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<uboy> i'm interested in foam now... foam pad specifically
<uboy> and using them to create loungy furniture contemplation areas
<even> not uphostery filler
<even> i prefer 2nd hand sponge
<uboy> the pads cover up the accretionary/ mechanism/ provisional 
<even> cover up?
<uboy> well, or drape ove or lean against
<uboy> over
<even> dont get really... contemplation areas are old social space 
<uboy> to create a piece of furniture like thing... 
<uboy> yes, it does dangerously approach that..
<even> i thought we needed something a little more interpassive via 
<even> angela bullock is a turner girl remember
<uboy> but props will/mechanisms would still be there
<even> yea what props?
<uboy> or , like these pads are part of mechanism.. the interface
<even> oic
<even> sorry tired and literal
<uboy> well, the third degree props... not the thing itself.. i.e.
 sugar telescope or wax bottle
<uboy> and ambigous video of activity or basement thing... perhaps 
 still image