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<even>  clarity to follow... maybe
<uboy>  connectivity rhetoric
<even>  i need some rhetoric but will play today and try some things
<even>  there is a show opening here tonight and it is really crazy = distracting = chaotic
<uboy>  well, ok pathways to clarity... promise of clarity
<even>  yup
<uboy>  not a confusing maze , anyway
<even>  mazes are for mice
<even>  what are we?
<uboy>  i'll try to write some... more lounge furniture talk...hhhm  maybe and select 
 some choice dialogue bits
<uboy>  rats
<even>  i will scan our logs too... i have some with me
<even>  what is the lag... ping me
<uboy>  don't know...
<even>  anyway u probably need to go soon?