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<even> wow
<uboy> hello
<even> wow
<uboy> big news!
<even> indeed
<even> i am in a mild frenzy
<uboy> so, what did he say exactly?
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<even> well he just said yes after my very poor overview of what we were up to
<even> no problem... when do you want to do it? etc
<uboy> very cool
<even> it was a moblile call so i guess it was clipped
<even> so maybe monday is the day 
<uboy> when will it happen?
<even> what do we want to happen?
<uboy> this is great news... well done
<uboy> yes, content
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<even> well i am shocked yet delighted as he is truely a 
great radio journalist
<uboy> well, the way i always envisioned it was him reading 
selected edits
<even> was trying to think of a USA equivalent and cant remember the name 
of the bloke who used to do the day time NPR show who is now with ABC and 
in a wheelchair?
<uboy> i wish i knew some more about his style
<uboy> hhhmmm, can't remember
<even> his style is slightly casual, a little irreverant in tone, yet intelligent 
<uboy> does he know that the material is somewhat banal
<even> not a highly tuned slick media head, very unique accent for irish 
radio too, not mid-atlantic but Dublin accent
<even> i have bit of a mid-a one
<even> well unless he goes to the site itself for a sneak preview
<even> i explained it was mainly us two rabbiting non-sense
<uboy> right, so how have you pictured this
<uboy> well, that's a fair estimate
<even> so do we provide the edited sections or let him surf and self-edit?
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<even> the time factor (not enough) may mean that edits are better
<even> especially when it comes to these scripts
<uboy> i assume he's pretty busy... so probably better to edit for him
<even> but initially i wanted the whole self-censoring thing to kick in, 
to have journalist snip out the bad bits spontaneously and re-word or interpret
<uboy> how much total will he do? or do we ask him to do
<even> i kind of explained that to him but is was out on a story
<uboy> yes, that would be nce; to be re-worked by objective voice
<even> well he can only give us a couple of hours in the morning
<uboy> so his editing time would be limited; but i agree that it would 
be nice
<even> but that reworking requires time maybe... maybe we should prepare 
edits and see which way he want to go
<even> of course i could be controlling the mouse!
<even> dont know how net friendly he is even
<uboy> yeah, it's a funny thought... you tutoring him re net
<even> that could be funny with me scrolling and him trying to keep up 
- autocue nightmare etc
<uboy> yeah, wish i could join you
<even> should it sound like someone randomly surfing the site, chosing 
to read bits, not commenting or should there be a commentary too... "like what 
happens if i press this" etc
<even> he is away from the 16th and said that monday would really be best 
for him... other than doing it the day before the opening with you, that might 
be a bit crazy
<uboy> well, what's the intent... to sound like him doing his program; or 
him in more casual mode?
<uboy> yeah, let's get it done sonner than later
<even> ok
<even> the casual might be difficult (although thats the task) unless he 
provides his own running commentary
<even> he may just read it all straight
<even> but we want banter 
<uboy> it might be nice to have that third voice come in... his own train of thought
<even> yea
<even> dunno if there is huge scope for that with this material though?
<uboy> like  'jesus this is boring..."
<even> hehehe
<uboy> :)
<even> yo tend to have to read it all thru first maybe?
<even> you
<even> or 'i can't follow this at all' 'what the hell are they on about' 
'that sounds really dumb' 'can i go now?'
<uboy> i think that's too much to ask... maybe we can provide him with 
a decent idea of what's going on; and the volume of it
<even> well does that include me explaining how to navigate the site?
<even> being recorded too? i would prefer not really
<even> wading thru all the pragmatic stuff of the irc stuff would take 
hours right?
<uboy> well, i think you should record it if possible and ok with him.  
we don't have to use it; but it's nice to have in case something really works
<even> which means that lots of the stories need to be completed real 
fast! maybe
<even> he can just read all of A/E
<uboy> maybe,  but did we ever intend him to record anything other than 
the irc script
<even> i dunno
<even> that would certainly confine things
<even> i thought it was the whole site
<uboy> yeah, maybe we should prepare a story or two, make sure they're solid
<even> yours are
<even> mine a not so
<even> well just the irc would limit the navigation dilemma
<uboy> not really... or maybe he could check out the stories and then try 
to summarize or retell them from memory?
<even> we really will have to pay him then
<uboy> give his journalistic impressions?
<even> that requires effort
<even> we shouldnt make it too hard or annoying 
<uboy> true
<even> but he maybe real into it anyway
<even> as long as he doesnt read this one!
<even> should even and uboy be mentioned every time?
<uboy> yes, it should be a task foir him
<uboy> well, i guess that's where his style could into play
<even> that was the reason for him and not an actor
<uboy> "and e sayss..."  "then u responds.."
<even> is that an irish accent?
<uboy> voice moderation
<uboy> slight mocking
<uboy> no accent; typing miscue
<even> i know
<even> there are a few ways of approaching such dialogue scripts 
i suppose
<even> but it is a script... so it does imply a straight read kind of
<even> but maybe the volume of text and the time constraint will 
work for us
<uboy> yeah, but i suppose that he's used to embellishing a straight 
reading of facts so that they become compelling
<even> thats it exactly... well add a little life to the facts, sometimes 
<even> amusing or entertaining not compelling
<uboy> even better
<even> his sense of humour is a little corny sometimes which is why i 
really like him as it is more real that the usual teflon wise crack
<even> we just need to get him to do that for us... interpret as you go... 
figure out what is happening
<uboy> well, him having fun with the material; or even really with just 
the situation, is what we want to come through
<even> yea
<even> so there will be no real auto erotic to negoiciate anyway if its 
just irc?
<uboy> i guess we should soon each select edits
<uboy> well, there was that stuff from way beck
<uboy> back
<uboy> locker-room business...
<even> oh yea lol
<uboy> yeah, he should enjoy that
<uboy> but, maybe stories as well; ambigous stories
<uboy> ambiguous
<even> go to inter2 page... even that sounds ok voiced 
<uboy> well, maybe it should be you and him going through everything; 
and them him going into voice or commentary when he fells like it?
<uboy> feels
<even> well the edited section on the site is very tight and way out there
<even> maybe we should just add tons more pages there to wander thru
<even> the jumble would be really infurating tho... all rant and no reason
<uboy> well, there is the time factor and effort
<uboy> like how quickly will he get bored or not want to work on it?
<even> this is true
<uboy> it seems more professional and curteous to me that we have lots 
ready for him
<even> indeed
<even> but with the option of him totally randomly surfing too if he's into it
<uboy> yes
<uboy> and you doing the initial tour could be recorded, if your up for that
<even> so irc edits... we should both do about 20 each, all dated, i'll post 
them over the w/end
<uboy> ok, i can e them to you or post on board
<even> nah e-mail them
<uboy> ok
<uboy> and stories?
<uboy> i'll try to work on something
<even> 15-20 lines per edit
<even> well i am not really in writing mood as the panic of the physical 
prep has overtaken
<uboy> it might be nice to alternate - a minute or two of irc; then a minute 
long ambiguous story and so on
<even> but i will tidy up my loose ends ... should we post some case studies 
or forget about that stuff
<even> or imply where the stories are going, like daniel for example or 
even the ralph
<even> like where the auto-erotic there?
<uboy> you mean the studies verbatim or more daily type writing?
<even> verbatim
<uboy> well, maybe there should be a pay-off
<even> well we left them behind a long time ago why ressurect them now maybe?
<uboy> yes, i'm not sure
<even> well a brief summery or conclusion to be achieved 
<even> like the one you had for daniel (just remembered that)
<uboy> and i've forgotten... sort of
<even> i dont want to do too much www stuff, besides it takes too much time
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<even> one good think bout jd is he seems impatient a lot, runs items together, 
speeds along a lot
<uboy> it will be good to add some zip to it all, in that case
<even> this will be in the oblesik then i suppose or all over the building?
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy> we had said obelisk
<uboy> i think
<uboy> but is building good?
<even> yea less disruptive
<uboy> could it taint everyrhing else?
<even> the arthousers will go mad listening to it all
<uboy> yeah, i agree  too disruptive
<even> so will you have time to do the cb lift sounds?
<uboy> yes, i've been recording for the past several nights and will continue 
to do so
<even> cool we can edit it here then?
<uboy> very interesting cb community in brooklyn
<even> what you been getting?
<uboy> yes, there will be many hours to go through and edit there
<even> do u contribute?
<uboy> lots of homeboy talk/cb lingo   very funny
<even> maybe you should try a rough edit then
<uboy> i may try , but my transmitter is weak
<even> sure it is
<uboy> well, i'll ear mark the highlights so it will be easier to go through
<even> ok
<uboy> great pakistani conversations too
<uboy> and latino
<uboy> etc, etc
<even> with them all mixed it should very odd
<uboy> it is   and also alot of attitude... "i'll break your fucking kneecaps" etc
<even> maybe some quotes from the cb stuff can be the words on the lift shaft
<uboy> last night was a great dissertation on love
<even> brilliant
<uboy> about how perfect this guy's woman was for him..
<even> all sensitive and caring i assume!
<uboy> yeah, and he is going to buy her a big ring
<uboy> all very strange
<even> well no more than other irc channels
<even> same non-sense
<uboy> true
<even> so my mom is planning the flower arrangement btw, she was in 
today and got the tour
<uboy> great, i excited to see what se comesup with
<uboy> she
<even> the location on the house.html page is cafe from bureau / 
library door
<uboy> dead or poisonous?
<even> well dead, dried, brown
<even> barogue and flowing
<even> with a q
<even> the wall in between the two areas, are you clear on that as i was not 
sure yeaterday if you knew the location
-> [uboy] PING
<uboy> well, i thought i was clear... is it the wall opposite the counter?
<even> yea 
<uboy> ok
<even> it juts out about 14 inches so act like a pillar-pedestal
<even> wondering about a vase or a tub?
<uboy> something used in either case
<even> well its a shape thing more
<even> must zzz soon btw
<uboy> yeah, almost time
<even> shape prefs?
<uboy> hhhmm.. squat?
<even> gona post pics of 2d thing tomorrow
<even> ok
<uboy> good
<even> chat saturday?
<even> oh shit... outline for etp... tried and failed... need to do by monday tho
<uboy> yes, but a little later as i am picking up video camera
<even> went and melted plexi instead
<uboy> ok, that can get done as well
<uboy> somehow
<even> what your time
<uboy> how did the plexi turn out>?
<even> well  still at it
<even> slow
<even> well solve soon
<uboy> well, keep at it
<even> when the on sat, you time?
<uboy> almost there , i guess
<even> your
<even> no way
<uboy> let's say 7;30
<uboy> just trying to be positive
<even> that fine
<even> s
<even> you gonna shoot on sunday then, decided ona location yet
<uboy> oh yeah... positive self stuff quotes...
<even> on the back burner for me
<uboy> well, my kitchen i think ... just blank walls really
<even> how many tricks do you have anyway?
<uboy> well, two that i'm sure about, but others in the works
<even> well we can always do it here maybe if you need more time
<uboy> true, but i figure the schedule will be fairly full
<even> still dont panic etc
<uboy> what with everything needing to get done...
<uboy> :)
<uboy> i'm actually calm now, but don't know why
<even> oh course but we have 5 german helpers apparently
<uboy> really?
<even> dont ask
<even> i'll believe it when i see it
<uboy> "more scaffolding dieter!"
<even> hehehehe
<uboy> ok, well time to go... i'm getting silly
<even> anyway zzzz
<even> i am just in a coma
<uboy> so, see you you on sat?
<even> ok
<even> night
<uboy> great job with joe
<uboy> bye
<even> thanks
<even> bye
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