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<uboy>  yeah, just thinking about that
<even>  but we are not that art povera are we
<even>  and approximate would be ok too
<uboy>  by approx. you mean?
<even>  kind of like a surrogate but more 90's :)
<uboy>  yeah
<uboy>  that's ok, but seems as if it should be playing hide 
 and seek with the "really real" somehow
<even>  well sort of but that too is a little of someone elses game
<uboy>  we just need our own rules
<uboy>  our own balls
<uboy>  sorry
<uboy>  :)
<even>  stop that
<uboy>  so, were you thinking of something else?
<uboy>  for that area
<even>  well not really as yet
<even>  variations on a cube projection space
<uboy>  some way of emphasizing and denying that space i think