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<uboy> hello
<even> hi
<even> hey there
<uboy> hi
<even> lots done today
<uboy> good
<even> made up the chandelier in wire full size, got rope etc
<uboy> wow, really
<uboy> how big
<even> plus did you check my ob space designs on the site?
<uboy> very exciting
<uboy> haven't checked site yet, just got in from work
<even> well its about 2m accross and 50 cm high
<uboy> confused... isn't taht very low?
<even> not really
<even> it doesnt looks fine, i'll post a pic tomorrow
<uboy> 6 ft by 1.2 ft?
<uboy> approx
<even> its very approx
<even> but anyway it looks right to me! 
<uboy> i'm going to the site now
<even> the looped bits will make it taller
<uboy> oh lol
<uboy> i thought you were talking about the ob
<even> no no the chandelier
<uboy> sounds great for the chandelier, 6 ft
<even> there is a drawing of the ob on the site
<even> silly 
<uboy> i was going to say.. sounds more like a sandbox than an obelisk :)
<even> tee hee
<even> bought the acrylic tube for the telescope too, and my lenses fit! looks cool
<uboy> so all the wire frame is together?
<even> just the tripod will be a little tricky
<uboy> great
<uboy> love the drag chute and car, btw
<even> well not really together as it will have to be assembled outside
<even> but it will be held together by pipes... and then covered in rope 
etc... i am doing the arms first etc
<uboy> just saw the ob plan , looks very coll and very ambitious
<even> well i have to negociate the scaffolding tomorrow thru the Niall contact
<uboy> where are the pipes placed?
<even> sorry.. pipes hold the tension of each arm
<even> as there is a lot 
<even> you will see in the pic, too difficult to explain here
<uboy> yes, how about the scaffolding
<even> well what of my 3d plan?
<even> there is about 50ft of corridor there!
<even> i reckon we need about 25-30 uprights
<uboy> is the scaffolding narrow enough to fit in the space as required by the plan?
<even> how do you talk scaffolding to a foreman?
<even> well my plan allows for a 1ft corridor which may be a bit slim
<uboy> for people to walk through? i would think 2 ft would be more comfortable
<even> well yea but my drawing is only approx so I am sure it will be ok
<uboy> good
<even> what were your thoughts on the layout then?
<uboy> i think it's good
<uboy> not too mazelike
<even> feel free to modify etc
<even> but i reckon it will be a hands on thing ultimately
<uboy> i'll play alittle... yeah to hands on
<even> the dcc is a thought for a background for the invite - towel - very obvious
<uboy> so, the ob itself won't be visible from outside, right
<even> right
<even> but maybe if the inner sheeting is poly
<even> as the fabric only really needs to be on the exterior
<uboy> i like the texture on the invite.. white= cut out?
<even> yes but on both ends
<uboy> should be dick-size hole
<even> now now
<even> i think it will be *eg*
<uboy> eg/
<uboy> ?
<even> (evil grin)
<uboy> ok
<even> so how is the chair? and what will it be cast in?
<even> btw
<uboy> the molds are done, save half of the final piece
<uboy> ready to pour tonight
<uboy> wax
<even> wow
<even> what colour?
<uboy> an avacado green with a hint of gold
<even> yummy
<even> hope it makes it here in one piece
<uboy> well, i hope it turns out ok... at least aesthetically pleasing
<even> sure to be very wobbly
<uboy> i hope so too
<uboy> it will be shipped in components, then screwed together
<uboy> if my plan works
<even> well i will save that task for you
<uboy> so, did you cast the lenses yet
<uboy> ?
<uboy> i assume you did
<even> yes, the ones that are posted, they are yellow
<uboy> as you said they fit in the tube
<even> which i now like
<even> slightly caramel - or brittle
<uboy> what did you cast them in?
<uboy> very nice, btw
<even> sugar glass recipe
<even> hard boiled lenses
<uboy> wow, how did you prevent them from sticking to the mold?
<even> they are really sticky now as i needed to wet them to shine them up, 
mold gave me frosted surface
<uboy> very impressive
<even> well the rubber peeled off easy
<uboy> how big are they?
<even> 6.4 cm diameter
<even> 2.5 inches
<uboy> they look great
<even> they are sweet!
<even> sorry
<uboy> that's ok, they are indeed
<uboy> so, what of this side room space on the ground flr
<uboy> ?
<uboy> seems very large
<even> its a good size for a projection tho
<even> i was thinking about foam object on the floor
<uboy> so, the video space it is
<uboy> yes, i had thought that too
<even> your harness, tee-shirts, bras, traffic cones - made from pink 
foam and duct tape
<even> to match the crappy aesthetic elsewhere!
<uboy> how about an object that doubles as aplace to sit for video?
<even> yes angela
<uboy> in addition
<uboy> i know, i know
<even> well like a sofa thing or ?
<even> i was thinking of those things as like toys, romper room etc
<uboy> no, not sure, but not furniture really
<even> and they are from the list, or related to it
<uboy> yes, i see them the same way
<uboy> so i guess i'm thinking more like a play mat/ stunt pad
<even> we just need to come up with other things to make... pad is good
<uboy> well, it sort of replaces they stage area we wanted
<uboy> the
<even> true
<uboy> an ambigous scattered stage
<even> ah old ideas are the best!
<even> and that might bring us to the video itself?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> any thoughts?
<even> who me?  not really progressed on that front
<uboy> i plan to shoot next wekk or so
<even> i have just been concentrating on getting these few things 
out of the way
<uboy> yes, and well you have done
<even> thanks, but i am not working a real job anyway
<even> but the seperate audio and video still sounds good
<even> it just requires a eveness with both so they are not edit dependant
<uboy> how are you conceiving it?
<even> which part?
<uboy> audio/ video sync
<even> well oout of sync i suppose
<even> tribute to my old employer
<uboy> yes
<even> a conversation will be the audio, one way over the phone
<uboy> i hadn't thought of out of sync, but it might be nice
<even> prop thing plus? more...
<uboy> and my audio bit... the background music?
<even> oh yea
<even> well the prop list needs to be made a little more dynamic, 
i read it and its a little dull
<even> plus i am not clear how you will shoot your magic/trick stuff
<even> plus what the fuck it all means!
<even> only joking
<uboy> well, we'll defer meaning for later...
<even> cant wait for that
<even> well i can
<even> and i do... all the time... when appropriate
<uboy> yeah, if anyone asks, change the subject
<even> lol
<even> and i do... all the time... when appropriate
<uboy> right
<even> so how will they look?
<uboy> how many projectrs are there?
<even> one (maybe)
<uboy> well, i think the videos will have a similar feel in many ways
<even> otherwize it'll be on a big screen tv
<uboy> lone figure, performing unfamiliar action
<uboy> tedious
<even> the whole you or just hands?
<uboy> torso and head, i'm thinking now
<even> with exotic gloves?
<uboy> well arms hands too
<uboy> no, nothing very exotic about it just slightly odd
<even> will you be in costume?
<even> or prosthetics (sorry)
<uboy> no, it's more about small sweet nothings than grandiose somethings
<even> yes i know, sounds good, so the audio should ramble then...
<uboy> it should convey twisted sentimentality on some level i'm hopiing
<uboy> well, yes my sinding will mostly be a ramble i suppose
<uboy> singing
<even> overly polite and caring telephone
<even> should it be me then... as it is you in the visuals?
<uboy> well, i don't think it has to be
<uboy> perhaps your voice could be heard at certain points
<uboy> asking/coaching her
<even> it would seem more true... and oh how i hate to hear my voice... 
the she might not do it anyway as she is very busy with film work at the moment
<uboy> yeah, but i'll be singing... 10 times worse to hear than me talking!
<even> all so embarassing
<uboy> it might help to make sense
<uboy> or rather, fit beter with all the other you/me things going on
<even> i like the way all the stuff is coming together, it is really 
making sence somehow 
<even> SENSE
<uboy> well, i was thinking something similar last night
<even> so elsewhere...
<even> behind the reception desk... tapes?
<uboy> like the entire poject has developed in such a way as to 
come back on itself
<even> imploded/
<uboy> had a lift shaft idea
<uboy> for the audio
<uboy> if we do it
<even> good, beyond the A/E
<even> we should
<uboy> instead of recording a/e it might be nice to do one of two things...
<uboy> one would be to record actual cb conversations... very voyeuristic 
strange and scratchy
<uboy> the other would be to have to audio be live feed from local 
cb in dublin
<even> you would need an auto channel hopper, right?
<even> wonder if anyone still uses cb here, apart from truckers
<uboy> well, that's an option; or if there is no conversation, then all you 
hear in the lift is static and pops
<even> but they probably use mobile phones like the rest of the population
<even> i will see if i can source someone who has one
<uboy> perhaps, but there is still mcuh activity here, so recording may be 
the way to go; if we are interested in the idea at all
<even> actually i am hunting down a broken amp/speaker and was supposed to 
hear from an audio guy today, tomorrow apparently
<uboy> for the ob voice over?
<even> it might be interesting to mix the A/E with the real
<even> hmmm the ob v/o... still tracking the star... 
<uboy> yes, we could could pop in bits of our own fom time to time over 
the live feed
<uboy> from
<even> well recorded right
<even> and the stickers? 
<uboy> though, they wouldn't actually be broadcast; as i'm sure that 
violates some kind of law
<even> well try sue me
<uboy> yeah, we should devise some format
<uboy> is it "you can do it" positive speak?
<even> but american voices mixed with irish might be funny
<even> so much still to do 
<uboy> or vice versa
<uboy> yes
<even> but i would like to see graphics/drawings too
<even> or moreover
<even> window text is so window text
<even> unless they are a really bad set of letters
<uboy> well, they could be drawings that supposedly embody these principles
<uboy> drawings designed to awaken self love
<even> yes, forgot about that one!
<even> briefly
<even> hello?
<even> i sort of need to sleep dear?
<uboy> well, guess we'll work on it in very short order
<even> yes
<even> more to ponder
<even> when next then? sunday?
<even> hey?
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