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<uboy>  hello
<even>  hellooooo
<uboy>  hello
<even>  just got you e-mail
<uboy>  what's going on?
<even>  silly afternoon here... did you see my updates?
<even>  on the www
<uboy>  good, have you read it yet?
<even>  yes... around the tree
<even>  is good
<even>  will do some of it tomorrow and next day
<uboy>  yes.. lol about the tree
<uboy>  not seen updates yet
<even>  go see
<uboy>  i'll go now
<uboy>  not there yet.. aol is so damn slow this time of day
<even>  got a message from Rick today... i am very slow too... 
  same reason
<even>  another reason to limit the pictures
<even>  was slow for me to load and the server is only a few 
  miles away!
<uboy>  true... low res/low tech
<uboy>  is way to go
<even>  really
<uboy>  what's up with rick?
<even>  same depression... turning 50 blues
<even>  did you go to the pic behind the noose?
<even>  what do you think of MrHorns?
<uboy>  still loading... just a sec
<uboy>  very nice so far...
<even>  sorry I thought u were commenting on the low res images! 
  which they are actually
<uboy>  yikes.. where did you get that beauty?
<even>  which one?
<even>  strange lad?
<even>  with device?
<uboy>  yes
<even>  newsgroup
<uboy>  well, just did a quick survey and think it looks great
<even>  which I look thru ocassionally for filth... it is a temp 
  image... there at least
<even>  what of the horns guy?
<uboy>  tell me about each image
<uboy>  other than the ones i recognize, of course
<even>  balsa tree... as before
<even>  old guy is from some old mag i had, made his upper lip 
<uboy>  lol
<even>  horn guy again from newgroup with rude bits deleted 
<even>  good ouline i thought
<even>  outline
<uboy>  did not see the balsa tree before
<uboy>  source of the prop..?
<uboy>  source of balsa prop
<even>  yes sort of ... all very random really
<uboy>  good outline?
<uboy>  outline of?
<uboy>  horn guy
<even>  had other pics there like your turner but it seemed best 
  to have ones that had a white background
<even>  yes outline of hornguy
<even>  devil man
<even>  devilish
<even>  nasty
<uboy>  yes, they all look clean
<even>  sexy?
<uboy>  very readable
<even>  clean is good for icon related efforts
<even>  but they are not really
<uboy>  are you making deals with satan?
<even>  what do you think of your center
<even>  yes
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  good icons
<uboy>  i like it.. here's the target, or something like that
<even>  yes that was the vague thought
<uboy>  mulican..
<even>  oh noooooo
<uboy>  hit or miss
<even>  matt?
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  sort of
<even>  anyway I WILL get cracking on your suggestions after 
<uboy>  i like what's going on
<uboy>  well, there just ideas
<even>  it is ok ... but i know i will wnat to change loads in  a 
  week or so
<even>  true
<uboy>  they're
<even>  i got it
<uboy>  make what you can o them
<even>  ok
<even>  tomorrow is the interview with museum
<uboy>  oh yes, exciting
<uboy>  ?
<even>  plus have to sent off stuff for a show i want to enter 
  ... know the judge sort of
<even>  been writing a statement all day
<even>  load a crap
<uboy>  always good
<uboy>  well, i didn't get us a venue last night
<uboy>  but the entire NY art world was there it seemed
<even>  you loser
<even>  why
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  i'll keep working on it
<even>  oh well... must start soon tho to get money... a task for 
  this week... letters
<uboy>  what's the show?
<even>  a gropu under 30's thing... QUADRANT 97 !!!
<even>  i have had no shows this year  bar one 
<even>  dunno if i should try again and break another bone
<even>  or something
<even>  fear of exhibiting
<even>  maybe
<even>  stay at computer
<even>  maybe
<uboy>  right
<even>  so have a good day?
<even>  why are we avoiding the project? could it be we are dun? 
  for now?
<uboy>  no
<even>  bad day?
<uboy>  not too bad
<uboy>  you?
<even>  went too quick
<even>  slow to do things still
<uboy>  hhhm.. let's see, other ideas i didn't include in email
<even>  yes please
<uboy>  well, i thought that the opening page for each of the fiv 
<uboy>  shoul
<uboy>  should
<uboy>  perhaps cover an aspect of the project
<even>  yes that would be good but what exactly
<uboy>  not in an over didactic way
<even>  like are plans for objects.... these are ideas for a 
  video piece
<uboy>  but offer a begining or entry point
<even>  our plans
<uboy>  perhaps one could talk about our thoughts on the self 
   rescue mechanism itself
<even>  would that compartmentalize too much?
<uboy>  one on the cases (which we soort of have already)
<uboy>  no,  it can get very loose from there
<uboy>  maybe they don't all have to do this
<uboy>  perhaps 2
<uboy>  or there may be some other way
<uboy>  i afraid that too random and people will shut off
<uboy>  walk the line
<uboy>  we should
<even>  which we'll discover in time... a cover entry page is 
  good for non-random ... give a little... look like a scrapbook
<uboy>  give them enough tidbits of easy info to keep interested
<even>  needs some organization for us too... aren't we supposed 
  to use it too? somehow
<uboy>  yes, that's true
<even>  but it would be nice if it remained oblique
<even>  so that it is almost art
<uboy>  and i did have some ideas alonmg that line
<uboy>  which i included in the email
<even>  yes the tree... will re read later
<uboy>  true
<uboy>  i don't eant to go too far in that direction
<uboy>  want
<uboy>  perhaps the intro is the best place for a suggestion of 
   what we a re doing
<even>  i liked you edits
*** Now talking in #sentimental
<even>  yes happening again
<even>  i was having lots of problems gettting on line earlier
<uboy>  oh boy
<even>  u boy!!!
<uboy>  where did you cut out?
<even>  i kiled you edits to intro page
<even>  needs to be more groovey
<uboy>  hello
<even>  hi
<uboy>  kiled?
<even>  can u hear me?
<even>  what?
<uboy>  yes, hello
<even>  the @even will cancel soon so maybe we should switch 
<even>  to #sentimentalsex?
<uboy>  still there
<uboy>  ?
<even>  slow
*** even has quit IRC (Ping timeout for even[ts13-13.dublin.indig
<uboy>  yes, let's go... after save
<uboy>  no. wait
<uboy>  let's stay
<even>  ok lets stay
<uboy>  still here
<uboy>  ?
<even>  seems to be all right
<uboy>  good
<uboy>  where were we?
<even>  edits
<uboy>  groovy edits?
<uboy>  yes,
<even>  make it more friendly... more web like maybe... or 
  maybe we should make it more obtuse> mysterious
<uboy>  groovey but without being too clued in
<even>  shove all the greeting stuff in places like the warning 
  option page
<uboy>  suggest the rhetoric, but be straight forward
<even>  put it down as greeting... so you can avoid it ... 
  enter on the page 1 instead
<uboy>  for the intro's, let's keep it friendly
<uboy>  ?
<uboy>  poeple can skip the greeting?
<even>  yes maybe have an in between page of something that 
  suggest you read it but dont have to ... coz this is art and 
  you shouldn't have to explain!
<uboy>  it should be more than an explanotary footnote
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  but it will never really explain entirely anyway
<uboy>  hint at ideas... multiple tracks, etc.
<even>  do you kind of agree... i feel like we are following 
  standard web structures now and need to break away from them
<even>  it will take a while but i am getting the hang of it
<uboy>  something to latch on to that only really scratches the 
<even>  yes
<uboy>  it will grow and change, no doubt
<even>  i sort of want to quit as i need to read a little 
  before bed and arrange car lifts for tomorrow
<uboy>  so, let's go over some standards
<even>  standards?
<uboy>  see if we can avoid them
<even>  i only realise them once i have dun them and waited a 
<uboy>  web standards
<uboy>  but let's think about it over night
<uboy>  right
<even>  hard to say without seeing lots og pages to compare and 
<even>  og=of
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  when would be for you to caht again
<even>  i also am not code-ful enough to have a range of 
  choices... need code book for new html stuff to free up design 
  and naviagation
<uboy>  chat
<even>  wednesday?
<even>  or thurs?
<uboy>  wed is good
<even>  wow my foot is so swollen and puffy yukky
<uboy>  either is free for me
<even>  thought i would share that w/u
<even>  try wed... same time
<uboy>  your xray is so shocking
<uboy>  by the way
<even>  oh no later
<even>  yes amazing x ray
<even>  more 7 ur time
<uboy>  yes, after work... around 11:30 your time
<even>  ok
<even>  ok
<even>  ok
<uboy>  right 7, then
<even>  7 is not 11:30
<uboy>  well, hope the swelling goes down
<even>  6:30 is 11:30?
<even>  bye then
<uboy>  no, but 6:30 is
<uboy>  i modified
<uboy>  for your suggestion
<even>  i c
<even>  ok
<even>  then?
<uboy>  ok, talk to then?
<uboy>  5 hours, right?
<even>  yes
<uboy>  ok, best of luck tomorrow
<even>  day light saving adjusted and all.... thanks
<uboy>  and nice job with the icons...
<even>  good evening
<uboy>  goodnight
<even>  thanks
<even>  night