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A/E was already a legacy of sorts before ever actually being put to paper. And Mike A.'s death, accidental as it was, ensured the eventual writing of his novel, and that in the space of the novel, the possible future does indeed happen.
But, what about in actuality? Can a web of activities such as those practised my Mike A. have produced a work as rich as A/E? These practices are like reflections back onto themselves and A/E results from the urge to historicize these practices prior to their existence.
The possible space of A/E is always the present, the moment between past projection and future indecisiveness, and therein lies its shock to us. It is a delicious pause and a double bind whose only direction of travel is an rapid inward collapse and a simultaneous soft, slow melt. Cross was/will be able to avoid this fate. Mike A. was not. The rest of us remain "pinned down".
We are left with the conclusion that A/E has predated (and predicted) itself. In that sense, its existence is not only possible, but quite probable.