problem
<even> well maybe if we were being true, but i was thinking that three sides would be enough?
<uboy> in conjunction with being big enough for a person to go in
<uboy> perhaps, 3 is enough  but height may still be a problem
<even> you are such a downer...
<uboy> if we add up the height of the sloped step section, say 3 feet; and then 3 plus 3 
for next boxy base sections, then it's already nine feet
<uboy> well, it can be done... just trying to figure it out
<even> ok ok but we will just have to make the base much smaller, 4.5 feet max
<uboy> it could be enough to give people the feel o it
<even> i can see this being a bit of an installation nightmare
<uboy> that's ok, but then it will be proportionally smaller in width; meaning a person 
might not really fit inside
<even> i will get the exact ceiling height tomorrow
<uboy> well we can do it
<even> will there still be nothing to look at once inside?
<uboy> not sure about the inside, there should be something
<even> as we should make it as disappointing as possible
<uboy> but very parallel
<even> all that effort for nothing etc
<uboy> well, the thing itself is missing
<uboy> maybe something 2d that also conveys loss
<uboy> or potential
<even> yea but to see it there is this constricted route... with lots of hot air
<even> i think that is so pure, no silly image distraction, maybe just v/o of the Duffy?
<uboy> right, the experience is constantly deffered
<uboy> well, vo i like
<even> who i have not called yet... will summon courage tomorrow
<uboy> that and mood lighting
<even> right
<even> tafetta is generally a dark fabric btw
<uboy> whoops... i need a fact checker
<uboy> plastic will do though
<even> the quantity of that will really determine the config of the scaffold
<uboy> yes
<uboy> how will we be arranging for scaffold?
<uboy> through a/h
<even> so i guess the next stage really designing up a plan to make etc
<even> yes Niall is getting it thru a mate 
<uboy> good
<even> to borrow as opposed to rent (or rent for very little)
<uboy> right, otherwise very expensive, i'm sure
<even> well he said it would be no problem
<uboy> yes, well then plans in short order
<uboy> still there?
<even> for everything else?
<uboy> ?  perhaps concentration on the ob for the next couple of days
<uboy> video independantly until next week
<uboy> btw, i could properly unencode hedge images
<even> ok then
<uboy> COULDN'T
<even> really, they were just jpegs??
<uboy> try a dcc?
<even> ok
<uboy> if we firm up everything for ob by the end of this wekk, then wood can be ordered 
and cut to specs
<uboy> as weel as plastic/fabric and lights;  then move on to all our other schemes
<even> yes soryy the cat was attacking the cart
<uboy> lol
<even> anyway yes the light positioning and type is important... tube or bulb?
<uboy> so, if duffy say no, hire other voice over/actors?
<even> yes suppose so really, but i do know others too...
<uboy> washes from tubes might be nice; like coming from inside and under the steps section 
<uboy> daylight bulbs? grow bulbs?
<even> grow bulbs as before i suppose
<even> with no insect or plant life? 
<uboy> well, do we still want it hot inside?
<uboy> then some infra-red heat lamps on the outside maybe
<even> yes i think so, the warmth is good, it can just be one of those pseudo enviromental 
installation pieces
<even> infra-red will burn the building down
<uboy> actually, it might be nice to have a cool light inside, but the temp be unpleasantly 
<uboy> no, like the kind used to heat bathroom, or perhaps just strong floods
<uboy> the heat will build up from just reg hot flods i imagine
<even> well the only control would be inside the scaffold if contained as the reception 
connects thru to the rest of the building 
<even> what do you make of the hedges?
<uboy> well, control would be very low tech; like just determining the correct number of 
bulbs to heat it to desired temp
<even> yah]
<uboy> can't open; they're not jpgs... or not recognozed as such, anyway
<even> drag them into netscape
<even> shall i re-send?
<even> ?
<uboy> no, it's ok
<even> good
<uboy> strange little hedges
<even> yup, baroque or badly trimmed?
<uboy> so how to use, peeping through them?
<even> well there was the throw furniture in them!
<uboy> right
<uboy> lol
<uboy> forgot that one... smash all the old furniture
<even> well maybe that is a digital jobbie
<even> but it too needs more consideeration and a costing moreover as it is way long
<even> plus the lift needs chatting... the stickers? or whatever?
<uboy> the print?
<even> yea
<even> sorry i am fading and the words are missing sometimes
<uboy> that's ok
<uboy> haven't thought much yet about the stickers.. just that they should be self motivational
<even> think i will quit here and have some tea, a cig and try some photos if that ok
<even> thats
<uboy> yeah, i think we're ok for now
<uboy> ob and invite focus for the next couple o days
<even> yes my consultant is way on for a performance management analysis btw
<uboy> ooo, that's interesting
<even> for the club night thing, we just need to be artuculate and focused (or not at all)
<uboy> well, maybe he can analyze our merits and flaws and apply it all to other things somehow
<even> did u see the wierd message from Harlot on the wwwboard?
<uboy> no, didn't check it recently
<uboy> i'll go afte chat
<uboy> after
<even> bitter wierd message from a stranger?
<even> so when? wednesday?
<uboy> yes, that's good
<uboy> usual time
<even> ok
<even> bye then
<uboy> see you then; night
<uboy> bye
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