List Of Objects And Props Needed:

songs with the same name wifes
bra filled with water balloons
bra stuffed with plastic cups
Barbie doll effigy
long-line bra connected to a rotisserie
stored harem-girl costume, stored by hanging
a noose with 9 loops not 13
photos of girls in sweaters
fingerprints on penis photos
plastic bread wrapper, can of Pam, can of Freon
the plastic bag repaired with masking tape
electrical floor buffer (doesn't have to work)
vacuum cleaner (doesn't have to work)
(metal) chairs rigged to conduct electricity (doesn't have to work)
2, 1 x 4 x 37 inch wood with 2 wrist holes and 1 neck hole plus padlock
ceiling hooks
two pencils
suture threads
blood-stained bag
9 inch bolt
mop handle
satin gag
86 inch pole
long sausage
grease gun enema
towel with two holes at either end
undeveloped film
6 socks that have been cut
7eral lengths of rope
7eral pieces of black bike tube
1 pair knee pads
underpants duct-taped to t-shirt
50 leather jackets
107 pairs of leather gloves-29 with cum stains
traffic cones
red ribbon bow for base of penis
creased note, folded, reopened, refolded, worn creases
sad detailed note
shipping tag on ankle, notation "77-0130 5/11/77"
smell/colour codes book of the foot fetishist
passage from notebook
the hair that jammed the slip knot
the kids sliding board
Our Bodies, Our Selves book
additional roller skate straps