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<even> where the hell are you, i've been here for days
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<uboy> hi
<even> jesus christ
<even> i cant believe it
<uboy> no, just me
<even> can it be truely you
<uboy> yes, in the flesh
<even> a vision, of words on my screen
<uboy> right, well the crate is on the way
<even> cool
<uboy> so, on to other issues
<even> well the glue works hopefully
<uboy> invite is ok, yes?
<uboy> good
<even> will know in the morning
<even> niall is to courier it over for me to see
<uboy> so, it's towel or vortex?
<even> towel, green
<uboy> well, i think that should be fine
<even> seemed better in the end
<uboy> yes, interesting that grren was on both our minds
<even> funny eh
<uboy> yeah, where do we stand on everything else
<uboy> ?
<even> but it'll be better anyway... they will print 500 invites
<uboy> seems like there's still so much
<even> well i did lists today and am vaguely in control
<even> i will write up a progress report and e-mail it
<even> would take all night here
<uboy> lists? of everything
<uboy> oh, of invites
<even> yes when will it all be done lists
<even> no not invite stuff yet
<uboy> yeah, last minute
<even> thats for thursday
<even> mailshot on friday
<uboy> and scaffolding?
<even> well talked to another today who is check out his buidling contacts, 
thru the property development company that built the arthouse plus temple bar
<even> plus maybe got good line on fabric thru a neighbout who is in the rag trade
<uboy> great
<even> gonna visit his factory later in the week, he is also finishing off the 
parachute for me as sister couldnt get the right machine to work
<uboy> oh, thought the para was done... looked good in pics
<even> well seems needed tidying
<even> gave Lea a tour of where everything is going today too
<uboy> well, not everything made it into the crate.  will be carrying suitcase 
with foam tape and other odds n ends
<even> she is getting some foam, yellow tho, cant get pink that easy
<uboy> do we know where everything is going?
<even> i do!
<uboy> lol
<even> but we can switch once you see it too dont worry
<uboy> some pink foam is in the crate
<uboy> no worries
<even> ok... need to start that later in the week, some foamy things
<even> or next week actually
<even> was thinking about the video today too
<uboy> any breakthroughs
<uboy> ?
<even> oh and no real progress on Joe dUFFY YET
<even> well on my silly voice over thats all
<even> just planning some questions for the phone call session
<uboy> oh, well perhaps we should count joe out and go with plan b
<uboy> you questioning her?
<uboy> or just you
<even> well maybe... i stupidly left in in the hands of the pr person who 
is being very persistant but not getting any answers
<even> v/o... me on phone looking for props, asking questions about things 
i dont understand on the list
<even> with the responses being you singing
<uboy> well, i think it makes more sense with what i'm doing; though 
that may not make sense anyway
<uboy> oh, i like it!
<even> one way dialogue, confused yet inquisitive
<even> could be asking you about what you are doing ...
<uboy> it actually works out nicely, b/c all eagles songs are addressed to "you"
<even> great
<even> seems like it might be fairly long tho? who cares
<uboy> as in "take it easy" or "desperado"
<even> it will be just so embarrasing
<uboy> yeah, that will good
<uboy> be
<even> so we do need to also chat about this potential performance thing
<uboy> yes
<even> sounds like a little too real
<uboy> outline? what/ when?
<even> soon
<even> just a paste of what we have already written and never used 
re the project in general
<uboy> so, keep it all potentials and self realization?
<even> lots of stuff about communication and the joy of dialogue and 
actualization.. yes
<uboy> well, i'll write that tomorrow night
<even> well it is all obout our personal struggle to work together and 
revealing that to an uninterested world
<uboy> isn't everything?
<even> plus the tension caused by the senseless objects!
<even> or muddle
<even> and where we find meaning! hehehe
<uboy> yeah, there's a whole f**ing crateful of tension on the way!
<even> what did you send btw
<uboy> bottles, tapes, harness, chair, some foam
<even> cool
<uboy> other stuff i will hand carry
<even> got some great pics of construction harnesses on the net
<even> did you read my scaffolding thing on the chat area?
<uboy> yeah, very funny
<even> cute eh?
<even> so the performance specifics?
<uboy> there really is alot here, but will other believe it?
<even> reckon it will be you on cuseeme? flip charts? irc? and expert advice
<uboy> yeah, i'm clueless at this point
<uboy> yes, a live me component seems obvious
<even> the project management analysis style is to get us talking more
<even> to analyse our structures, goals, ambitions and all that crap
<uboy> so, them doing their brain-surgery on us?
<uboy> that's interesting
<even> dont know if it should be interactive with the audience? might 
be nice to be shut off in a fish bowl
<uboy> i mean, taking us down brick by brick
<uboy> and rebuilding
<even> with a video feed
<uboy> like they can witness the re-tooling?
<even> no smut please
<uboy> not at all
<even> well the destruction of our meek concepts 
<even> or reveal our many complexities
<uboy> scary, but i think that really does fit in with everything else
<even> yes... hopefully the other acts will be appropriate
<uboy> there's the potential that this all does have meaning
<even> oh course it does silly
<even> just not telling yet
<even> to explain our sync really is the game
<uboy> it's all so confessional of our sins... art sins
<even> grave robbers we aint
<uboy> smalll aspirations
<uboy> grand 80's are over
<uboy> all that businees
<even> our lofty ambbitions you mean
<uboy> all confused
<even> indeed
<even> sad isnt it
<uboy> sick of art world deallings and price tags
<uboy> but also love it
<even> course you do... would be nice to make a living here etc
<uboy> well, we've neatly outlined the crisis
<uboy> sort of
<even> yes
<even> had some thoughts about the tapes and the lift graphics
<uboy> well, i'll see what i can come up eith for tomorow
<uboy> yes, good ideas?
<even> tapes should maybe be in the cabinet behind the reception 
desk but with a dar robinson addition
<even> maybe photos like yer shadow thing or real shadow stuff 
(naff mobiles for example)
<uboy> possible, what kind of addition/
<uboy> ?
<even> free falling figures
<uboy> i;'ve made a small aluminium shelf for bottle melting btw
<uboy> with drain hole drilled in it
<even> really...
<uboy> holes
<even> it will protect the window sill
<uboy> yes, that should be figured in
<even> holes?
<even> oic
<even> well wait
<uboy> where are the bottles going
<uboy> ?
<even> maybe a ledge is better... to contain the  wax
<uboy> like a window ledge?
<even> thought the could go in a bricked area adjacent to the 
reception desk and betwen two floors
<even> there is a bricked door with bricked window above it
<even> its between the desk and the main exhib area
<uboy> well, this shelf only hold one at a time... and light bulb 
needs to be within 1.5 feet or so
<even> didn't get a good pic
<uboy> will send
<uboy> tomorrow
<even> a plan?
<even> i thought the chair could go under in the doorway on a 
small raised platform
<uboy> but, majority of bottles can be displayed away from shelf 
proper if needed
<uboy> under where?
<even> under the bottle window ledge
<even> thats why they maybe shouldnt drip?
<even> but it could go elsewhere, just worried about its fragileness
<uboy> still somewhat confused.. looking at pics
<even> fragility
<uboy> describe more
<even> look at the architectual plans
<even> i'll take some pics and send them on
<uboy> yes
<uboy> ok
<even> well between the desk and the main space, the wall to the left
<uboy> well, as i said  main stock of bottles and melting one can be sepparate
<even> well we can figure it proper when you arrive etc
<uboy> only on emelts at a time
<uboy> one
<uboy> yes
<even> so the lift pics...
<uboy> ye
<uboy> s
<even> i was thinkning they should be maybe on plexi circles, with 
the cb transmission cut from that chart it sent you ages ago... plus niall 
reckons we can squeeze in on the vinyl lettering for the window to get crosshairs made
<even> these can hang from the top floor down the side of the shaft
<uboy> mounted on plexi or etched into it?
<even> mounted
<uboy> oic
<uboy> is the chart large enough to do several?
<even> just a thought as stickers are too expensive
<uboy> yes, i was ruling stickers out also on a time basis
<even> well i have 2, plus the circles would be small, 10 inch diamter, 
for example
<uboy> and visible as one rides up and down?
<uboy> i mean for closer inspection
<even> yes its totally open on one side, and the doors are glass too
<even> well as you zoom by
<even> the words might still be nice tho, better to get that vinyl cut instaed
<uboy> to be mounted on the same pexi or on the lift walls?
<even> well that could go on the lift walls, they are getting in a scaffolding 
tower to hang the chandelier so that can be used here too
<uboy> wow...  impressive; i was wondering how we were going to get that up there
<even> maybe but it will be tricky
<uboy> but figured we'd worry about it later
<even> they need to do some cleaning - the big windows are v dirty!
<even> we are very organsied over here!
<uboy> good, glad we can be of some use
<even> me too
<even> ok anything else before it is 2:30
<uboy> well, not for tonight;  brain is dead
<even> although i reckon i will not ne sleeping much over the next while
<uboy> tomorrow chat at regular time?
<even> think about something for the 4th  2d thing
<uboy> yes, true
<even> tomorrow is bad, going to a opening out of town... for my roomie 
<even> so i may stay over in rialto
<uboy> ok, weds?
<even> wed?
<even> ok
<uboy> good
<even> the 4th 2d thing might be a towel?
<even> but not really i hope
<uboy> a towel pic?
<even> line drawing cutout... like the stabb thing
<even> but needs more.... 
<uboy> man lovingly hugging towel
<even> world map looks so neat! very weekly world news set feel
<uboy> send pic if possible, sounds great
<even> will do
<even> plus of stabb thing which hopefully will be done tomorrow
<even> judson is also somewhere vague... but dont worry!
<uboy> not worried in the least, you are on top of it all
<even> you hope
<even> hehehehe
<uboy> i trust you
<even> ok have beer on me and well done with the shipping et al
<uboy> ok, time to shut down  i think
<even> call yer girl and tell her you are alive
<uboy> thanks
<even> night then
<uboy> ok see you weds
<even> k
<even> :)
<uboy> bye
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