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<even> i was at a scrap yard with my dad a few days ago
<even> and i will go back regularly
<even> they had all this fibre-glass sheeting stuff
<even> very dirty and  stained
<even> might go get it... all really cheap
<uboy> good, i actually like the idea of scrap even better than new
<uboy> yes... stained is good
<uboy> that fits very nicely
<even> new costs too much
<uboy> true, but are doing it because of the deep meaning associated... haha
<even> yah
<uboy> i actually like this line of thinking a great deal
<uboy> this is promising
<even> well for the soft rig
<uboy> yes
<even> outside the available stuff there which is not a lot really
<even> so
<even> so now
<even> so now what