Session Start: Tue Nov 04 23:54:07 1997
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<even>  you there!!!
<uboy>  yes, hello!
<even>  hi hi hi
<even>  finally
<uboy>  what's new?
<uboy>  yes, finally
<even>  well i am a little freaked about tomorrow
<even>  but otherwise
<uboy>  what is being done?
<even>  wondering about the middleground
<even>  getting 2 screws out at 8am
<even>  kind of should be in bed
<uboy>  yes, middleground
<uboy>  we'll make it quick for tonight
<even>  ok
<uboy>  so, how to get closer to the middle ground?
<even>  yes i am a little unsure how
<uboy>  something to think about as you going under anesthesia
<even>  indeed
<uboy>  don't expect answer tonight
<even>  maybe it will come to me as i look toward the light
<even>  i reckon page1 needs jigging
<uboy>  but i will work on some ideas after our chat
<uboy>  yes, don't go towards the light!
<uboy>  yes, page 1
<uboy>  and
<even>  we may need java
<even>  or a jazzed interface
<uboy>  how would it help?
<even>  to imply the structure more
<uboy>  pop up windows, etc?
<uboy>  yes
<even>  just to eliminate the button thing and imply something else
<uboy>  yes, a little less rigid
<uboy>  or with less defined options
<even>  i will talk to a mate about it... but i guess our concept should 
be arrived at first
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  i do want a different type of area in addition to the more 
"story space" one's we have now
<uboy>  but not sure what exactly
<uboy>  some way of laying down our ideas side by side
<even>  well once more links are in place it will be more interesting
<even>  the side by side should work better
<uboy>  that feels more loose
<even>  but we are putting all into the present and i dont know what is left 
for the middle
<uboy>  i like the game without rules analogy
<even>  other than a very abstract discourse at the center
<uboy>  or shift, non-competative rules
<uboy>  shifting
<even>  that seems to happen with the links between stories when they arrive
<uboy>  is the midddle not the present?
<even>  present what?
<even>  current status?
<even>  i dunno
<uboy>  or you mena we want to reserve the middle for the end
<even>  well it is the result of a journey however sideways
<even>  a certain linearity
<uboy>  i thought it was the journey itself
<even>  it could be concrete plans for the works for the show
<even>  something boring like that
<even>  to wrap the journey more around the stuff
<uboy>  sorry

<even>  ok
<even>  usually happens to me
<uboy>  i'm starting to hate aol
<even>  wonder why
<even>  so wrapping...
<even>  <uboy>  i thought it was the journey itself
<even>  <even>  it could be concrete plans for the works for the show
<even>  <even>  something boring like that
<even>  <even>  to wrap the journey more around the stuff

<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  hope you saved
<even>  i have it on auto
<uboy>  yes
<even>  options .. log files
<uboy>  auto save?
<even>  under file, options, logging, channels
<even>  we need to talk about so much really
<uboy>  ok, thanks
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  a great deal to tackle
<even>  anyway the middle ground can mulch for a few days
<uboy>  true
<even>  liked your snaps...
<uboy>  thanks
<uboy>  i will send more detail explanations
<even>  please
<even>  then we can discuss... u have been productive
<even>  while i stare at a screen
<uboy>  you have also been productive!
<even>  well sort of... now i am confused as to what or where to go
<uboy>  the site is going and looks good
<uboy>  we'll iron out details 
<even>  indeed but i need some support from a html geek
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  that's why i think more story space linking may not help the process
<even>  i was feeling that too
<even>  all very predictable
<uboy>  just not sure how to move sideways
<even>  conceptual leaping would have us scrap the site and scribble instead
<even>  make a book!!
<uboy>  that is a leap
<even>  i dunno
<uboy>  but, i think the site is where it's at.... we just need the right spark
<even>  light me up
<even>  i will probe my Ucs 
<uboy>  right
<even>  i really should go
<even>  sorry
<uboy>  ucs?
<even>  i cant really concentrate
<even>  unconsciousness
<uboy>  ok, goodnight and goodluck
<uboy>  tomorrow