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<even> just whatever u want... or are we to do the same one
<even> that would be good
<uboy> i envisioned the same one
<uboy> parallel processing, side by side
<uboy> yikes
<even> i already started on case 11 before
<uboy> but possibly good i think
<uboy> yes, i remember... let's try 12
<even> kipes
<even> crossover interesting
<even> no
<uboy> no on case 12/
<even> tyy 55
<even> no
<even> ok case 12 will do
<uboy> that's the idea... generate work even on the ones we don't like
<uboy> get ideas flowing
<uboy> new routes... 
<uboy> ok then.. time to go?
<even> ok all ideas are good ideas like