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<even>  ici moi
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<uboy>  hello
<even>  hi hi hi
<uboy>  i made it..
<even>  thank go i am wrecked
<uboy>  checked earlier, but you weren't here
<uboy>  me too... installation day
<even>  watching a dali documentary
<even>  sorry
<uboy>  i did some edits of our last conversation
<even>  sorry bout yesterday
<even>  what did you think of all that crap?
<uboy>  no problem
<uboy>  i feel aweful as it was happening
<uboy>  but..
<uboy>  feel some what better after giving it some distance
<even>  it was so slightly voyeuristic
<even>  like we were spying on fantasy projections
<even>  is that ethical?
<uboy>  it reads vague and confused when edited
<uboy>  yes, voyeur
<even>  i re-read and thought it was ok
<uboy>  not sure...
<even>  dunno where to use it other than splurt o text
<uboy>  we should mention our intentions perhaps
<uboy>  to other participants
<even>  yes
<uboy>  ?
<even>  up front
<uboy>  in clear terms
<even>  i did sAY i wanted to make art about S/S tho
<uboy>  i tried to iamgine it being read dramatically
<even>  and Skier continued
<uboy>  social spaces?
<even>  possibly
<uboy>  ohh??>>
<uboy>  ...
<even>  the whole net is tho... this is not a tech fantasy
<even>  ohh what
<uboy>  i like the way that reponses and questions become out of sequence
<even>  yes that is good... but you get used to it and find the flow
<even>  i was lol-ing a lot
<uboy>  when you are in the conversation.. yes
<uboy>  but not when small edited blurbs are presented
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  looking over it, i also wondered how we would present this
<even>  the delay is always amusing
<uboy>  who would want to read an conversation?
<even>  present as whole... use bits in choice spots
<uboy>  how long can we maintain attention?
<uboy>  should we have an archive that contains the whole?
<even>  the whole is maybe too much... but good for the folks with free 
  access and lots of time... archive is good=scrapbook
<even>  we can break up bits for fast viewing / reading and have the rest 
  in the backround
<uboy>  yes, and so people mostly see the choice blurbs... you just 
   finished my thought
<even>  lip sync
<even>  stammering
<uboy>   background as in wallpaper?
<even>  no as in somewhere else
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  ok, that's what i was thinking as archive
<even>  like the way we might post all our e-mail... for kicks... hoping no 
  one will read it
<even>  bury it somewhere
<uboy>  yes, do you have all th mail from ages ago?
<even>  most of it
<uboy>  i lost the electronic version of most things in the move
<uboy>  still have hard coppies though
<even>  69 messages in my jim folder
<uboy>  yes, i like it all being there
<uboy>  good
<even>  so where now?
<uboy>  well, more dialogues..  perhaps try every night
<uboy>  accumulate masses of stuff
<uboy>  eventually we can edit it down to some real jems
<uboy>  work on design, layout, navigation
<uboy>  first post
<even>  i will not be here all the time soon, besides i think we need to 
  limit the dialogue stuff to hard core stuff (not porn)
<uboy>  hard core art stuff?
<uboy>  no fluff...
<even>  the design can wait i am still thinking about navigation and where 
  to put stuff
<uboy>  yes
<even>  i am procrastinating still
<even>  we need to even be still wrtiing/rewriting the stories
<uboy>  that's ok
<uboy>  yes, true
<even>  what's with the ones you were doing ages ago... angora etc
<uboy>  go back to hard core for second, what did you mean by that?
<even>  real speak-good gems-parallel dialoguing-not common stuff like now?
<uboy>  still working on those.. the images i sent to you (cb transmission 
   and landscapes were from that story)
<even>  i c 
<even>  i need to think images too
<even>  so seeing techie tomorrow
<uboy>  if we have the energy and time, both types parallel and common 
   should be tried... see how they inform each other.
<even>  yes true --- time is everythin ---
<uboy>  what will be discussed?
<uboy>  tomorrow, i mena.
<uboy>  mean
<even>  www ftp mbs etc
<uboy>  yes, i thought about the show date today a got a little paniced
<even>  good
<even>  i got a money panic today
<uboy>  yes
<even>  not about this but rent!
<even>  bad
<uboy>  good luck 
<even>  thankx
<even>  :)
<uboy>  well, it's a job
<even>  :(
<even>  :p
<even>  can we leave next irc till friday... i need a break!
<even>  but i am addicted to it however
<uboy>  yes, that's good..  around this time on friday?
<even>  yes
<even>  what u up to tonight?
<uboy>  i will email you some of my choice edits to night
<uboy>  see how they match yours
<even>  good
<uboy>  working on this project more
<uboy>  more edits/writing/thinking
<even>  i just cut out very little it all seemed relevant...
<even>  hmmm i need motivation for the html
<uboy>  what kind of motivation?
<even>  spiritual
<even>  <:>
<uboy>  lol
<even>  i liked you dismissal of barney, thanks
<even>  i forgot how silly he really is
<even>  just a lot of simularaties
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  but i'll still go to the new cremaster
<even>  hate you
<uboy>  opening this week
<even>  i missed it in frankfurt
<even>  it was closed
<uboy>  there are similar things..
<even>  sugar being one
<uboy>  did you read the article on it in the last artforum?
<even>  not yet
<even>  ?
<uboy>  talks about allegory, his hermetic thinking, etc
<even>  yawn... allegory is for finks or geniuses?
<even>  so pomo
<uboy>  the audiences inability to connect but that it's still ok
<even>  wow just like you know who
<even>  LG JC 
<uboy>  right
<even>  obscurantics is the answer
<even>  audience is irrelevant
<uboy>  it seems to work for many
<even>  meaning only exists between us 2 and maybe not even when we finish?
<even>  doubt it tho
<uboy>  we would have to be able to really bullshit
<uboy>  spout the rhetoric
<uboy>  with conviction
<even>  we can learn 
<even>  need to prep a bit
<even>  mull
<uboy>  i fear i'm a little too vague for that
<even>  no, you are good, i lack spontaniety
<uboy>  we can try
<even>  and ability to spell
<even>  i wonder if the order on lines differ bet us
<uboy>  ... and  we need to believe (or pretend) that the process 
<even>  info travelling at dif speeds etc
<uboy>  the dialogue, the parallel
<even>  believe
<uboy>  order on lines?
<even>  of lines
<even>  our words
<uboy>  hmmm
<uboy>  don't know
<uboy>  yes, belief is a rather strong word
<even>  sleep on it
<uboy>  i shall
<uboy>  friday then?
<even>  me too opps past 1am might go sleep ... anyfing else?
<even>  till then...
<uboy>  no, sleep well and see you on friday
<even>  ok
<uboy>  goodnight
<even>  ;)