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<even> hey
<even> just sent you a cancel message!
<even> but there you are
<even> i am exhausted
<uboy> yes
<uboy> me too
<even> i said lots earlier in e-mail i reckon
<uboy> i'd be happy to do it tomorrow
<even> oh goodie
<even> cool
<uboy> yes, read the mail from earlier
<uboy> like the ideas
<even> well e-back your thoughts then if you can
<uboy> will work with your exhib plan
<uboy> yes, think i'll do that
<even> pity the printer is shagged coz the 3d version is better looking
<uboy> i can imagine
<even> did you see the cart on the site?
<uboy> haven't checked yet
<uboy> but will go right after this
<uboy> excited to see
<even> well do that too, ok then, this is it, goodnight :)
<uboy> see you tomorrow
<uboy> bye
<even> bye
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