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<uboy>  hello
<even>  hi hi
<uboy>  you survived!
<even>  i did
<uboy>  how do you feel?
<even>  ok now
<even>  groggy all day
<even>  can put weight on my leg tho, only 10 kilos
<even>  isabelle called tonight, made my crap day
<uboy>  how is she?
<even>  fine... usual panic of trans-adlantic call
<even>  filled her in on the rochester stories!!
<even>  bad news tho
<even>  we didnt get the grant
<even>  got the reject today
<uboy>  ?
<uboy>  hhmmmm
<even>  the materials grant
<even>  remember
<uboy>  yes
<even>  so that sucks
<even>  but will have to write for sponsors
<uboy>  well, that limits prop purchasing, i guess
<even>  well we still dont really know what we are doing anyway
<even>  panic
<uboy>  panic is right
<even>  any response to my dizzy e-mail of last night
<uboy>  just read it, but yes we need a drastic turn around
<uboy>  i'm not opposed to text
<uboy>  or rather a segregation
<even>  but are u opposed to pictures?
<even>  we need to decide soon so i can continue html-ing
<uboy>  less story illustration, more archiving
<even>  suppose
<even>  and the middle? is it to be real?
<uboy>  also, more free play,   whatever that might mean
<uboy>  yes...
<uboy>  it can be this non-judgemental space
<even>  indeed whatever
<uboy>  a play with out rules or goal
<uboy>  ]play/game
<even>  but i always have a problem with what that looks like and how it does 
not fall into the hypertext predictable structure 
<uboy>  it sounds like empty rhetoric, but maybe just needs to be done
<uboy>  right
<even>  we shall float down together
<uboy>  i thinmk we started ok
<uboy>  with the idea of dialogues
<even>  yea
<even>  and they should continue... but what of the stories
<uboy>  propositions and responses
<even>  what about the autoerotic?
<uboy>  non-judgement
<uboy>  yes, that is always there
<uboy>  we take away the pleasure
<uboy>  by playing a game
<even>  i think we need to just work on the stories and less of this game malarky
<even>  do some work and stop talking about it
<uboy>  yes, true
<even>  so do we do the hyper thing or make many strands instead
<uboy>  well, the hyper thing is more expected, i'd favor something less expected
<uboy>  like strands
<even>  but how do we use it as a tool fot the show instead of a requirement?
<uboy>  you mean the site?
<uboy>  well
<uboy>  i think that
<uboy>  that ahould be reflected in the structure or perhaps just saying so is enough
<uboy>  realistically, how many people will see the site
<even>  i agree that saying so is enough but
<even>  we need to be able to use it or it is a waste of time
<uboy>  how we frame the concept could be all that is required
<even>  get something out of it
<even>  learn
<even>  learn from the collaboration
<even>  somehow
<even>  like we said we would
<uboy>  yes, that's why i think it should reflect a looseness and flexibilty as 
opposed to too great a design concern
<uboy>  perhaps that means just text
<uboy>  or..
<even>  well the design is not a problem, its the structure that really bugs me
<uboy>  well, one thing i was thinking about was a story a day
<uboy>  loose, fast ans cheap
<even>  that would crank certainly
<uboy>  just a paragraph,
<even>  as long as i am here
<uboy>  or two or more
<even>  yes i like that
<uboy>  ]number the stories
<uboy>  and each do the same one
<even>  for a limit of time tho
<uboy>  compare what we get
<uboy>  limit of time?
<uboy>  ok, yes
<uboy>  you like two weeks?
<uboy>  you mean
<even>  yes then review
<even>  what we did
<uboy>  or post each day
<uboy>  raw
<even>  raw
<uboy>  no judgement
<even>  hmmm
<even>  press reload a lot
<uboy>  right
<even>  need to think of how to do this
<even>  here go to this site... from the workshop i did... is this what u like?
<even>  ...
<even>  one sec
<uboy>  ok
<even>  this kind of thread thing could work well for the 2 of us relating stories etc
<uboy>  still checking it out...
<even>  ok
<uboy>  ok, i'm back
<uboy>  i like it
<uboy>  is it something you can do
<uboy>  ?
<uboy>  you/we
<even>  well maybe the tech in the arthouse can
<even>  tooo complicated for me
<even>  i sent him that as a ref today too
<even>  he wanted examples of what we were thinking of... and that was on my mind
<uboy>  i think that would be a good way to generate a lot of stuff, and reflect a back and forth
<uboy>  between the two of us
<even>  indeed
<even>  i think we need to get that up soon
<even>  but what to do with the rest?
<uboy>  yes, let's start immmediately on that
<even>  maybe work it all together ina hyper way
<uboy>  the the rest
<uboy>  yes
<even>  and the thread can be the strand (s)
<uboy>  you mena link from the messages?
<even>  no work it back into the main site... like wot we have now
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  how would that look?  links within the messages?
<even>  no no
<uboy>  links from what we have now?
<even>  re-position the thread stuff within the site? maybe links are better 
from the thread but it might get too confusing
<even>  but then again that would be a lot of work and we do have art to make as well
-> [uboy] PING
<even>  hello?
<uboy>  how about just posting the thread some how, then develope the relationship 
between the respective stories as and other thred
<uboy>  as an
<even>  yes that is i guess what i was trying to say
<uboy>  just as one part of the site
<even>  yea
<even>  the middle!!!!!!!!:)
<even>  but the middle is sort of the work that gets physical 
<uboy>  well, quite literally, but that's good for now
<uboy>  ok, i like that
<uboy>  the compromise
<even>  hmmm
<even>  and we need to talk about the pics u sent
<uboy>  yes, some are old bits from sketch books, diagrams, other are minimal rigs
<uboy>  they are mostly just scraps
<uboy>  to be included in the scrap book
<even>  yes and good scraps... how do we include them on the site? should we
<uboy>  i feel that only suggesting a relationship is enough
<uboy>  perhps this is something from a case
<uboy>  or
<uboy>  perhaps an illustration
<even>  yikes that again
<uboy>  or perhaps a metaphor (though it isn't)
<uboy>  or maybe it is
<uboy>  it illustrates the text from the side
<uboy>  footnotes
<uboy>  maybe
<uboy>  the clarification that doesn't
<even>  i know
<uboy>  a sepparate, but related, archive
<even>  yes... but maybe we should only thumbnail them and have all that stuff 
at the exhibition instaed...  a frustrating archhive
<uboy>  yes, indication of potentials that may come to be
<even>  tease
<uboy>  yes
<uboy>  that also speaks of the purpose of the site in an appropriate way
<even>  sounds ok... so what should happen with page1 then?
<uboy>  well...
<even>  reduce to trees and words?
<uboy>  leave it as a wrong turn
<even>  ?
<uboy>  encapsulate it some how and leave it as an example of something
<uboy>  a scrap in itself
<uboy>  a large scrap
<even>  but it needs to change anyway as the navigation hub
<even>  the pics can still go somewhere
<even>  you always speak so abstractly
<even>  i feel so straight
<uboy>  sorry..
<uboy>  don't mean to confuse
<even>  naa
<uboy>  but your point is valid about the hub
<uboy>  ok
<even>  i am just always trying to convert to html
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  simple text?
<even>  can i send u an e-mail html file now?
<even>  as a vague example
<uboy>  ok
<uboy>  yes
<even>  fuck i can do it on here
<uboy>  ?
<uboy>  right
<uboy>  dcc
<even>  it was that chart thing from before
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<even>  back
<even>  u?
<uboy>  ok... looked at the file
<even>  it a sketch
<even>  not a plan
<uboy>  something like that could work
<even>  it is all very binary
<uboy>  yes, i was just going to say
<even>  but could connect words and sentences like a flow chart
<uboy>  how about simple graphics
<uboy>  like...
<even>  like your drawings
<even>  like the circle thing... liked that
<uboy>  something from the first line of home computers
<even>  got a pic?
<uboy>  no, just thought of this now
<uboy>  retro/minimal
<uboy>  i know it's been done
<even>  always good
<uboy>  but perhaps not in this arena
<uboy>  technology is about the next thing
<uboy>  retro tech is a good twist
<even>  and the whole copy cat thing is a problem
<uboy>  copy cat?
<even>  laim
<even>  lame
<uboy>  yes
<even>  lion
<uboy>  lol
<even>  hehehehehe
<even>  so anyway
<uboy>  we just have to keep going, he copies too, but has just been doing it for longer
<even>  we need a simple graphic fix
<uboy>  the reason simple is appealing is that it suggests so much
<even>  that is the trick
<uboy>  simple boxy colored pixels
<even>  thats what i was thinking
<even>  but go visit the ocean thing later... @arthouse
<uboy>  i think i can put together some example tonight and email them to you
<even>  ok
<uboy>  ok will check it out
<even>  i would like to get somewhere this weekend
<even>  feel the weeks drifting
<uboy>  yes, it would ease my mind as well
<even>  then we can get down to some work towards real pieces
<uboy>  yes
<even>  get the site on line and functioning as an archive interconnected
<uboy>  then we agree on story a day?
<uboy>  to get things going
<even>  well when the thread thing is installed
<even>  end of next week at best
<uboy>  ok
<even>  for the mo we need to shuffle the site and re-jig it for posting or public-ing
<even>  need to have some silly chat stuff too...
<uboy>  yes... via irc?
<even>  suppose
<even>  but e-mail comments are good to and more efficient
<even>  time wise
<even>  and sleep wise for me
<even>  zzzz
<uboy>  yes, but who will mail?
<even>  mail?
<uboy>  you mean our chat?
<uboy>  personal chat
<even>  ?
<uboy>  our public chat w/ others?
<even>  yes
<even>  that stuff.. which was friutfully exploitative
<uboy>  yes, felt naughty
<even>  but good
<even>  like street photography
<even>  !!
<uboy>  right, we can steal...their words
<uboy>  maybe change names if we feel extra quilty
<even>  sure
<even>  and wait for lawsuits
<uboy>  no difference between truth and lies
<even>  none
<even>  so i am heading to zzworld
<uboy>  at least we'll have the audience questioning our morality
<even>  any goo openings on
<even>  good
<uboy>  ok , goodnight to you
<even>  morality is the issue
<even>  going out ?
<uboy>  no, working
<uboy>  panic
<even>  on this?
<even>  hehehehe
<uboy>  of course
<even>  good lad
<uboy>  well, get your sleep and heal
<even>  i am gonna meet with Mike Minnus (old PS1 guy) tomorrow and panic with him
<even>  he has a show in Jan in Derry, big deal thing
<even>  really freaking out
<even>  good mate
<uboy>  have fun
<even>  so we will chat sunday?
<even>  i u can?
<even>  if
<uboy>  yes, what time is good for you?
<even>  evening
<even>  no no 7 am!!!
<uboy>  6 your time?
<even>  u can make it later if u want a life?
<uboy>  ?
<even>  like have a day to do stuff?
<uboy>  no, that's ok
<uboy>  that work out fine for me
<even>  ok 6 then
<uboy>  alright
<uboy>  talk to you then
<even>  ok bye
<uboy>  sweet dreams....
<uboy>  goodnight
<even>  ta
<even>  happy drawing
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