*** Now talking in #sentimental
<even>  hello
<even>  finally
<uboy>  hello!!!
<uboy>  how are you?
<even>  tired, bloated leg...what the fuck happened the other 
<even>  we were both there?
<uboy>  not sure. 
<uboy>  i was there.
<even>  have you been to the site ?
<uboy>  yes, in fact im there right now
<uboy>  loks great
<even>  oh gees
<even>  oh wow
<uboy>  looks
<even>  oh really
<uboy>  yes.. a good start
<even>  i am now there too
<uboy>  the navigation buttons are perfect
<uboy>  i think
<even>  really i was a little dubious... sure they are not too 
<uboy>  your leg looks so painful
<even>  wow 
<even>  it works!!!!
<uboy>  i'm sorry about that
<even>  very exciting eh
<uboy>  yes very much so
<uboy>  i think the are the right size
<even>  how slow was it to load
<uboy>  i also like that they are at the top
<even>  top is the only way
<uboy>  it was fast all things considered
<uboy>  the xray was slow though
<even>  what do you think of my crappy layout attempts eg 
  waring page?
<even>  xray is big enough
<uboy>  i'm interested in the language of the warning opage?
<even>  loads at a fairly normal speed considering its length
<uboy>  your writing? or standard disclaimer?
<even>  my invention
<even>  feel free to change it
<even>  my invention with bits from a software company actually
<uboy>  sounds very official
<uboy>  right, it's ok
<uboy>  very non-frightening
<uboy>  good
<even>  but it is not required before entering the site
<uboy>  yes, i noticed that
<uboy>  that's a good compromise
<uboy>  will arthouse go for that?
<even>  dunno hope so
<uboy>  yes, a fair solution, i think
<even>  thanks
<uboy>  so, can i ftp stuff their too
<even>  too ages to do this shit
<uboy>  there
<even>  yes indeeed you can... what would you ftp?
<uboy>  not sure, should it all go to you first?
<uboy>  i guess that's most efficient
<even>  whatever, until u learn html!!!
<uboy>  right, i guess tha's true..
<even>  dont feel obliged
<even>  obligated
<uboy>  i'll see if i can get work to foot the bill for lessons or a book or something
<uboy>  they want me to do their web site??!!
<uboy>  i was promoted this week...
<even>  to what 
<uboy>  now i'm registrar of the sculpture dept.   along with my other  duties
<even>  congrats
<even>  a registrar
<even>  wow
<uboy>  as well as computer guy
<even>  computer nerd
<uboy>  i guess
<even>  only nerds know irc
<uboy>  unfortuneately, this is all part of a restructure and alison was fired
<even>  oh dear what did she do??
<uboy>  nothing.. she was just the easiest to eliminate
<uboy>  business is slow i guess..
<even>  nasty
<uboy>  yes, everybody was pissed about it
<uboy>  i get a raise though
<even>  i'm sure
<uboy>  feeding off her bloated corpse, so to speak
<uboy>  so, anyway, it's been a crazy week
<uboy>  thanks
<even>  so about the site...
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  let's talk about the dialogues
<uboy>  where will they be ?
<even>  i am still not exactly sure
<even>  the practical structuring is tough to figure
<uboy>  i'm taking a quick peep right now
<even>  page one is the real first content node
<uboy>  yes
<even>  w/5 options... routes... 
<uboy>  and each will expand
<even>  yes
<even>  but how
<uboy>  and cross over i guess
<uboy>  i really do like the xray
<even>  need some interesting code or design concept 
<even>  the xray is temporary
<uboy>  really?
<even>  quite amazing eh?
<uboy>  we should keep it
<even>  why
<uboy>  at some point
<uboy>  metaphor
<even>  hmmm
<uboy>  yikes
<uboy>  design concept..
<uboy>  aesthetic or structure?
<even>  they layout on page one does not transfer to Explorer? must find 
  out whu
<even>  aesthetic is structure in design
<uboy>  what is it supposed to look like?
<uboy>  page one
<even>  are you naiviator?
<even>  navigator
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  3.0
<even>  well on explorer it is a little squashed
<even>  i assume there are alsoe some images that did not load for you?
<uboy>  oh
<uboy>  i see there are spots for images on page one
<uboy>  exactly
<uboy>  which are they
<uboy>  ?
<even>  yes one pixel spacers that i think i named wrong and wouldn't 
  load on navigator but they do on explorer
<uboy>  oh, what is it they do?
<uboy>  space by one pixel
<uboy>  i guess
<uboy>  then this first page is to remain text
<uboy>  a map of sorts
<even>  no act as spacers to define the size of the invisible grid 
  structure that is responsible for the layout, there is a grid underneath
<uboy>  i see
<even>  doesnt have to stay as words , in fact some pic wouuld help a lot
<even>  or icons or logos
<uboy>  yes
<even>  think about what
*** Now talking in #sentimental
<even>  sorry disconnected and had to restart
<even>  so where were we
<uboy>  talking about the icons
<even>  yes
<uboy>  the page lay out suggests the four corners and center 
<even>  i was trying to be random!
<uboy>  is this coincidental?
<even>  but failed
<uboy>  random, how
<uboy>  ?
<even>  i haven't totally figured how best to arrange stuff... it 
  is not very easy
<uboy>  on the page you mean?
<uboy>  yes
<even>  these table things are spongy... the adapt to screen 
  sizes... hard to define them
<uboy>  it's not a failure though
<uboy>  perhaps that's a good thing
<even>  i just do not knoe enough code
<even>  know
<even>  need to get a book better than the one i have
<even>  what of the form?
<even>  comment form
<uboy>  form of?
<uboy>  would not load, got an error message
<uboy>  let me check again
<even>  really... loads for me?
<uboy>  the comment form button is linked to the url /chat
<uboy>  for me
<even>  ok it doesnt
<uboy>  which is not found
<uboy>  just a wrong link? right?
<even>  i must not have made it a html file... i had to re-ftp 
  and cahnge everything as the editor i use makes it all the 
  pages / files  .htm
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  back to the first page, then
<even>  let me e-mail it to you now
<uboy>  ok , go ahead
<even>  the chat form is similar to what i discussed with Daniel 
  tech, he said we could have the messages posted underneath the 
  form... and have these connected to each dialogue/route/section
*** Now talking in #sentimental
<even>  disconnected again ERGH!!!
*** even has quit IRC (Ping timeout for even[ts11-06.dublin.indig
<even>  hate the phone system here
<uboy>  got the form, thanks
<even>  <uboy>  ok , go ahead
<even>  the chat form is similar to what i discussed 
  with Daniel 
<even>    tech, he said we could have the messages posted 
  underneath the 
<even>    form... and have these connected to each 
<uboy>  that sounds promising
<even>  yes he is very good and friendly (and portugese)
<uboy>  hopefully, somebody will submit
<even>  we will ahve to canvas for entries... set up links with 
  art sites etc... ask mates
<even>  anyway that later
<even>  thats
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  for now, back to page one
<even>  yes
<uboy>  you want the entry routes to appear random
<even>  i could make the words like the buttons (images) SO 
  underlined text?
<uboy>  or a mix sounds nice
<uboy>  some buttons, some text
<even>  they do seem a little blank or non-informative
<even>  yes
<uboy>  i will collect images
<even>  a mix will be good (eventually)... i am more concerned 
  with the rest of the stuff we have done and how to connect it 
  all up... which stories with which titles?
<uboy>  of course, non-illustrativre
<even>  what do you think of the typewriter font?
<uboy>  so, the titles are not sections? as you were thinking 
   about earlier
<uboy>  i like it
<even>  ok
<uboy>  workman like... simple
<even>  yes
<uboy>  suicide/ ransom note
<even>  ?
<uboy>  classic writer
<uboy>  playwrtie
<even>  :)
<uboy>  ok, so connecting the stories?
<even>  hmmm... will try some pages tomorrow and see... bank 
  holiday here
<even>  plus i still need to elevate my bloated leg (really