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<uboy> hi
<even> gee hi
<even> thought you'd be real late
<even> i am knackered btw so cant stay too long... just sent you an excuse 
<uboy> no
<uboy> just the the mail
<even> get the camera ok?
<uboy> yes, it is in hand
<even> ... edits ... invite names ... outline
<even> any joy on these fronts?
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<even> back
<uboy> i'll see what i can get
<uboy> oh hi
<even> from what?
<uboy> didn't know you left
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<uboy> from the irc chats after nov
<even> the joy of lag
<even> well maybe we dont need as many... or just really cut out tons of 
 banal banter down to choic bits
<uboy> i guess we can also use the existing edits from the site 
<even> oh course
<uboy> yes, just choice bits
<even> but i really feel he should wander the whole site
<uboy> don't bore joe/ don't bore audience ... too much
<even> if time permits
<even> yup
<uboy> yes, i think you should too
<uboy> and you will tape it all eh, even your bits of explaining?
<even> we'll see!
<uboy> ok
<even> we are doing it 9am monday morning till 12
<even> it was his only real opening 
<even> when will you be shooting tomorrow? day or night?
<even> maybe we need to chat mid-day? mine that is... 
<even> breakfast with alan
<even> as i am dead now
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<uboy> hi
<even> sorry i went dead
<even> what did we miss?
<even> <even> we are doing it 9am monday morning till 12
<even> <even> it was his only real opening 
<even> <even> when will you be shooting tomorrow? day or night?
<even> <even> maybe we need to chat mid-day? mine that is... 
<even> <even> breakfast with alan
<even> <even> as i am dead now
<even> are you there?
<uboy> yes
<uboy> just reading... missed all that 
<uboy> i'll shoot in the day
<uboy> but have some time in the morning to chat
<even> so can we chat briefly before you start?
<uboy> yes
<even> to chat re-edits as i want to get them www'd
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<even> sorry the rain i guess if fucking with the connection?
<uboy> <uboy> i'll shoot in the day
<uboy> <uboy> but have some time in the morning to chat
<uboy> <even> so can we chat briefly before you start?
<uboy> <uboy> yes
<uboy> <uboy> let's try for noon?
<uboy> <uboy> your time
<uboy> <uboy> by then i'll have edits etc
<even> cool
<even> thats good
<uboy> ok
<uboy> see you then
<even> ok thanks
<even> anything else briefly?
<even> no
<even> ?
<uboy> not really, i,ve been too tired the past couple of night to make any 
 major headway
<even> join the club
<uboy> but back on track now
<even> its almost over tho 
<even> night
<uboy> yeah, just think i'll be there in less than a week!
<even> ek
<uboy> ok goodnight
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<even> oh you are there
<uboy> hi
<even> good morning, sleep well?
<even> hehehehe
<uboy> alittle tired...
<even> did you get my progress report?
<uboy> yes, just got it
<even> only sent it 5 mins ago
<even> cool
<uboy> sounds like you are in control
<even> only new thing (hopefully) iis the printing thing
<uboy> just mail the edits to you
<even> offer of free run
<uboy> mailed
<even> got the edits, some are the same as mine
<uboy> what kind of printing
<even> printed sheet letter size
<uboy> half tone, color?
<even> friend of family who is a printer, want to help out, really it is 
 mom who wants an artist statement, words therefore
<even> dunno real details, very basic i assume
<uboy> cool
<even> was thinking it might be nice... maybe as a menu thing ot else 
 something to give away etc!
<uboy> part functional menu?
<even> as it wont be a photocopy
<even> possibly
<uboy> i like the idea that it will actually serve menu function along 
 with statement or whatever else
<even> well you know how we feel about statements
<uboy> yeah
<even> but the need to explain myself is aweful for my confused studio 
<even> ie the parents... i need to get my own life back soon
<uboy> we'll have to carefully work something out something
<even> now that i can walk again
<even> care is needed... but i reckon it will be a rush job and something 
 we can do over a non-virtual pint next w/e
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<even> indeed
<uboy> yes
<uboy> tomorrow
<uboy> how will all this be presented to joe?
<even> edits are definately the way to go
<even> i will try print out lots today but my printer is acting up
<uboy> yes, i agree... but hand him a big list and say pick a few?
<even> joe said he was web friedly tho so that should work
<even> plus some bits from the stories might be cool too
<even> i reckon it will be a fairly straight read somehow considering 
 we only have 2 hours to get it done
<uboy> yes, it would be good to break up the dialogue bits with story bits
<even> it can all be re-ordered anyway
<uboy> yes, as long as we have what we need
<even> and what is that again?
<even> lol
<uboy> ahhh, that is the question
<uboy> plenty of good ad libs from you  :)
<even> the edits make it all quite abstract anyway, with clues as to what 
 is going on
<even> i do not plan to say anything really, but we shall see if it too 
 turns into a dialogue
<uboy> yeah, there are a few spots where we debate content... these would 
 be good to include
<even> there is only one mic!
<uboy> is it in a studio?
<even> no... little DAT machine at the computer where i html'd
<even> very casual set-up
<even> hopefully 
<uboy> so we can hear joe pointing and clicking, eh?
<even> doubt it
<even> just the voice
<even> my recording btw is so bad!
<uboy> how do you mean?
<even> should be fine
<uboy> are you just being self-concious?
<even> all mumbles and bad questions, i was tired so articulation was 
 stammered and awkward for the most part
<uboy> are they really calls , or just faked?
<even> no its good, very annoying to listen to when you cant hear the 
 answers to my questions
<even> real calls
<uboy> sounds good to me
<even> i dont fake it
<uboy> lol
<even> anymore
<uboy> take it fake it shake it
<even> so harlot ssaid
<uboy> have joe record little jem
<even> hope it will be... even without commentary
<even> should he leave out our nicks and just tone different voices? like 
 reading a script for a play?
<uboy> well, i guess it depends on how much effort he wants to put in
<even> yah
<uboy> give him the option?
<even> well yea... plus the option of reading the non-edited ones, scanning 
 for interesting bits? but that might take too long
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> i'm sure it all reads funny and disjointed
<even> its just explaining it too him i am worried about, the whole 
 auto-erotic thing has not been mentioned yet!
<uboy> even the edits
<even> they do of course
<uboy> well, i'm not sure how he'll react
<even> well that is all so much in the background at this stage
<uboy> delight? repulsion?  in between?
<even> and we never talk aboutit
<even> all we do is talk
<uboy> yeah, it is the big non-factor
<uboy> the dificult is always telling people about it
<uboy> and then saying that it really isn't there
<even> it was the starting point and the root of it all but still important
<even> yea there but not there
<uboy> yes, it important
<even> does it help understand the work or simply complicate simple objects
<even> since the sentimental is more crutial maybe for the interpretation game
<uboy> well, it taints everything... the instant people hear auto-erotic, 
 they think oddly kinky and that it's about that in a pornographic, in your face, 
 exploitative way
<even> but the narrative root, just as stories that inform the objects, means 
 that the meaning can get even more lost when the story is not posted beside the 
<uboy> i've given up on meaning... i regret
<even> that taint is very amusing as it only leads to disappointment and 
<even> yea yea meaning is irrelevant as it cannot be controlled (when good)
<uboy> yes, and i think that's good maybe re: disappointment
<uboy> people expect sensationalism
<even> and they get cute things instead
<even> or other thing
<even> s
<uboy> well, it is not porno pics of guy wacking
<even> thank god
<uboy> yes
<uboy> at times i think it will come together and gel
<even> no sex at all ... do we need to inject some at the end maybe? or ignore 
 all that and not please the punters at all
<uboy> that there will be a way for people to get it in a general sense
<even> well the chandelier is quite literal when explained what a slip knot 
 is used for
<uboy> well, many of the cases seemed to have little to do with sex as is 
 normall conceived
<even> (which needs some engineering thoughts btw)
<uboy> oh
<even> but the welder is home so no probs... the central tube  etc... 
 can discuss another time
<uboy> yeah, probably a hands on thing
<even> these game thoughts need to be explained a little in the press release? 
 which has to be written tomorrow btw witht the pr lady
<even> or not?
<even> and for the outline for ETP
<uboy> thought we basically had the press release?
<uboy> pad it alittle?
<even> well yes i suppose so, but that was for the site, it didnt really talk 
 about the exhibition proper
<uboy> true
<even> just more emphasis on the whole process thing, dialogue thing, 
 conceptual thing 
<even> maybe describe some of the pieces too?
<uboy> and confusing objects
<even> yes
<even> well it needs to be fairly short and accurate for us as they tend to 
 get printed verbatim in publications sometimes
<uboy> extension of dialogue... places/spaces
<uboy> things
<even> but we'll see, it is not a great worry
<even> and hey... you invite names
<even> where are they?
<even> your
<uboy> i'll mail them , but there's only 3 or 4
<uboy> i guess
<even> oh surely you can muster more?
<even> for your favorite galleries even?
<even> waht of all yer galleries friends or casual acquaintences?
<uboy> i guess,  but i suppose i see too many invites get thrown away w/o a 
 look to be too excited
<uboy> in the gallery, i mean
<even> true
<uboy> when are they going out?
<even> tuesday
<even> 550!
<uboy> great
<uboy> well, let me think some more and i'll come up more names and send on 
 monday morning
<even> the absolut vodka for the opening is not confirmed yet
<even> ok
<uboy> i guess there are a few people and a couple of small galleries... 
 oh and i know a feew people at holly solomon etc
<even> there you go
<uboy> yeah
<uboy> absolute? that's nice
<even> hopefully
<uboy> it will be nice to have other people work on the opening arrangements
<even> sure is
<even> just wonder about the afters and entertaining Joe!
<uboy> so we can work till the last minute on installation
<even> yup... cant wait!
<even> hehehe
<even> the agony awaits in eire
<uboy> yeah
<even> all you could hope for and so much more
<uboy> well, adreneline will work wonders
<even> so should we chat later to review the edits on the site when it gets 
 too dark for you to shoot?
<uboy> yes, i'd like to go over everthing
<even> we are so manic!
<uboy> i do have to return the camers in the city tonight , though
<uboy> so it will have to be concise
<even> did you rent or borrow?
<uboy> rent
<even> gees, if i had known that i would have said wait till ireland to shoot!
<even> coz we have all the gear in arthouse etc for free
<uboy> yeah, but there is so much much to do
<even> but anyway hope it goes well
<uboy> thanks
<even> not really
<uboy> i fear it will be silly
<even> what will you wear?
<even> anything specific or random?
<uboy> still considering, i'll do some test first
<uboy> clothing and lighting
<even> didnt rent a big bunny costume obviously!
<even> or a top hat and cape
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<even> sorry
<even> anyway good luck... what time later then?
<even> hey!
<uboy> hi
<even> time?
<uboy> yes around 12 your time?
<even> ok then... doesn't it need to be sharp?
<uboy> yeah, 12 sharp
<uboy> for about an hour or so
<even> ok then
<uboy> have to leave my place prior to 8:30
<uboy> my time
<even> right
<uboy> ok
<even> later
<even> hopefully the edit will be done by then
<uboy> see you then
<even> i will do more too
<uboy> ok
<even> you gone
<uboy> still here
<uboy> but now i'm going
<even> well go have some cornflakes
<uboy> yeah, and a sandwich for you
<uboy> bye
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