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<even> hey 
<uboy> hello
<even> i just dis- and re-connected
<even> still delerious?
<uboy> absolutely
<uboy> pouring wax
<even> good
<uboy> i hope this works
<even> well i was cutting paper
<uboy> could be nice
<even> it will be
<uboy> how is it shaping up?
<even> sure to be a bit of a wobble
<uboy> i saw the new chandelier pics
<uboy> it is awesome
<even> well i have whipped all the rope, and am pondering further structure
<uboy> looks really lloks great
<even> well it looks much better now without the masking tape
<uboy> i'm going into the city tomorrow and will look for wigs
<even> oh good
<even> did you understand the pipe thing with the pic?
<uboy> how are the arms joined at the center?
<even> reckon there will be a central rope ball to to space the arms and secure them better
<even> joined by inserting the tail end core in steel pipe
<even> there is a lot of tension to contain
<uboy> oh, so all the ends then fit into the pipe?
<even> so the central bit will be about an inch - inch and a half 
<even> yes
<uboy> what is the central white shape that's in your hand?
<even> surounded by rope, to cover... the white thing is a plastic pipe
<even> as a test
<uboy> i'm very excited about it... job well done!
<even> hope so
<uboy> how much does it weigh?
<even> dunno yet, but the rope weighs down the arms considerably
<even> whatever 25m of rope weighs + the metal
<even> enough
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<uboy> it there an attachment point on the girder?
<even> well i thought it could hang from a noose!
<uboy> an inverted noose?
<even> thats all to figure out too, when assembling on site
<even> yes inverted
<even> all the hair knots will make it quite heavy
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<even> hey again
<even> did i miss a comment?
<uboy> hi, not really
<uboy> just asking about hair color
<uboy> multi or same
<even> multi i suppose?
<even> cheap as you can find in large quantity
<even> in mid length strands
<uboy> can you give a guess as to quantity?
<uboy> 10 wigs?
<even> dont get wigs get the loose hair
<even> need about 15 clumps x 6
<uboy> oh, yes  guess that would be easier
<even> and less expensive
<uboy> 6 inches?
<even> 10-15
<uboy> and color?
<even> mixed colours
<even> unless you prefer uniformity?
<uboy> no, i think mixed is good
<even> ok then
<uboy> it sort of echoes mixed colors of bottles and tapes
<even> gonna get the thin rope tomorrow
<uboy> whatever that might mena
<even> stop doing that
<even> mixed fit in with other hoky hair art
<uboy> yeah, hope it avoids that
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<even> talked to the scaffolding contact on friday and he will give a good deal 
gonna see him on wednesday
<uboy> excellent
<uboy> how can i send some funds your way?
<even> no need to as yet
<uboy> ok, but we'll have to discuss all that at some point even regarding general 
cash issues as i am not a veteran international; traveler
<even> right, well the exchange rate is crappy for starters
<uboy> but the time for that will come later i guess
<even> and you are staying here, so that cuts out a chunk of expense
<uboy> can i get a good rate by drawing out cash using my atm card?
<even> what air line are you coming over on?
<uboy> delta/aer lingus
<even> well atm rate is odd, better to exchangeover there or bring dollers really
<even> delta? which part?
<uboy> right
<even> $ are the world currency etc, might be hard to find punts in the USA
<uboy> well both carriers are the same flight
<even> oic
<uboy> direct from jfk to dublin
<even> good
<even> remember aerlingus have their own check in area, dont go to delta building
<uboy> yeah, i'm going to call soon and confirm all details with them
<even> so when do you plan sending your stuff? 
<uboy> on the 30th or 31st 
<uboy> gives 2 weeks
<even> thats fine if you send it courier
<uboy> well, i thought fed ex might the easiest
<uboy> any suggestions?
<even> but shop around as they can be pricey on larger packages, Burlington for example
<even> or TNT or DHL or even UPS
<uboy> a reason i'm leaning towards fed ex is that my dad's business has an account, 
so i'll charge it to that and worry about repaying later
<uboy> but, i'll check around
<uboy> also have to build a crate soon
<even> well it shouldnt be too expensive, under $100
<uboy> yeah, that's what i'm hoping
<even> crate? wont all the sponge protect enough to go cardboard?
<even> maybe not with all that wax tho
<uboy> i hate to take chances
<even> just need to cradle it well like @geh ... pads 
<even> well just dont make it too heavy i suppose
<uboy> well, won't be a massive crate
<uboy> 1/4 inch plywood
<even> true
<even> so lets talk about the unsolved pieces?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> monument
<even> thats solved
<even> :)
<uboy> well, yeah guess we did conclude that it was hands on work
<uboy> bridge pieces if any
<even> well kind of, there are bits to figure, but when we know the scaffolding amounts wtc
<even> well i was thinking a=of abandoning the bridge?
<uboy> i won't object
<even> just seems there will be enough going on there maybe
<uboy> let's defintitely call it back burner
<uboy> yes, though i still would like to figure something subtle for the cafe table/chair
<even> and they have not arrived yet - the new furniture that is
<uboy> we should make our own stand ins;   how about that wall panel idea , did that 
ever go anywhere?
<uboy> panel as table, i mean
<even> not yet
<even> with the 3, 3d things I dunno... i am still pondering the Judson thing
<uboy> yeah, well it could be very subtle; like making all tables and chairs wobbly
<even> true... and there is always standard cafe menu stuff too maybe?
<even> but thats a bit  ikk
<uboy> you mean like a menu item of our own?
<even> yes or the entire thing
<uboy> stained menus
<even> like that but maybe to match our general feel? a last minute thing more than likely
<uboy> yes
<even> did you have any thoughts about the Judson character, as I am somewhere with it 
and wanted a little input if you had any
<uboy> well, i really don't have too much.  not sure how any of our character interests 
will make it to the final work
<uboy> perhaps just titles?
<uboy> and imae in yourr case
<uboy> image
<even> well Jusdon is not even there yet as a character really
<even> just some sci-fi goon
<uboy> just a lost heart-throb
<even> so are you averse to words on these 2d things? 
<uboy> no, i'm not  but i thought in general text would be minimized
<even> he needs some fetish things similar to the leatherette
<even> yes words are bad
<uboy> don't suppose he has a fan club?
<even> he does
<even> very sad, i have all this shit from the net and tones more pics too
<uboy> he's probably working as an auto-mechanic now
<even> true or at Betty Ford
<uboy> well, could the other pics be fetishezed somehow?
<even> possibly will ponder, putting them on the reverse side... shit now i remember
<uboy> his head on other bodies?
<even> they were to have phloresant finger prints on them
<even> right?
<uboy> yeah, i thought you were taking that into account all along
<even> no forgot about it
<uboy> well, it's good, and perhaps other minute stain marks as well
<even> yes, a little tricky on colour prints but i have the know-how
<uboy> i'm sure you do
<even> so we are all resolved then!
<uboy> was that to be just the scott image or on other as well?
<even> just him x 3
<uboy> oh, right
<even> do you have anything else on the go i dont know about?
<even> like that wire/pipe device thing?
<uboy> not really, i am now trying to limit and finish so it can be shipped on time
<even> k
<uboy> all work after that point will be audio/video/ or 2d electronic
<uboy> still the cb lift thing and the rest you know about
<even> thats what i was just typing
<uboy> yes, well i have been monitoring a few channels here and it is very interesting 
in this area
<even> yes the site, i added some stuff to the deterot section
<uboy> many foreign languages
<even> good... cause i am unsure still about irish cb
<uboy> will check that
<uboy> yes, i think recording here is the way to go
<even> probably
<uboy> all manner of languages and bit s and fragments and strange feedback
<even> what duration were you considering?
<uboy> so, sticker images remain and i've been trying to figure what would 
go along with that
<uboy> well, i'l record hours worth and then it could be edited or just let play
<even> with your bits inserted right?
<uboy> yes, we could do that but probably would have to be done at arthouse as i lack 
the facilities for mixing like that
<even> thats fine
<even> should be quick enough to do 
<uboy> well, actually i can think of a way to do it here, but the sound quality 
would decrease greatly i fear
<even> nah we can do it via computer/DAT/soundedit program
<even> anyway what else is pressing to chat about?
<even> well the lift is one
<even> and i do prefer the cb transmission approximation but you dont i feel
<uboy> well, odds and ends i guess... but you have to get going soon?
<even> yes
<even> plus this  is getting very slow
<uboy> by approximation you mean scripted version?
<uboy> i just don't want it to detract from scripted reading of the irc stuff; 
maybe too similar
<uboy> but insertion is different and cool
<even> well i was taking about you A/E graphics!
<even> your
<uboy> oh, well i think they are fine for that actually
<even> and i thought you were gonna add bits to the cb stuff of your own
<uboy> yes, for some reason it didn't occur to me to use them like that; but i think it's fine
<even> really?
<uboy> yeah, the cb audio will have insertions of my own
<uboy> just that it won't all be scripted out
<even> oic, not the A/E stuff then
<uboy> yes, well the insertions will be a/e or vaguely like them
<even> i should let you go waxing
<uboy> waxing the car?
<even> ha ha
<uboy> waxing the chair, in this case
<uboy> right well anyway...
<uboy> next chat?
<even> tuesday?
<uboy> my thought exactly
<even> we can chat about the performance thing?
<uboy> and soon we shall have some parallel art-like chat
<uboy> which, the video?
<even> my thought too... no the thing on March 12
<even> for the club night biz
<uboy> oh yeah, we can get very para-like with that discussion
<even> we need to
<even> so good luck with the pour
<uboy> yes, i fell as if we are without armor at present
<uboy> feel
<even> ann reckons we are on another planet
<even> she has been reading the scripts
<even> maybe its the lag that makes it confusing for a reader, the odd sentence order
<uboy> you mean you and i are sepparated 
<uboy> or we are in the same odd place?
<even> second one
<uboy> well, that's something atleast
<even> all seems very mundane to me, no offense, not vague i mean
<uboy> yeah, for the past few months it's been fairly pragmatic
<uboy> ofcourse, that's our problem, is it not? claiming credit for the everyday.
<even> so harlot said whoever that was
<even> not much action on the chat area btw
<uboy> yeah, not very productive, but wish we would get more responses even if 
they are like that
<even> might change once the show starts, Angelleta from Austrialia send a response 
- confused assumed it would be clearer later to the opening date!
<uboy> we should start planting critiques ourselves to which we can respond
<even> shh
<uboy> yes, fine line between vague and confused
<even> excellent
<even> anyway must go
<uboy> right
<even> bye 
<uboy> see you tuesday
<even> ok
<uboy> bye
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