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<even> hello
<even> right on time
<uboy> hello
<even> did you get the fax?
<uboy> yes, exactly
<uboy> so the crate arrived!
<even> and it is all wonderful
<uboy> great
<even> naill et al were very impressed actually
<uboy> half the fax was blurry, but i made out that it was ok
<uboy> good
<even> it was just filled with excited compliments anyway, 
you dont need that ego trip right?
<uboy> how will the hair work?
<even> hope so... seems just right
<even> great packaging... jumbo sliky etc!
<uboy> great
<even> silky even
<uboy> right lol
<even> didnt think there would be so many tapes and bottles
<even> amazingly enough the all seem intact but it was a serious crate
<uboy> so, where do we stand with everything?
<uboy> yeah, i was hoping to make even more... may still hand carry a feew
<uboy> yeah, you're not kidding
<uboy> the long parts of the chair worried me most
<even> you place must be such a mess
<even> will ask casting questions when you get here
<uboy> yeah, it is  but it's on the road to recovery
<even> everything else...
<even> invite looks good, will be done by friday evening
<uboy> great
<even> got joe duffy's phone # and could catch him today but looks good, 
pr lady talked to him and faxed www pages
<uboy> wow
<even> got 60 metres of fabric - light blue lining today!!!
<uboy> that's very good news
<uboy> terrific
<even> thru a neighbour connection very little money
<uboy> how much was it?
<even> got parachute back too all neat and lovely
<even> dont know price yet ... round £30 or less 
<even> very cool
<uboy> ohh;  it all coming together!
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<even> hey
<uboy> hi
<even> lag
<uboy> yeah
<even> anyway... it was a full day i reckon
<uboy> so, it's all coming together
<even> gonna do the v/o for the video on friday
<uboy> when will you shoot it?
<even> tape it then
<even> you are doing the shoot remember
<uboy> oh, btw is 8mm ok for me to use?
<even> yes 
<even> hi-8 if possible? better quality
<even> but i will check to be totally sure
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<even> <uboy> oh, btw is 8mm ok for me to use?
<even> <even> yes 
<even> <even> hi-8 if possible? better quality
<even> <even> but i will check to be totally sure
<even> anyway it will be bumped up to betacam when it gets 
transfered to PAL
<uboy> ok...   probably 8 as it easier for me to get
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy> remind me about the plan to shoot on yours
<even> well whatever, i know that the place for the transfer 
has tons of machines 
<even> the phone conversation... no visuals... just recording my 
voice inquiring about props and odd stuff
<uboy> to shoot your video; rather
<even> but i have no video? what are you on about?
<uboy> oh, i was confused
<uboy> thought that all would be on video
<uboy> the split screen etc
<even> no, no poin really, just put it all together when you get here
<even> oh that idea.. thought we had abandoned that
<even> the shopping thing right?
<uboy> yeah, guess the ideas merged in my mind
<even> i prefer it now as it is more simple, split screen might be a 
bit techy maybe?
<uboy> so now it's my video with your voice and my sound as answer 
to your inquiries?
<even> yes
<uboy> ok, got it now
<even> you must have been very tired on monday :)
<uboy> yeah, that's for sure
<uboy> so, to get back to joe... things are looking good?
<even> well aparently he was a bit distant with pr lady, didnt get 
too excited
<even> but of course he is a journalist and was wondering what the 
hell this silly request was about
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> very funny
<even> but i just need to convince him, that is if i can catch him at his desk
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<uboy> well, i'm sure you can charm him
<uboy> just mention the auto-erotic and he'll be hooked
<even> well that will be very late in on the conversation
<even> chatted with my Mom about a flower arrangement too
<even> something big baroque and dead
<even> for the cafe
<uboy> could be nice
<uboy> something free standing?
<even> well on wall, that juts out near the counter
<uboy> yes
<uboy> so, only alittle more than a week before i arrive
<even> and you are sooo excited
<uboy> true,   but even more anxious
<even> good
<even> hehehe
<even> finished the stab person today too
<uboy> we should maybe try to get in a few parallel conversations 
in the next week
<uboy> great... and the map is sticking?
<even> looks good, needs text tho i think... something crap like 
'enthalpy kills'
<uboy> text on the stab? or map?
<uboy> probably stab
<even> stab
<even> map is a little bland i think at present although spiffy
<even> needs maybe lines connecting leathette to the ports?
<uboy> well, we should devise some words/phrases
<uboy> of a self-actualizing ideaology
<even> could be the answer 
<even> to connect these pieces together
<uboy> like in the titles; to avoid wall text
<uboy> which people hate
<even> yup
<uboy> and it could be of a similar tone... like always address viewer 
as you in title
<even> yes but we might have title SRM (subtitlex) labels?
<uboy> or something like that
<uboy> on the wall?   yes labels are ok
<uboy> people look for labels... just hate text as art
<even> but these self-a wordings... hmmm
<uboy> it could all be a very important thread that ties it all
<even> for the stab it needs routing away from mysogny even tho it 
is not clearly a woman
<uboy> i thought you attached a member?
<even> no just removed the breasts
<uboy> or just a bulge?
<even> well the panty line is quite tight
<even> could maybe do one
<uboy> no, better to not be too clear
<uboy> the title can point the way, i suppose
<even> well if you remember enthalpy is the quantity of heat in a 
substance or physical system per unit of mass - heat content
<uboy> yes
<even> and so basically ...
<uboy> measure in joules?
<even> well whatever you need to use
<uboy> lol
<even> do you think using the word undefined is too obscure
<uboy> well, the potential heat thing works
<uboy> it's all elsewhere
<even> or just combine the def... dont want to do the play on entropy really
<uboy> melty wax, hot monument, magic tricks
<uboy> so, it fits
<even> well yea but is it obscure or not really, just weighty?
<uboy> well, i guess it's not a commonly used word; but a careful 
use in title could help
<uboy> as you said before, it's all in the titling
<even> well i was thinking of it being on the poly, above the stab, 
stuck on the back, possibly with coloured gel so light could pass etc
<uboy> well, it's though for me to say for sure without having a feel 
for the piece
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<even> well i will post snaps on friday
<even> hello barce
<uboy> if you think it needs something more, then i trust your sense
<uboy> hi barce
<barce> hola
<even> well i need to sit back and look at them for a few days etc
<barce> how do you
<uboy> what brings you to our sentimental chat?
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<even> back
<even> any joy yet barce?
<uboy> en brooklyn, new york 
<barce> a que te dedicas?
<uboy> barce speaks spanish, even
<uboy> how's your spanish?
<even> so i see
<uboy> i'm pretty rusty
<barce> hola
<uboy> y tu barce, donde esta
<uboy> ?
<even> como estas
<even> soy bueno
<even> una cervesa por favor
<barce> hola even
<even> ok so that was sad, what's this about anyway... esp dedicas?
<barce> En ECUADOR
<uboy> not sure 
<even> hmmm
<even> so like where were we and how can barce help us?
<uboy> i don't think i ever learned how to discuss the sentimental in spanish
<even> me neither, stopped at how to negociate customs
<uboy> well, we were on the cut out
<even> and the wordings
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<even> and what to say elsewhere
<even> do you think the map should have a similar statement too?
<uboy> well, right now i thnk consistency in the labels is a good thing
<uboy> will it take away from it?
<even> need to re-read all that stuff from the Raisch site
<uboy> right
<uboy> well, the map and telescope will be 'read' together possibly
<uboy> if they are close to one another
<even> well in the same room
<uboy> yeah
<even> but a good distance apart really... well not at all really
<uboy> well, that's ok . ithink it works
<even> gonna do the telescope or attempt it tomorrow proper, 
to finish that is (well not the lenses yet)
<even> god that was a back to front sentence
<uboy> i sure it will look great
<even> but yeah there is room for these wordings on the other 
2 2d things, the judson and the other?
<even> and the lift maybe too
<uboy> you mean the labels for those or actually in the work?
<even> need to surf for some sick mantras i suppose
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<even> or just quote de bono
<even> in the work
<uboy> well, however we use them;  i think we should avoid too much 
irony - if that's possible
<even> oh course
<uboy> i mean try to avoid that reading
<even> we are v sincere
<uboy> and they should be simple and catchy
<even> but its hard no being ironic with that crap out of its little context
<even> but we'll see
<even> oh course an easy way out would be to use some of the stuff 
we have already
<even> the bike stuff, polymorphous etc
<uboy> true, that's why they shouldn't be to over the top; just simple like 
you might see on the wall of an office cubicle
<uboy> inclusive
<even> we never did discuss how to learn how to ride a bike etc
<uboy> that's the trick
<even> i know
<even> so must sleep soon...
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> i'm also out of gas
<even> liked your text ... will go thru it tomorrow and e-back
<uboy> well, just an awkward start
<even> we should get that done i suppose
<even> yeah just needs the flesh of what the project is about but its good
<even> i will attack later
<uboy> i'll give it another go as well
<uboy> and happy self phrases
<even> so we should natter tomorrow night i guess?
<uboy> yes, i guess so
<uboy> trying out small 2d dar things; btw
<even> coz anyway fri and sat are probably a no no for me
<even> cool
<uboy> ok
<even> what *hint please*
<uboy> drawings from the photo's on plywood covered with thin layer of wax
<even> very crafty
<even> :)
<uboy> his jump; his head shot; the tower
<uboy> yeah, it may be too arty
<even> how big?
<uboy> i'll see how i feel after a couple
<uboy> small... 6 by 15 inches etc
<uboy> good for i small space, i guess    
and good for a small suitcase
<even> yea lol
<uboy> ok, so tomorrow then?
<even> dunno where to put the chair now that i have seen it btw
<even> seems like it will be a decision to make after all
<even> tomorrow then
<uboy> well, i get the sense that there will be a good deal of shuffling 
things around once we get going
<even> most likely
<uboy> ok, well i'm outta here for tonight
<even> bye
<uboy> see you tomorrow;  goodnight
<even> k
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